Update 22.20
  • Fixed Banshee’s Resoquake only consuming 25 Energy when it is supposed to use 100 (on Clients, it would require having at least 100 Energy, but wouldn't use it).

Update 22.12

  • Resonating Quake (Augment)
    • Although still a singular cast allowing free movement, Resonating Quake will only hit enemies once as it expands outward.

Hotfix 22.0.2

  • Fixed a shader issues with Banshee.

Hotfix 21.7.1

  • Fixed casting Banshee’s Soundquake when hitting an enemy with a "grappling hook weapon" allowing you to move around.

Hotfix 21.0.4

  • Fixed a script error when casting Banshee’s Sonar.

Hotfix 20.6.2

  • Fixed Banshee’s Silent stopping the Conculyst Whirlwind attack, rendering the Sentient invincible.

Update 20.6

  • Fixed Banshee's Sound Quake doing slightly less damage at low frame-rates (1.7% less at 30 FPS, 0.8% at 60 FPS).

Hotfix 20.2.3

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Banshee's Silence to last longer depending on your frame-rate (approximately 5% longer at 60 FPS, 30% longer at 30 FPS).
  • Buffed Silence's base Duration to 10/15/20/30 (20% at max rank) which now matches Sonar so you can cast them in tandem.

Update 20.0

  • Fixed aggressive flickering lighting when loading into Warframe with Banshee Prime on the diorama.
  • Fixed Banshee being able to cast a perpetual Soundquake by initiating a handshake then pausing.
  • Fixed the Teplo Syandana sitting too high on Banshee Prime and Banshee Prime with the default Banshee skin.

Update 19.12

  • Fixed Banshee Sound Quake ability causing her Syandana to fly straight up.
  • Fixed Banshee Prime’s Helmet antennas flying straight up during her Sound Quake ability.

Hotfix 19.11.5

  • Banshee Prime introduced.

Update 19.0

  • Fixed Banshee’s Silence ability permanently turning off enemy barks.

Update 18.13

  • Passive: All weapons are treated as silent.

Update 18.11

Update 18.9

  • Fixed hearing headshot sounds while Silence is active.
  • Fixed Silence freezing Sargas Ruk during his boss fight.

Update 18.6

  • Fixed Sonar creating outdated enemy markers on the minimap.

Update 18.5

  • Sonic Boom, Silence, and Sound Quake will no longer be able to push, stun, or stagger boss-type enemies.
  • Augment: Fixed Sonar Resonance not properly functioning when an enemy is ragdolled during the killing blow.

Hotfix 18.4.7

  • Fixed Sound Quake audio FX still playing after a Host Migration occurs.

Hotfix 17.8.1

  • Fixed Sonar indefinitely stacking Resonance in the same location without a delay.
  • Fixed Sonar visual FX displaying as super bright.

Hotfix 17.2.2

  • Fixed an issue preventing some abilities (such as Sound Quake) from being deactivated using the Power Menu.

Hotfix 17.0.5

  • Added Apex particles to Push.
  • Added visual trails FX to Banshee’s Ability powers.

Hotfix 17.0.3

  • Fixed an issue with Banshee’s idle animation.

Hotfix 16.10.2

  • Fixed enemies focusing their attacks on player Sentinels after Silence has been cast.

Update 16.9

  • Fixed Sonic Fracture Mod not affecting all enemies when used by Clients.

Update 16.7

  • Augment: Fixed Sonic Fracture FX lingering if the target became immediately ragdolled.

Update 16.6

Hotfix 16.5.6

  • Fixed Immortal Skin not properly applying to their shoulder pads.

Update 15.7

  • Fixed Resonance Augment Mod not functioning.

Update 15.6

Update 15.5

  • Augment: Enemies affected by Savage Silence Mod are now open to finishes while under the effects of crowd control.

Hotfix 15.0.1

  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly scaling Syandanas down on Banshee by 20%.
    • Should address some physics issues with Syandanas.

Update 15.0

Update 14.7

  • Trinity's Energy Vampire will no longer provide energy to Banshees performing Sound Quake so as to prevent infinite energy usage.

Update 14.5

  • Sonar ignore security cameras and turrets.
  • Sonar now uses Energy Colour.

