Argon Scope is a rare rifle mod that increases critical chance while aiming for a brief time upon a headshot.


Rank Critical Chance Duration Cost
0 +22.5% 1.5s 2
1 +45% 3s 3
2 +67.5% 4.5s 4
3 +90% 6s 5
4 +112.5% 7.5s 6
5 +135% 9s 7


  • Argon Scope will trigger upon headshots, i.e. any weapon hit to an enemy's head, whether the target survives or not.
    • Headshots will refresh Argon Scope's timer.
    • The headshot that triggers Argon Scope will not benefit from the buff itself unless of course, the buff was already active.
  • The crit chance from this mod stacks additively with that of other mods.
    • As an example, a Baza with Point Strike and active Argon Scope will have a crit chance of 0.26 × (1 + 1.5 + 1.35) = 1.001
  • If activated, Argon Scope will display an icon timer beside the player's health UI, and the Warframe will be briefly surrounded by a flashing energy ribbon.
  • Can be installed alongside Point Strike and Critical Delay in order to further increase the critical chance.


  • Rank 4 has a few unnecessary decimals.

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