The Ayatan Sculptures are perpetually in motion, monuments of Orokin Continuity... immortality.


Ayatan Sculptures are ancient Orokin treasures powered by Endo that can be discovered across the system. There are two types available: the Sculptures themselvеs, and smaller Stars which can be inserted into the larger Sculptures to increase their value. These can be traded to Maroo at her Bazaar for varying amounts of Endo, or placed within the Orbiter as decorations.


  • Sculptures can be found in plain sight on regular missions, though this has a rare chance of occurring.
  • Stars of either type can occasionally be found from Storage Containers and lockers.
  • Kuakas and Condrocs found in the Plains of Eidolon can also drop Stars when killed.
  • Maroo offers a weekly mission where it is guaranteed that a Sculpture will appear.
    • This mission can be run multiple times in a row, however, only one Sculpture can be rewarded per week.
  • Sculptures and Stars can be traded between players.
  • The Anasa Ayatan sculpture can only be found as a Sortie reward.


Star MiniMap icon

Ayatan Star Icon on Mini-Map and HUD

Stars are smaller treasures that can be inserted into Sculptures to greatly increase their Endo value once traded in. Once slotted, they cannot be removed. They can also be traded in by themselves for a small Endo payout. Sculptures have 3 to 4 slots to insert Stars in, and each slot only accepts a specific Star. Inserting Stars will also cause the Ayatan Sculpture to visually animate, with more Stars improving the Sculpture's range of movement.


A Cyan Star Icon (left) and an Amber Star Icon (right), showing the slight size difference of the latter.

Stars are dropped randomly from Storage Containers and lockers (including storage containers in Archwing missions). They have a noticeable glow and a unique marker on the mini-map (though Amber Stars have a slightly larger icon), and a specific sound plays when a Star is dropped. They must be picked up manually via a prompt, similarly to Syndicate Medallions. The Vacuum precept for Sentinels and the Scavenger Drone cannot pull Stars towards themselves, to prevent Stars from falling out of the map or otherwise becoming unobtainable.


A total of seven different Ayatan Sculptures exist:

Managing SculpturesEdit

In the Mods section of the Orbiter, selecting "Ayatan Sculptures" will allow the player to examine Sculptures and attach Stars. Stars can be inserted into a Sculpture by selecting the desired Sculpture, then hovering the cursor over a socket and clicking on it. The Sculpture must be in the player's inventory for it to be selected; if displayed as a decoration, the Sculpture will not appear in the Mods screen. Each Sculpture can have 3 to 4 sockets available for slotting, with each slot requiring a particular type of Ayatan Star depending on the type of Sculpture.

Endo values follow this formula:

Endo = (B + 50C + 100A) × (1 + M × (C + A) ÷ S)
  • B = base value
  • C = # of Cyan Stars installed
  • A = # of Amber Stars installed
  • M = multiplier (0.5 for Anasa and 2.0 for others)
  • S = # of sockets
Endo Values
Treasure Stars Fused
0 1




















(2 Cyan, 2 Amber)
Endo64‍ 2,000 Endo64‍ 2,306 Endo64‍ 2,363 Endo64‍ 2,625 Endo64‍ 2,688 Endo64‍ 2,750 Endo64‍ 3,025 Endo64‍ 3,094 Endo64‍ 3,450
(3 Cyan)
Endo64‍ 325 Endo64‍ 625 Endo64‍ 992 Endo64‍ 1,425
(3 Cyan, 1 Amber)
Endo64‍ 650 Endo64‍ 1,050 Endo64‍ 1,125 Endo64‍ 1,500 Endo64‍ 1,600 Endo64‍ 2,000 Endo64‍ 2,125 Endo64‍ 2,700
(2 Cyan, 1 Amber)
Endo64‍ 375 Endo64‍ 708 Endo64‍ 792 Endo64‍ 1,108 Endo64‍ 1,225 Endo64‍ 1,725
(2 Cyan, 1 Amber)
Endo64‍ 300 Endo64‍ 583 Endo64‍ 667 Endo64‍ 933 Endo64‍ 1,050 Endo64‍ 1,500
(2 Cyan, 1 Amber)
Endo64‍ 325 Endo64‍ 625 Endo64‍ 708 Endo64‍ 992 Endo64‍ 1,108 Endo64‍ 1,575
(2 Cyan, 1 Amber)
Endo64‍ 400 Endo64‍ 750 Endo64‍ 833 Endo64‍ 1,167 Endo64‍ 1,283 Endo64‍ 1,800

As Fusion FuelEdit

Average Endo value of three-socket Sculptures is 1605.

  • For a rare mod to reach rank 10 will require:
    • 613.8 Cyan or 306.9 Amber Stars.
    • 19.1 three socket Sculptures, 11.4 Orta, or 8.9 Anasa.
  • For a Primed mod to reach rank 10 will require:
    • 818.4 Cyan or 409.2 Amber Stars.
    • 25.5 three socket Sculptures, 15.2 Orta, or 11.9 Anasa.

