Attack Speed refers to the speed at which Melee weapons attack and determines how frequently a melee weapon can attack within a particular time span.

Melee Attack Speed is derived from the weapon's Attack Animation, which is the set of actions which a Melee weapon performs when attacking, e.g. swinging the weapon, with an animation taking up a set amount of time to complete. The listed Attack Speed for Melee weapons is a modifier that alters the speed at which said animation is executed. For instance, a Melee weapon with an Attack Speed of 1.0 runs its attack animation at its default speed, while a Melee weapon with an Attack Speed of 1.2 runs the animation 20% faster, and a weapon with 0.8 Attack Speed runs the animation at only 80% of the default speed.

Different classes of Melee weapons have different Attack Animation which require different lengths of time to complete, thus the actual Attack Speed is different between weapon classes regardless of the actual value shown; ex. despite the Fragor Hammer and Karyst Dagger both having listed Attack Speeds of 0.8, the Karyst's actual Attack Speed is still faster than the Fragor's due to Hammers having slower Attack Animations.

Faster Attack Speeds are beneficial for enhancing a melee weapon's overall damage potential; both from the frequency of its normal attacks, and the ability to land more hits for a melee weapon's Combo Counter to further increase its damage. Attack Speed also affects the speed at which Melee Combos are executed, although the increased animation speed means that the timing to execute said combos become tighter.

Certain weapons like the Glaive and Redeemer have Charged Attack mechanics identical to ranged weapons, which is also affected by the weapon's Attack Speed values, with faster attack speeds allowing for faster charge times.

Attack Speed ModsEdit

The following Mods affect Attack Speed positively, increasing a Melee Weapon's rate of attack:

FuryModU145 PrimedFury BerserkerModU145 GladiatorViceMod QuickeningModU145 Furor
Fury Primed Fury Berserker Gladiator Vice Quickening Furor

The following Mods affect Attack Speed negatively, reducing rate of attack:

Spoiled Strike

Attack Speed PowersEdit

The following powers affect Attack Speed positively, increasing a Melee Weapon's rate of attack:

SpeedModU15 WarcryModU15
(Volt) Speed: Increases Warframe Movement Speed and Melee Attack Speed. (Valkyr) Warcry: Increases Warframe Armor and Melee Attack Speed.

Maximum Possible Attack SpeedEdit

This amounts to a maximum possible bonus of:

  • ~11.88x for the average Warframe
  • ~11.97x for the Fragor
  • ~12.07x for Excalibur
  • ~12.17x for the Lesion

*This does not account for Gladiator Vice

Other Attack Speed ModifiersEdit

See AlsoEdit

  • Fire Rate, the equivalent game mechanic for ranged weapons.