All of Banshee's equipped weapons (including those equipped on Sentinels, should they be present) are treated as silent.


SonicBoomModU15 BansheeSonicBoom
Sonic Boom
Banshee emits a sonic shockwave that pushes targets in range with enough force to incapacitate or kill attackers.
Strength:25 / 35 / 40 / 50
Range:10 / 12 / 13 / 15 m

  • Banshee channels sound at high velocity to create a shock wave that propagates forward in a 180° cone. Enemies caught by the wave are ragdolled, knocked back several meters, and dealt 25 / 35 / 40 / 50 Impact b Impact damage. The shock wave travels 10 / 12 / 13 / 15 meters.
    • Damage is affected by Ability Strength.
    • The shock wave does not affect enemies behind obstacles in the environment unless Banshee has line of sight.
    • Range is affected by Ability Range.
    • The shock wave will have a very slight delay between activating and knocking down enemies at the maximum range of the ability, as it has a very minute travel time.
  • Some enemies, including most heavy units, have a cooldown before being able to be knocked back again.
  • Some enemies will simply be stunned or be knocked down, but most will be pushed back.
  • Can be used while jumping, sliding, flipping, wall-running or wall-clinging.
  • Delay of about 0.8 seconds between uses.

Main article: Sonic Fracture

Sonic Fracture is a Warframe Augment Mod for Banshee's Sonic Boom that allows it to temporarily strip armor off enemies.

Rank Armor Reduction Duration Cost
0 30% 2s 6
1 45% 4s 7
2 55% 6s 8
3 70% 8s 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Can be used effectively as a source of instant crowd control to get large amounts of enemies out of your face incredibly quickly.
  • When combined with Energy Siphon and Maximized Ability Range this ability can be used continuously to keep large crowds of units off their feet until death. This is one of the most energy efficient crowd-control effects in the game.
  • Since Sonic Boom can knock most people back, they can be instantly killed if they are sent to a bottomless pit.


Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • Sonic Boom will leave enemies vulnerable to Finisher attacks long after they have gotten back up from the knockdown, even if she is not equipped with Savage Silence or has Silence active.

SonarModU15 BansheeSonar
Using acoustic location, Banshee's Sonar power finds and tracks enemies, and exposes critical weak spots to everyone in your squad.
Strength:2x / 3x / 4x / 5x
Duration:10 / 15 / 20 / 30 s
Range:20 / 25 / 30 / 35 m

  • Banshee emits a sound wave and reveals the location of every enemy within 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 meters. Tracked enemies will be visible on every player's mini-map, and each enemy will have a body part highlighted. These effects last for 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 seconds. Hitting an enemy in the highlighted area causes the inflicted damage to be multiplied by 200% / 300% / 400% / 500%.
    • Damage multiplier is affected by Ability Strength.
    • Can increase damage done by abilities if the glowing body part is the torso, since most abilities target the torso.
    • Damage can also be increased by body-part multipliers such as the head or unprotected body parts.
    • Duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • Range is affected by Ability Range.
  • Can be used while jumping, sliding, flipping, wall-running or wall-clinging.
  • Has a cast delay of about 0.8 seconds and a recast time of about 2.4 seconds.
  • Recasting Sonar while it's still active will cause additional body parts to be highlighted. Highlighted areas can overlap, causing inflicted damage to be multiplicatively amplified further.
  • Sonar does not highlight all enemies within its maximum area of effect immediately, instead the effect propagates outward from the caster's position, travelling at a fixed pace irrespective of Ability Range mods, similar to the mechanics of Nova's Molecular Prime. The progress of the wave is reset if Sonar is recast without the previous instance having covered its maximum range, i.e. if the ability is cast three times in succession, only the third instance will propagate far enough to cover all enemies within its radius.

Main article: Resonance

Resonance is a Warframe Augment Mod for Banshee's Sonar that triggers an additional Sonar pulse with a fraction of the original pulse's remaining duration if an enemy is killed in a highlighted weakspot.

Rank Duration Cost
0 50% 6
1 65% 7
2 80% 8
3 100% 9

Tips & Tricks
  • This ability can help with ranking up new weapons, as the damage multiplier can increase a weapon's damage to a given area, thereby increasing ammo efficiency. Coupled with Rifle Amp, this can greatly improve a weapon's effectiveness before it has enough room for much-needed mods.
  • Because of its multiplicative nature, Sonar is arguably the most potential damage booster currently in the game. A fully modded Banshee combined with a fully modded Equinox can increase the damage multiplier to 18.95, so a single overlapping area will multiply the damage 359 times. For example: a single rifle shot of 5000 damage on a doubled-weakspot on an unarmored target would deal 1.8 million damage.
  • Sonar's augment mod Resonance helps greatly with Ability Efficiency, since it allows Sonars to be automatically cast every few seconds simply by dealing killing damage on weakpoints.
  • Although enemy reveal effect does not combine with Enemy Radar or Enemy Sense, it is stronger that either of them unstacked.


Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

SilenceModU15 BansheeSilence
Using Silence surrounds Banshee in an aura that stuns enemies and will limit their perceptions and tactical response to gunfire and Warframe attacks.
Duration:10 / 15 / 20 / 30 s
Range:10 / 13 / 15 / 20 m

  • Banshee emits a sound dampening aura within 10 / 13 / 15 / 20 meters around her for 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 seconds.
  • Enemies entering the aura will experience a sonic disturbance, becoming momentarily stunned. Afterwards affected enemies will become unaware to sounds from gunfire, alarms, and death screams.
    • Players can perform stealth melee attacks on unaware enemies.
    • Unaware enemies will still become alerted when sighting players or taking damage.
    • Enemies that are alert before entering Silence's aura will remain alerted.
    • Affected enemies will remain so for the duration of the ability even if they move out of Silence's range.
    • Affected enemies will glow with the same color used in the energy color palette chosen by the player.
    • When combined with Radial Blind enemies are completely incapacitated.
  • Has a cast delay of about 0.4 seconds.
  • Cannot be recast until duration ends.
  • Silence will also deafen the caster, muffling all gunfire from friend, foe, and self alike.
  • Enemies are more likely to target your sentinel instead of you when silence is active, which can prove to be harmful for weaker sentinels.

