Arc Coil allows Diriga to zap multiple enemies within range, with a chance to stun. It has 10m range and does 100 Electricity b Electricity damage.


Rank Max Targets Range Damage Status chance Cost
0 2 10m 100 10% 2
1 3 10m 100 10% 3
2 4 10m 100 10% 4
3 5 10m 100 10% 5
4 6 10m 100 10% 6
5 7 10m 100 10% 7


  • It is essentially a multiple target version of Electro Pulse, with a low chance to proc an electric stun instead of 100% of the time.
  • The damage is fairly low, and relies on the small chance of proccing to stun enemies.
  • Prevents Calculated Shot from firing when Arc Coil is in effect.

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