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New infested boss - J3 golum

Assassination Missions require the players to eliminate a unique enemy boss and then return to extraction. These are the most commonly farmed missions due to the fact that they provide a higher chance to obtain rare resources or blueprints.


  • Many bosses are undergoing massive reworks to make them seem more "boss-like". As such, much of the data here will change overtime.
  • The Stalker is not classified as a boss, but as a rare assassin.
  • Every planet (sans Eris) has only one assassination mission.

Assassination Missions

Boss Planet Mission Name Faction Level Tile Set Blueprints
VorPortrait d Mercury Tolstoj
(Captain Vor)
Grineer 9 - 11 Grineer Asteroid Cronus & Seer
JackalIcon Venus Fossa
Corpus 6 - 8 Corpus Ship Rhino
VayHekPortrait Earth Oro
(Councilor Vay Hek)
Grineer 20 - 25 Grineer Forest Hydroid
Lt Lech KrilIcon Mars War
(Lieutenant Lech Kril)
Grineer 11 - 13 Grineer Settlement Frost
Sgt Nef AnyoIcon Phobos Iliad
(The Sergeant)
Corpus 13 - 15 Corpus Ship Mag
Vor Krill Icon Ceres Exta
(Captain Vor and Lieutenant Lech Kril)
Grineer 14 - 16 Grineer Shipyard Trinity & Miter & Twin Gremlins
AladV Jupiter Themisto
(Alad V)
Corpus 18 - 20 Corpus Gas City Valkyr
Raptor Europa Naamah
Corpus 21 - 23 Corpus Ice Planet Nova
Photo-482822 Saturn Tethys
(General Sargas Ruk)
Grineer 24 - 26 Grineer Galleon Ember
TylRegor Uranus Titania
(Tyl Regor)
Grineer 27 - 29 Grineer Sealab Equinox
DEHyenacombine Neptune Psamathe
(Hyena Pack)
Corpus 30 - 32 Corpus Ship Loki
AmbulasIcon Pluto Hades
Corpus 35 - 45 Corpus Outpost Excalibur
KelaDeThaym Sedna Merrow
(Kela De Thaym)
Grineer 35 - 40 Grineer Asteroid Saryn & Twin Kohmak
J3Golem Eris Jordas Golem Assassinate
(Jordas Golem)
Infested 32 - 34 Infested Ship Atlas
PhoridIcon Invasion Phorid Alert
Infested  ? - ? Grineer Asteroid Nyx
GolemFullAvatar Orokin Derelict Orokin Derelict Assassinate
Infested 25 - 35 Orokin Derelict Nekros
There are a total of 16 Assassination missions.


  • Though the Lotus will sometimes tell the player not to let the assassination target escape, none of the bosses will attempt to flee.


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