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The newest entry into the Corpus AI security arsenal is a deadly biped dubbed Ambulas.

Ambulas is the boss of the Pluto system, resembling a black MOA but with more dangerous attributes. Besides having high health, alloy armor, and a proto shield, it has a high damage machine gun and two abilities that mirror Fire Blast and Pull, making it a dangerous opponent when also surrounded by other Corpus units. It was targeted for assassination by the Lotus to prevent further Ambulas models to be manufactured, although it is unknown if more models exist. It can be found on the mission Hades. After defeating it and finishing the mission, you will receive Excalibur Chassis, Neuroptics, or Systems blueprint. Upon death, Ambulas has a chance of dropping Morphics.


Ambulas is a small black MOA unit. While unremarkable in appearance, it is extremely fast and has a variety of abilities.

Offensively, it has a machine gun that deals high damage, about 35 per shot. While it usually fires in single shots, it can also fire a continuous burst, particularly when players are knocked down. It also has a stomp attack, though unlike other enemies, Ambulas's stomp attack does not result in a knockdown shockwave, but a ring of fire that deals significant damage to any player within the area of effect, quite capable of removing 700+ shields and damaging health in seconds. In close quarters, it can use a kick that will knock players down. In addition to all this, it has an ability similar to Mag's Pull, which it will use often and chain with the ring of fire or its kick.

Defensively, it has moderate shields with a moderate recharge rate, though its recharge delay seems to vary at times. It has a fairly large health pool as well, though not enough to be a bullet sponge.

Ambulas, like many other bosses, has unique taunts. Here is a list of them:

  • "Incursion Probability: Negligent. Tenno Mortality Probability: Inevitable."
  • "Offensive System Conclusion: Enemy Combustion."


FireBlast Fire Blast AmbuFireBlast
Slams the ground for high damage in a small radius and creates a high-damaging ring of fire.
High (Fire)
3 Meters (Fire)
5 Meters (Knockdown)
Used by:

  • Ambulas slams the ground to create a ring of fire that is 3 meters radius wide and 1 meter thick, high fire damage and a knockdown is dealt for those caught in it.
    • Damage scales with level.
    • The Knockdown and Fire phase are two separate damage, if targets are close enough, they will be damaged with both.
  • This ability will usually be used immediately after using Pull. This combo creates a sure-go for pulled enemies to be caught in fire.

  • Relatively small radius for fire damage.

  • This is the only Corpus' stomp-based ability which does not knockdown.


As with all other bosses, kill all nearby mobs before engaging Ambulas. This being Pluto, the last thing you want is several high damage machine guns blasting you while being chased by the boss.

Due to its Ring of Fire and Kick, both being close quarters abilities, you would do well to stay away from Ambulas and kite at a distance. However, what makes Ambulas difficult is its extremely annoying Pull ability, which it WILL spam every time it gets the chance, and will most likely follow up with an immediate Ring of Fire or Kick. The Pull ability is unavoidable, and the only way to keep it from triggering is to stay out of Ambulas's line of sight, which doesn't work very well since you can't shoot it by doing so.

The Ring of Fire attack activates on its own timer, which starts out synchronized with the Pull's cooldown. It is possible to un-sync this timer by staying out of Ambulas's line of sight temporarily, so that it will automatically use Ring of Fire without using the Pull, thus un-syncing their cooldown timers. This at least reduces the chance of Ambulas being able to follow-up a Pull with an immediate Ring of Fire.

Keep a good stock of energy and use it on escape-related skills for when you get Pulled. For example, Excalibur's Slash Dash, Rhino's Iron Skin and Trinity's Link are good abilities to help you escape/survive a Pull and Ring of Fire combo.

As a Corpus unit, it is weak to electrical damage. Also, due to its devastating close range abilities, shotguns are not advised for this fight.

Valkyr's Hysteria can also make short work of Ambulas due to its lack of special phases and a quite ineffective knockdown from Fire Blast.

Nova's Molecular Prime can be a great help with Ambulas due to the fact that it slows and lets you or other players do more damage and making him easy to kill.

Nyx's Mind Control is very useful, as Ambulas often focuses its attacks on mind controlled victims, allowing you to shoot Ambulas with little risk.

Using Loki's Invisibility can make the battle very easy. After going invisible, Ambulas will generally stop chasing after you and stand in one spot, allowing the player to lay fire on it from a distance. Bringing a silenced, high powered weapon such as a bow combined with Loki's Invisibility can make short work of Ambulas.

A fast way to kill Ambulas is by going into the large outdoor area that it always spawns in, killing the handful of enemies immediately next to the door, bullet jumping atop the rock pillar found just in front of the door, then bullet jumping again onto the somewhat steep ledge on the nearby cliff. Once this minor maneuvering is accomplished, the Ambulas intro animation will play, and one can easily walk along to the far side of the ledge, where there is a clear view of the boss, and use a powerful bow like the Dread to shoot Ambulas several times until it dies.

The fastest way to kill Ambulas is to bring a decent melee weapon and use Ash's Fatal Teleport, which will easily kill Ambulas in one hit.


Jumping on a double crates can potentially disrupt Ambulas's targeting, making it a sitting duck. It is also possible to get it stuck on stairs, though in most such cases it'll just use a Pull to drag you to it.


  • Ambulas is sometimes referred by fans as "Ambulance." 
  • Ambulas was introduced Update 6.0, replacing the stock photo and name of Arn Etina in the process (as Arn Etina never had a physical model in-game).
    • Although Ambulas now has their own physical model, it still uses the incorrect model when addressing the Tenno, depicting a regular MOA's paint job as opposed to its custom black.
    • Ambulas is also the only boss to be completely silent during its addressing to the Tenno
  • Ambulas is currently the highest leveled boss in the game, barring any boss used in assassination alerts.
  • Ambulas means "you walk" in Latin, fitting the boss's depiction as an upgraded MOA Walker.
    • Ambulas is also the first Corpus proxy that does not follow the animal-themed naming of the other proxies, bosses included (OspreyJackal etc.).
  • According to Lotus, the destruction of this Ambulas prototype has halted further production of this series of proxies, though it is unknown whether other Ambulas model proxies have already been built.
  • Similar to The Sergeant and Tyl Regor, Ambulas doesn't drop any rare mods.
  • After the introduction of Simulacrum, Ambulas was the only boss that could have been summoned there. This was fixed upon Hotfix 16.0.4.

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