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For the similarly named weapon, see Ballistica.

Ballistas are Grineer female units that utilize the Vulkar for long range support. While they have a slower fire rate than other Grineer units, Ballistas deal more damage and are smaller targets.

Notes Edit

  • In spite of their role as a long-ranged unit, they seem to have similar tactics used by regular Grineer Lancers.
  • Like all standard Grineer, her Vulkar can do devastating Impact b Impact damage to shields when it hits such targets and has a fairly high chance to proc. Although more rare, Slash b Slash procs can occur which are more deadly than other Grineer weapons due to its high base damage.
  • Ballista can perform a quick, three shot burst when blind-firing from around a corner with each shot dealing as much damage as they normally would under regular circumstances, making it very deadly.


  • Ballistas have accurate sniper rifles and will predict the last movement of a moving player before making a lethal shot. Zigzagging maneuvers is advised in order to prevent these shots from being taken.
  • Even though they have a low firing rate, Ballistas can become a serious nuisance as their Vulkars are capable of dropping a player's shields in under 3 shots and they are often isolated from other Grineer allies.
  • Their Vulkars deal significant damage to shields and light armored targets, especially Excavators.


Drekar Ballista General Miscellaneous
Tileset Grineer Sealab Codex Scans 5
Weapon Vulkar Other Drops None
Statistics Mod Drops Fusion Core 0.938%
Organ Shatter 0.938%
Fusion Core 0.563%
Fusion Core 0.031%
Toxic Flight 0.031%
Cloned Flesh 100
Slash b+ Heat b+ Viral b+++ Impact b Gas b‐‐
Ferrite Armor 100
Toxin b+ Puncture b++ Corrosive b+++ Slash b- Blast b-
Base Exp 200
Base Level 1



  • A Grineer Ballista.
  • Ballista prior to U8 with the Snipetron.
  • ballistaGo to warframe ballista
  • Drekar Ballista
  • Another Drekar Ballista, without a mask

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