Arena is a game mode in which players must defeat special enemies in modified Conclave maps until a certain number of opponents has been defeated. Tenno do not need to extract and the mission will only end with their victory or defeat.


Upon spawning Tenno's Companions and gears are automatically unequipped and are announced with a special modifier that will advantage the enemies for the duration of the mission. The mission is played similarly to a Team Annihilation with respawn timers and Energy, Health and Ammo restores scattered around the map, however unlike in Conclave, players' Warframes and Weapons will keep their Mods.


This is a list of all Modifiers known so far, with the exception of Speed Boost, all of them are made to advantage the enemies of the Tenno.

Modifier Effect
Half Energy Players' maximum energy reserves are reduced by 50%, after taking mods into account.
Half Health Players' maximum health is reduced by 50%, after taking mods into account.
Half Shields Players' maximum shields is reduced by 50%, after taking mods into account.
Health Drain Players will lose 100 points of health every 5 seconds. Killing an enemy will instantly restore the player's health to full.
Low Gravity Gravity is reduced, affecting all airborne Maneuvers.
Quick Respawn Enemies and Players will respawn in 2 seconds, as opposed to 8 seconds.
Reduced Ability Duration Players' Power Duration is significantly decreased.
Reinforcements Increased number of Executioners in battle.
Scaling Enemies The levels of the Enemies go up each time they are killed, increasing their durability and damage.
Speed Boost The sprint speed of the Players is significantly increased.
Tougher Enemies Enemies' health and armor are increased by 50% on <60 levels and 100% on >60 levels


Grineer RathuumEdit


Rathuum is a trial by combat, set on Sedna, where a squad of Tenno takes on Kela De Thaym's Executioners in a broadcasted slaughter watched across the entire Grineer Empire. The Executioners will always outnumber the squad of Tenno with additional enemies joining the fight with each Tenno joining the Cell.

Corpus IndexEdit


The Index is an investment game hosted by Nef Anyo and Cephalon Sark on Neptune. Tenno must bet Credits and collect more Indexes than the opposing team of Brokers to win. Unlike Rathuum, the match will always be 4 v 4, with Tenno Specters appearing if other Operatives are absent.


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