Weekly MissionEdit

Every Monday at 00:00 UTC, players can speak with Maroo in the Maroo's Bazaar Relay on Mars to perform a mission in the Void or Orokin Derelict. The alerts section of the world state window will also indicate when this mission is available. Players are required to find a treasure room, which is a large special room filled with traps and obstacles that are activated upon players stepping on a pressure plate at the room's entrance. Once the traps have been activated, players only have a limited amount of time in which they must reach the final door at the very end of the room. Failing to reach said door before it closes completely will result in mission failure, though players can repeat the mission to try again if they fail.

If players successfully reach the last room before it closes, they will encounter a pedestal with an Ayatan Sculpture, collecting of which will complete the objective. Note that a player who has already acquired a Sculpture from their weekly mission will not receive any additional Sculptures should they join someone else's mission.


  • Ayatan Sculptures can spawn inside of a Cephalon Fragment.
  • Ayatan Sculptures and Stars appear on loot radar such as Loot Detector, Thief's Wit and Animal Instinct. Sculptures have the standard resource/container marker, while Stars have their own unique icon.
  • Ayatan Sculptures and Stars can be scanned by either of the two available scanners and will trigger Helios scanning until their Codex entries are complete.
  • When partially slotted the Sculpture will flicker between the powered and unpowered state, moving in a broken, stuttering fashion.
  • Trials, with the constant searching for rare containers or "rares", can often provide players with Sculptures.
  • If you run out of amber stars first and want to get the most of them, the endo value per amber star for the sculptures, according to the formula above, is as follows: orta (700), vaya (633.33), piv (616.67), valana (583.33), sah (566.67), anasa (412.5).

Gathering TipsEdit

  • Using weapons like Ignis or a melee such as the Orthos Prime equipped with Primed Reach in conjunction with Thief's Wit, Loot Detector, and Animal Instinct can vastly increase the speed at which you gather Ayatan Stars and Sculptures.
    • Abilities like Absorb or Maim, when modded for high range, can be helpful as well.
  • Ayatan Sculptures spawn in the same locations as Syndicate Medallions, thus making Syndicate missions a good way of searching for them. While this by itself doesn't increase chances of them spawning, players could already be searching every room for Medallions and destroying containers, hence potentially gathering up Stars and, occasionally, a Sculpture.
    • It is possible for both the Medallion and the Sculpture to spawn in the same spot.
  • Using mods like Master Thief or Scavenge can increase drop rate of Ayatan stars. Although, it is not recommended to use both - their effects cannot stack.
  • The Infested Salvage mission (Oestrus, Eris) oddly has the same chance to have Sculptures as full-sized maps, despite being the same size as a Defense/Interception map. It has several container-ridden side rooms that may have a Sculpture, whereas Defense/Interception missions only have the beginning loot room.
  • Using Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner is a good way of spotting Ayatan sculpters, as those will generate green or orange outlines like other objects such as containers and enemies.


  • Animation of a slotted Anasa Sculpture
  • Animation of a slotted Ayr Sculpture
  • Animation of a slotted Orta Sculpture
  • Animation of a slotted Piv Sculpture
  • Animation of a slotted Sah Sculpture
  • Animation of a slotted Vaya Sculpture
  • Detailed view of an Anasa Sculpture
  • Detailed view of an Ayr Sculpture
  • Detailed view of an Orta Sculpture
  • Detailed view of a Piv Sculpture
  • Detailed view of a Sah Sculpture
  • Detailed view of a Vaya Sculpture
  • Detailed view of a Cyan Star
  • Detailed view of an Amber Star
  • Ayatan Cyan Star on the floor
  • Ayatan Amber Star on the floor
  • Sculpture spawning on a Syndicate Medallion
  • Seen from start of mission with Scanner


  • "Ayatana" (Derived from the Sanskrit: आयतन) is a Buddhist term referring to the "Six senses" (the five basic senses, along with the mind) and the manas and the qualities perceived by them.
  • Old Man Suumbaat, an Ostron who lives on Cetus, possesses an unique Ayatan sculpture, with moving rings. That same sculpture is also able to move on its own without Ayatan Stars.

Patch NotesEdit

Update 22.0
  • Changed Ayatan Star markers to only display if you're within 100 meters or so range of the drop. Amber Star markers will also appear larger due to their rarity and to avoid confusion.
  • The Ayatan Star installing prompt will now only display once per Ayatan installing session rather than on every socket.

Update 19.0

  • Introduced

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  • After finishing Ayatan hunt for Maroo without leaving the Bazaar, a player can talk to her and start another Ayatan mission immediately. This can be repeated unlimited number of times, however, those won't give you new Ayatan.

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