The AT Ogris is a more advanced version of the Ogris that features a slower rocket speed, with the addition of being able to track targets and home onto their location.

It is only wielded by Grineer Bombards (including Nightwatch and Kuva variants) and Corrupted Bombards, and is not obtainable by players, although a version of it has been successfully reverse-engineered by the Tenno and is available as simply the Ogris in the Chemical Lab of the clan dojo; this version does not have homing capabilities but in turn fires rockets at greater speeds.

The AoE blasts from the rockets have innate punch-through.


  • Rockets have fairly good turning capabilities and will often turn to hit the ground or a wall if the player successfully dodges them, and this will often cause the blast proc to launch them forward closer to the Bombard.
    • The blast of the rocket is not deflected by any cover/objects.
    • The Corrupted Bombard's version of the rocket launcher's rocket has a golden trail and greater maneuverability.
  • The model is identical to the normal Ogris, and only differs in function.
  • Rockets can be deflected by Mesa's Shatter Shield or by Chroma's Elemental Ward when set to cold damage.
  • Rockets can be destroyed mid-air by accurately shooting at them.


  • The Tusk Bombard in the Plains uses a modified AT Ogris that is very slow to charge, but fires a bigger, louder, and faster rocket that does not home in on players. Instead, it will charge it up similar to a Ballista, before launching, then reloading over a long period of time. The enemy also uses a Scorch helmet rather than a standard Bombard one.
  • A Tusk Napalm in the Plains uses a modified AT Ogris that acts more like the Pyrotechnic Ogris, except with unique sounds and shooting balls of fire rather than rockets. It is assumed the weapon is supposed to be an Ogris modified with the Nightwatch Napalm mod, however no rocket is actually produced and it simply identical to a normal Napalm's projectile. This Napalm also wears an open version of the Commander helmet rather than a standard Bombard one.


  • Corrupted Bombard Wielding the AT Ogris]]

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  • Introduced along with the Bombard.

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