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Weapon Slot Melee
Weapon Type Staff
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 38.5
Puncture wPuncture 8.25
Slash wSlash 8.25
Slam Attacks
Elemental Type Electricity b Electricity
Radius 5.0 meters
Slide Attacks
Stagger Yes
Stance Polarity Madurai Pol
Introduced Update 6.5
Fashioned with Grineer materials and balanced for marine infantry use, the Amphis is a traditional staff weapon that has received a monstrous makeover that enables shock damage on jump attacks. Connects with multiple enemies with each strike.

The Amphis causes a stun effect with high Impact b Impact damage, making it very effective against Corpus shields. This weapon can be sold for Credits64 5,000. It is the choice weapon of Grineer Guardsmen and Prosecutors.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 45 
Market Price: Platinum64 150 Blueprint Price: Credits64 15,000


This weapon deals primarily Impact b Impact damage.


  • Innate stun effect.
  • High Impact b Impact damage – effective against shields.
  • Electricity b Electric AoE jump-attack with relatively high damage.
  • Has a Naramon Pol polarity slot.
  • High attack speed, which allows it to perform coptering effectively.
  • Stance slot has Madurai Pol polarity, matches Clashing Forest stance.


  • Low Puncture b Puncture and Slash b Slash damage – less effective against armor and health.
  • When equipped with a Stance, high attack speed may make performing certain combos difficult.
  • Low critical chance.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • The blueprint for this weapon was added on March 1, 2013.
  • The electrical AoE jump attack is especially effective against Corpus, paralyzing Crewmen and MOAs and reaching Ospreys.
  • The Amphis is excellent against Grineer/Corpus, as the innate electric stun on jump attacks is great against high armor and MOAs.
  • Lethal blows send enemies flying like the Bo
  • As of Update 13.0, both the Amphis and the Scoliac out-perform the Dual Zoren as mobility tools (a.k.a. "Coptering").  The Melee 2.0 system introduced in U13 also enhanced "coptering" in general, causing aerial slide attacks (sprint>jump>crouch>melee) to launch players significantly farther than previously possible.  When the weapon attack speed is maximized with enough practice players can traverse entire tiles in one swing.


  • Until Update 13, the Amphis was not used by any Grineer unit. This would be a little over 1 year between the Amphis' introduction (February 22, 2013) and Guardsmen being added into the game (April 10, 2014).
  • On Jump attacks, the Amphis releases six small streams of electricity that each travel outwards lead by a sparking orb. This cosmetic effect is shared with the Prova.


  • Taken by Sherbniz
  • Taken by Sherbniz

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