Furis pistols equipped in each hand. Twice the clip size and fire rate, but reload time is doubled and accuracy is lowered.

The Afuris is the dual-wield version of the Furis automatic pistol, featuring a faster fire rate but less accuracy.

This weapon can be sold for Credits645,000.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 225 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: Credits64 15,000

The total credit cost of crafting the Afuris, including the blueprint and crafting costs of its two constituent Furises, is Credits64105,000


This weapon does primarily Puncture b Puncture damage.


  • Very high rate of fire (twice as fast as its single counterpart).
  • A Naramon Pol polarity slot, perfect for Pistol Ammo Mutation.
  • High puncture damage, effective against the Grineer.
  • Effective against large groups of enemies.


  • Low damage per bullet
  • Very inefficient ammunition economy. (Exactly 3.23 seconds to deplete ammunition at base.)
  • Very inaccurate beyond medium range.


  • Afuris, compared to Furis:
    • Equal base damage, but different composition:
      • Lower Impact b Impact damage (3.0 vs. 3.1)
      • Higher Slash b Slash damage (3.0 vs. 2.9)
    • Higher fire rate (20 rounds/sec vs. 10 rounds/sec)
    • Larger magazine (70 rounds vs. 35 rounds)
    • Slower reload speed (2.8 s vs. 1.4 s)
    • Less accurate (9 vs. 15)
    • Higher Mastery Rank required (4 vs. 2)
  • Afuris, compared to Dex Furis:
    • Higher base damage (20.0 vs. 16.0)
      • Higher Impact b Impact damage (3.0 vs. 2.4)
      • Higher Puncture b Puncture damage (14.0 vs. 11.2)
      • Higher Slash b Slash damage (3.0 vs. 2.4)
    • Lower critical chance (5% vs. 10%)
    • Lower status chance (8% vs. 20%)
    • Smaller magazine (70 rounds vs. 100 rounds)
    • Slower reload speed (2.8 s vs. 2 s)
    • Lower Mastery Rank required (4 vs. 5)

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • Try to limit use according to the situation. Ammunition can be used quickly in a very short amount of time. Ammo pickups are even less effective than with the Furis due to the fixed ammo boost per pickup and the rate of fire.
  • Although this weapon is not designed to be used with accuracy, if it is used as a semi-automatic weapon, the bullets always gets close to the center of the sight.
  • Using the Pistol Scavenger Aura or Pistol Ammo Mutation mod can help regain lost ammo when needed. Alternatively, bring along a Team Ammo Restore.
  • This weapon synergizes effectively with Lethal Torrent and Barrel Diffusion installed, dealing numerous bullets in a short burst.


Afuris Skins

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 21.0
  • Increased damage from 15 to 20
  • Increased Status Chance from 1% to 8%
  • Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 4

Update 20.0

  • The Afuris has received the PBR treatment!

Update 17.10

  • Furis series damage reduced in PvP.

Update 13.3

  • Tweaked the reload sound effects for the Afuris.

Update 8.3

  • Sound changes on Afuris.

Update 9.0

  • Refined the tint options on the Afuris.

Update 7.7

  • Afuris fire rate reduced to 19.0 from 26.7.

Update 7.x Weapon Balance

  • Afuris damage now 14, was 12.

Update 5.3

  • Introduced.

See alsoEdit

  • Furis, the single counterpart of this gun.
  • Dex Furis, the limited edition counterpart of this gun.
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