Main article: Savage Silence

Savage Silence is a Warframe Augment Mod for Banshee's Silence that multiplies the damage of standing finisher attacks on affected enemies.

Rank Effect Cost
0 +150% 6
1 +200% 7
2 +250% 8
3 +300% 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Silence can be used as a form of crowd control due to the momentary stun dealt upon enemies entering its field. This is most useful for Banshees engaging in melee combat, as they can stun ranged enemies simply by approaching them, giving time to close the distance to engage. This can also be used to keep Infested at bay, giving more time to attack them from range.
  • With a Maximized Power Range build, Silence can be used to clear a room of enemies using firearms without alerting enemies on adjacent rooms. Keep in mind that enemies will still react if they see you, or if they see one of their own killed.
  • Despite of the excellent utility provided, Silence can also render Banshee deaf, preventing her from anticipating enemies from behind or even close to her while attacking enemies.
  • Too much range may reduce the utility of this ability, as enemies are only stunned once and may be out of attack range (behind walls, etc.), allowing them time to recover.
  • When stunned, unalerted enemies or the ones currently being stunned take stealth damage multipliers, like Ash's Smoke Screen and Loki's Invisibility.
  • Conclave rating of 1 at all levels.


Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • At times, Silence can be cast yet be unable to affect enemies, indicated by the lack of energy aura on them. The sound reduction for the player and energy ripples on Banshee will remain until mission ends.
    • The skill will more than likely be unable to be recast while this bug is in effect.

SoundQuakeModU15 BansheeSoundQuake
Sound Quake
Channeling all of her acoustic energy into the environment, Banshee uses ultrasonic reverberations to violently shake the ground.
Energy Drain: 25 / 18 / 15 / 12 s-1
Strength:125 / 150 / 175 / 200
Range:12 / 15 / 18 / 20 m

  • The moment Banshee's hands make contact with the ground, 125 / 150 / 175 / 200 Blast b Blast damage is dealt in a small area of effect. This blast is also paired with an additional instance of damage that decreases with distance and is increased by body-part multipliers.
    • Both sources of damage are affected by Ability Strength.
    • The burst damage has a low status chance. The Blast proc knocks down enemies in a small area of effect.
  • Following the burst damage, 125 / 150 / 175 / 200 Blast b Blast damage per second is dealt to all enemies within 12 / 15 / 18 / 20 meters as Banshee channels her acoustic energy into the environment.
    • Damage is affected by Ability Strength, and affected enemies are staggered every second.
    • Each instance of damage has a low status chance. However, the periodic stagger will override the Blast proc status effect.
    • Range is affected by Ability Range.
  • Sound Quake drains 25 / 18 / 15 / 12 energy per second, and will remain active so long as Banshee has energy. Sound Quake will end if Banshee runs out of energy, or if deactivated by pressing the ability key again (default 4 ).
  • Banshee is not invincible during the animation.
  • Enemies inside the area of effect are staggered for the duration of the skill. However, it's possible for an enemy to stumble outside of Sound Quake's range if they are too close the edge of the effective area.
  • Will destroy lights in the area of effect, but not Reinforced Glass or other objects.
  • As of Update 14.7, Trinity's Energy Vampire cannot be used to restore Banshee's energy while Sound Quake is active.
  • Can be activated while sliding but not while in the air, wall-running or wall-clinging.
  • Has a cast delay of 1 second and post-cast delay of 1 second.

Main article: Resonating Quake

Resonating Quake is an Warframe Augment Mod for Banshee that replaces Sound Quake's channeling feature for a single, large shockwave that deals bonus damage at the epicenter, but decreases damage as the shockwave spreads.

Rank Damage Cost
0 x10 6
1 x12 7
2 x15 8
3 x20 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Using Sound Quake can be a very effective crowd control technique to give your team some breathing room to do some of the following:
    • Revive a fallen teammate.
    • Clear out some heavy mobs without them retaliating.
    • Re-orient themselves to dish out some CC of their own.
  • As Sound Quake's duration is based upon the amount of energy you have, the Flow mod and/or the Arcane Reverb Banshee Helmet is very useful in extending the effective duration of the ability.
  • While standing on the cryo floors in the void, Sound Quake's drain is reduced. However, the cast delay is increased and the damage tick occurs once every 2 seconds.
  • Since Banshee is immobilized when the ability is active, it's highly suggested to bring a sentinel with Vacuum equipped to pick up Energy Orbs and prolong the duration Sound Quake is active.


Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.


Caused by minimizing the game during the use of Sound Quake. The animation will continue afterward, disallowing any actions. Only leaving or dying will fix it.
While casting, getting knocked back into a bottomless pit or otherwise falling into one (the casting animation moves Banshee forward a little bit), will cause the Sound Quake to persist. It will continue to do damage and stun enemies at the cast point, but will not drain energy. Banshee can move around after coming back up from the fall, but can't do most actions like shooting. Recasting Sound Quake will cancel the damage inflicted by Sound Quake, but will leave the visual effects (camera blur and shake) in the area permanently.

Sound Quake's Blast procs do not actually knock down afflicted enemies (except on the initial shockwave) because the repeated stagger animation caused by the quakes overrides the knockdown. The proc indicator will flash when it occurs, but the enemy that it occurred to will remain standing and staggering around as if it wasn't affected by the Blast proc.

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