Update 14.2

  • Silence no longer affects the Stalker.
  • Fixed an issue with Silence not properly affecting Specters or player opponents in Dark Sector missions.

Hotfix 14.1.4

  • Sonar Fixes:
    • Fixed the weak spot indicators not appearing correctly for clients.
    • Fixed AI frames only being able to cast the ability once.
    • Fixed an issue with all the enemy minimap markers being removed once a single affected enemy is killed.
    • Fixed an issue with the weak spot indicator being removed prematurely when the ability is cast again.
    • Fixed an issue with the weak spot damage amplification not being correctly removed after the ability ends.

Hotfix 14.0.8

  • Fixed an issue with Banshee's Immortal Skin always appearing white.

Hotfix 14.0.2

  • Fixed Banshee's toggle-able powers being broken by pause menu.

Hotfix 13.9.1

  • Silence now includes new Aura and stun properties.

Update 13.9

  • Shifted Banshee's shoulder pad back slightly to reduce clipping.

Update 13.8

  • Fixed issue where the FX of Silence does not disappear when the power duration is cancelled by a teleport volume (falling off map and respawning).

Update 13.5

  • Adjusted the positioning of Chest Armor.

Hotfix 13.4.1

  • Fixed issue where Sonar was not recastable.

Update 13.4

  • Tweaked Sound Quake sound effects.
  • Fixed Sonar having a cool down discrepancy between host and client.
  • Fixed an issue with players getting stuck in Sound Quake animation if cast right as they entered into the downed state.

Update 13.3

  • Silence: Is now a radial ranged effect that moves with you. As enemies enter the radius/area, they experience a ‘sonic disturbance’ which they react to. This disturbance deafens the targets and affects their awareness.
  • Sound Quake: Players can now control when to deactivate Sound Quake, with the option to toggle it on or off. Sound Quake will consume energy per second while active.
  • Toggling changes will give players more freedom instead of being locked in place while the rest of your team runs around. It should also add a nice element of resource management, rather than being stuck in place at the cost of X energy.
  • Tweaked the ability and energy visuals.

Update 13.2

  • Fixed an issue with Sonar highlighting nonexistent weak points on Vay Hek.
  • Fixed an issue with Banshee's visual effects lingering after usage when experiencing heavy lag.

Update 13.0

  • Improved the code performance on Sonic Boom.

Hotfix 12.5.1

  • Fixed Imperator Syandana appearing on Banshee’s waist.

Hotfix 12.4.5

  • Fixed Sonar effects lingering after enemies have been killed.

Update 12.1

  • Fixed Banshee’s Sonar not showing enemies on clients.

Update 12.0

  • Banshee parts now researchable in the Dojo Labs.

Update 11.2

  • Armor buff from 10 to 15.

Hotfix 11.0.4

  • Fixed Banshee Immortal skin not being tintable.

Update 10.8

  • Sonic Boom now stunlocks opponents. A cooldown of 5 seconds has been added to Sonic Boom in Duels.

Hotfix 10.7.1

  • Fixed Sonar leaving mini-map icons for dead enemies.

Update 10.3

  • Added unique casting sounds for Banshee abilities and updated Soundquake and Silence.

Update 10.0

  • Added idle FX.
  • Fixed Sonar not applying damage multipliers to shields.

Update 9.6

  • Fixed Silence not using correct energy colours.

Hotfix 9.1.1

  • Fix for crash with Soundquake if gore was disabled.

Hotfix 8.1.2

  • Fixed Sonar "Power in Use" issue.


  • Fix for clients not seeing Silence.

Hotfix 8.0.7

  • Fixed Silence not affecting enemies.

Update 8.0

  • Infested enemy types now play reaction to Soundquake.

Update 7.11

  • Sound Quake has been balanced to do more intended damage amounts on use.

Update 7.10

  • Fixed mods not affecting Sonar.

Update 7.9

  • Fixed Soundquake causing visibility issues for other players (not the caster).

Update 7.8

  • Fixed Push not working against Chargers.

Hotfix 7.7.3

  • Blueprints moved to the uncommon pool.

Update 7

  • Added into game.
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