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Blaze increases both overall damage and Heat b Heat damage to shotguns by 15% per rank, at a maximum of 60% at rank 3.


Rank Damage Heat Damage Cost Conclave
0 +15% +15% 6 C5
1 +30% +30% 7 C5
2 +45% +45% 8 C8
3 +60% +60% 9 C10


  • This mod combined with Point Blank and Vicious Spread adds up to a total damage increase of +240%.
    • Using Primed Point Blank instead of Point Blank will result in a total damage increase of +315%
  • This mod is more cost effective than a Rank 3 Point Blank mod and a rank 3 Incendiary Coat mod put together (9 mod capacity compared to 16).
  • The 60% Heat b Heat damage will be affected by the 60% overall damage increase, resulting in 96% Heat b Heat damage.
  • Blaze has a lower chance to be awarded from Nightmare Modes than most other mods.