Animal Instinct is a Companion mod that gives Enemy Sense and Loot Detection effects to the companion's owner. It can be equipped on all Companions, such as Sentinels, Kavats, and Kubrows. [1] Unlike the equivalent Warframe auras (with which these effects stack), these effects only apply to the owner and not the other players in the squad, and they cease if the companion dies during the mission.


Rank Loot Radar Enemy Sense Cost
0 +5m +3m 6
1 +10m +6m 7
2 +15m +9m 8
3 +20m +12m 9
4 +25m +15m 10
5 +30m +18m 11


  • Animal Instinct can be acquired as a random reward from completing high-level Nightmare Mode missions. It can also be occasionally offered as an Alert reward.
  • This mod is available as part of the 2100 and 4300 Platinum purchase packs.


  • Vertical range of detection is capped at 12 meters making the area of detection a flat disk.


  • Despite not being a Corrupted Mod, Animal Instinct features a prime unit in its card image, in this case the Wyrm Prime.
  • Previously, the official website's Buy Platinum page incorrectly displayed the Enemy Sense as +20m at max rank. This has since been fixed.



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