Ballas is an Orokin Executor prior to the fall of the Orokin Empire. Suggested to be the lover of Margulis, whom he attempted to convince to destroy the Tenno for her own safety, an act which ultimately proved futile. He is also believed to be the Orokin primarily responsible for the development of Transference and the creation of the Warframes.



Much like Corrupted Vor, who proclaims that he is "energy", an immortal being incapable of death, Ballas and other high-ranking Orokin appear to be undying, as elaborated in the Fragments. It is currently unknown whether the process of Continuity - the transference of an Orokin mind into a new body - is the key to this immortality or not.


Fragments recovered throughout the system also reveal Ballas' involvement in the creation of Cephalon Ordis, who he created from the mind of a mercenary warrior named Ordan Karris, bound to servitude with modified memories as punishment for the latter's attempt at killing him.


The Detron Crewman's Synthesis imprint also suggests that Ballas was involved with the creation of what would become the Sentients, a rather ironic action given that the Tenno would be created and deployed to fight the Sentients when they later turned on the Orokin.

The Second DreamEdit

Dialogue during The Second Dream states that Ballas held the rank of Executor, and was implied to be romantically involved with the Archimedian Margulis. She had been protecting the survivors of the Zariman Ten Zero, who she is later ordered to kill. Margulis refuses to kill them, and is ultimately executed, with Ballas participating in the trial. After this Ballas would continue Margulis' work on Transference to develop the Warframes.

Apostasy PrologueEdit

Ballas officially makes his first appearance in Apostasy Prologue, interrupting the Operator when they meet the Lotus in person. The Orokin apologizes in advance, which left the Lotus to question what he is sorry for, remarking that she is not his lover, Margulis. Ballas replies that she is merely imprisoned, within before releasing an energy wave that disconnects the Lotus from her own pod.



This causes the Operator to wince in pain, distorting the player's screen in a similar fashion to The Second Dream, as the Lotus recognizes the executor as her lover. He vows never to abandon her again while offering his hand. Lotus, as if turned into a completely different individual, takes off her mask before grasping her lover's hand. The two then walked together into a blinding light in front of the Tenno before disappearing.


  • So far, Ballas has been the narrator of the newest line of Prime introduction videos/trailers.
    • In Saryn Prime's introduction video, his dialogue indicates that he developed Saryn as a means to fight the Infestation.
    • In the Vauban Prime trailer, it is indicated Vauban was created to fight the Corpus. The narration also implies that the Corpus were active during Orokin times.
    • In Nekros Prime's intro video, Ballas seems to talk towards the Orokin as he talks about "Your graces, we who are beyond death, have forgotten the simple power of fear."
    • In the video for Banshee Prime, it is indicated that these Prime Warframes, if not Warframes in general, were made to create a set of units who are much more unique and capable than the mass-produced and decrepit Grineer.
    • In the Valkyr Prime's intro video, Ballas mourns the loss of animalistic aspects the Orokin tossed away for their immortality and beauty. Because of this, he warns that the Warframes themselves are to be feared even though they are Tenno controlled. That they're merely biding their time as they await to strike at their Tenno and Orokin masters.
      • Thus far, this is the only trailer to not mention the name of the Warframe being showcased.
    • In Oberon Prime's preview video, Ballas talks about the errors of greed, as the greedy do not think of the consequences, evident with the Grineer who often plunder the forests of Earth. Thus, Ballas talks of Oberon as the avenger of the forest, the one who will place judgement on the Grineer who have contaminated the greenery for too long. And through the blood of these defilers will the forest grow stronger.
    • In Mirage Prime's video, Ballas recognizes the suffering the Tenno had gone through to become who they are. However, he noticed that Mirage "played the fool" by enjoying this metamorphosis, using her powers in ways he didn't expect. Even then, it all turned out well as Mirage proved that she was still an effective fighter, the only one left laughing on the battlefield.
  • In the teaser, The Sacrifice, Ballas mentions a trade of life for life, likely hinting at the nature of what an Umbra warframe is and how it functions.


  • Concept art by Keith Thompson