Banshee Systems

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Banshee Systems
Type Crafted
Blueprint From Research

The Banshee Systems is a component gained through crafting in the Foundry. The blueprint can be purchased from the Tenno Lab after being Researched.

The Banshee Systems is used in the construction of a Banshee class Warframe.

The Blueprint can be sold for Credits 32px ‍3,500 and the finished component for Credits 32px ‍1,000.


Banshee Systems may be dropped when completing a Spy mission, or researched from the Tenno Lab. Banshee's blueprint has to be researched before researching this component.

Research Requirements (base price)
Resource Quantity
Fieldron 32px Fieldron 1
Morphics Morphics 1
Salvage Salvage 1,000
Plastids Plastids 500
Credits 32px Credits 10,000
Research Time 72 hours
Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
ControlModule Control Module 1
Morphics Morphics 1
Salvage Salvage 500
Plastids Plastids 400
Credits 32px Credits 15,000
Build Time 12 hours
Rush Build Platinumicon ‍25

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