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Weapon Slot Melee
Weapon Type Staff
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 38.5
Puncture wPuncture 8.25
Slash wSlash 8.25
Crit Multiplier 1.5x
Stamina 7.5
Jump Attacks
Slam Attacks
Elemental Type Electricity b Electricity
Elemental Dmg 40.0
Radius 5.0 meters
Slide Attacks
Stagger Yes
Stance Polarity Madurai Pol
Introduced Update 6.5
Fashioned with Grineer materials and balanced for marine infantry use, the Amphis is a traditional staff weapon that has received a monstrous makeover that enables shock damage on jump attacks. Connects with multiple enemies with each strike.

The Amphis causes a stun effect with high Impact b Impact damage, making it very effective against Corpus shields. This weapon can be sold for Credits64 5,000. It is the choice weapon of Guardsmen and Prosecutors.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hr
Rush: Platinum64 45
Market Price: Platinum64 150 Blueprint Price: Credits64 15,000


This weapon deals primarily Impact b Impact damage.


  • Innate stun effect.
  • Has high Impact b Impact damage, very effective against Corpus shields.
  • Has an AoE Electricity b Electric jump-attack with relatively high damage.
  • Has a Naramon Pol polarity slot.
  • High attack speed, which allows it to perform coptering effectively.
  • Stance slot has Madurai Pol polarity, matches Clashing Forest stance.


  • Low Puncture b Puncture and Slash b Slash damage making it ineffective against Armor and Infested.
  • When equipped with a Stance, high attack speed may make performing certain combos difficult.
  • Low critical chance.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • The blueprint for this weapon was added on March 1, 2013.
  • The electrical AoE jump attack is especially effective against Corpus, paralyzing Crewmen and MOAs and reaching Ospreys.
  • The Amphis is excellent against Grineer/Corpus, as the innate electric stun on jump attacks is great against high armor and MOAs.
  • Lethal blows send enemies flying like the Bo
  • As of Update 13.0, both the Amphis and the Scoliac out-perform the Dual Zoren as mobility tools (a.k.a. "Coptering").  The Melee 2.0 system introduced in U13 also enhanced "coptering" in general, causing aerial slide attacks (sprint>jump>crouch>melee) to launch players significantly farther than previously possible.  When the weapon attack speed is maximized with enough practice players can traverse entire tiles in one swing.


  • Until Update 13, the Amphis was not used by any Grineer unit.
  • On Jump attacks, the Amphis releases six small streams of electricity that each travel outwards lead by a sparking orb. This cosmetic effect is shared with the Prova.


  • Taken by Sherbniz
  • Taken by Sherbniz

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