Arcane Aegis is an Arcane Enhancement that provides a chance whenever the player receives damage to regenerate Warframe Shields for a short time.


Rank Chance Effect Duration
0 1.5% 15 5 sec
1 3% 30 10 sec
2 4.5% 45 15 sec
3 6% 60 20 sec


  • Successfully completing the Jordas Verdict will award each member of the group a copy of the same random arcane. ArcaneAegis64x Arcane Aegis is a rare arcane and can be found extremely infrequently.


  • Arcane Aegis causes the innate Warframe shield regeneration to activate regardless of whether the player has recently taken damage, with a bonus flat +60 shield regeneration per second to it (at rank 3). It means the actual regeneration rate is much higher if we take into account the innate regeneration.
    • While the bonus shield per second is not affected by Fast Deflection nor Fortitude, the innate shield regeneration is, causing the enchantment to be more potent with these mods equipped.
    • As soon as the effect activates, the innate shield regeneration and bonus shield regeneration remain active for the entire duration of the buff, even if the player takes damage.
  • Does not generate overshields


Maxed Arcane Aegis test with Fast Deflection and Fortitude00:17

Maxed Arcane Aegis test with Fast Deflection and Fortitude


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