Barrel Diffusion

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Polarity V
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Grineer Seeker
Infested T3 Defense Reward
Orokin Void Containers
The Grustrag Three

Barrel Diffusion increases the Multishot of Pistols.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 20% 6 C20
1 40% 7 C20
2 60% 8 C28
3 80% 9 C35
4 100% 10 C43
5 120% 11 C50


  • The additional shots do not consume additional ammunition.
  • At 120%, this mod grants a 100% chance to fire one additional round (2 rounds/shot) and a 20% chance to fire two additional rounds (3 rounds/shot).
    • Equipping this mod and Lethal Torrent simultaneously will provide 180% multishot, giving the sidearm a 100% chance to fire 1 additional round (2 rounds/shot) and an 80% chance to fire an additional round (3 rounds/shot).
  • The in-game UI will consider any possible multishot capabilities when showing final damage numbers, and do not represent single-projectile damage. 
  • According to the reward table for Defense missions from Update 10.3, this mod can be obtained from Infested Defense missions. This does not apply to the Orokin Derelict, due to it having a separate reward table.


  • Although the mod shows the Lex pistol portrayed to have two barrels, its default only shoots one bullet at a time.


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