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BlessingModU15 TrinityBlessing
Restores the health and shields of all allies, while simultaneously providing a degree of damage immunity to the team.
Strength:40% / 50% / 75% / 80% (shield/health restoration)
50% damage resistance
Duration:3 / 5 / 7 / 10 s

  • Trinity restores 40% / 50% / 75% / 80% of her allies' shields and health within shared Affinity range (default 50 meters). Allies will be granted 50% damage resistance for 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 seconds.
    • Shield/health restoration and damage resistance are affected by Power Strength.
    • Damage resistance duration is affected by Power Duration.
    • Heal range is set to shared affinity range, and is not affected by Power Range. However, it can be increased by Disciplined Approach.
    • Damage resistance is capped at 75%, achievable by a 50% increase in Power Strength.
    • Amount of damage resistance is displayed in the player UI upon casting.
  • The effects of Blessing are applied to Trinity, Tenno, and Companions.
  • Blessing does not grant immunity from Status Effects such as Knockdowns and staggers.
  • Even if Trinity enters bleedout while casting, the healing and damage resistance will still be granted, and Trinity's allies will be able to safely revive her. The damage resistance for Trinity still applies, even while being downed.
  • The damage resistance will not offer protection from damage taken in the Vampire Challenge of Nightmare Mode, but Blessing will heal Trinity and her allies (It will prevent damage in Nightmare Trial).
  • After the oxygen has completely run out in Survival, Blessing will replenish Trinity's health and shields as well as grant damage resistance. However, health and shields will still be depleted at a rapid rate, eventually leaving Trinity and her allies at 5 health. After an ally's shields have been depleted at this stage of the mission they will stay depleted, similar to the No Shields Nightmare mode challenge, and Blessing cannot recover them anymore.
  • Does not restore or create overshields.
  • Does not affect static Defense mission objectives such as cryopods and generators, but does affect mobile objectives such as Tenno operatives in Sortie defense missions.
  • While active, electricity-like energy waves will appear on all affected characters and companions; the color is affected by Trinity's energy color.
  • Can be cast while in midair.
  • Cast time delay of 0.5 seconds.
  • Can be recast while active. Blessing's previous damage resistance values will be overridden.

  • Building up overshields with Vampire Leech while Blessing is on provides Trinity and her team with a substantial damage buffer, since recasting Blessing will always leave a small window of no damage reduction.

Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • Maximized Power Duration increases duration to 30.7 seconds.
    • Has no negative effect on this ability.
  • Maximized Power Efficiency reduces cost to 25 energy.
    • Reduces duration to 5 seconds.
  • Maximized Power Range has no positive effect on this ability.
    • Reduces shield/health restoration to 32% and damage resistance to 20%.
  • Maximized Power Strength increases shield/health restoration to 100% and damage resistance to 75%.
    • Increases cost to 155 energy.
    • Reduces duration to 7.25 seconds.

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