Blind Rage

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Polarity V
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Orokin Vault

Blind Rage increases Power Strength while reducing Power Efficiency of Warframe abilities.


Rank Power Strength Power Efficiency Cost Conclave
0 +9% -5% 6 C8
1 +18% -10% 7 C8
2 +27% -15% 8 C9
3 +36% -20% 9 C10
4 +45% -25% 10 C12
5 +54% -30% 11 C13
6 +63% -35% 12 C14
7 +72% -40% 13 C16
8 +81% -45% 14 C17
9 +90% -50% 15 C18
10 +99% -55% 16 C20


  • A maxed rank Blind Rage will cost 155 energy when using an ultimate power.
  • When combined with a max rank Streamline, this mod can be ranked up to 5 without causing any negative effects.
  • At rank 5, Blind Rage will give 24% more power strength than Intensify for the same cost, but powers will use more energy, although this can still mathematically be negated for both Loki and Nyx warframes when coupled with their power efficient alternate helmets, along with maxed mods of both Streamline and Fleeting Expertise, granting a 75% energy efficient cap but at no penalty, other than their alternate helmet's dual stat trade offs, along with the heavily negative duration that comes with the corrupted mod Fleeting Expertise.
  • As of Hotfix 15.0.9 this mod is now able to be stacked with the corrupted mod, Transient Fortitude.


  • Combining this with Fleeting Expertise will grant you +5% power efficiency, 35% when stacked with Streamline, and a total of 129% increase in power strength with Intensify. This will cause most powers to be shortened considerably, so consider only ranking this mod up to 5 or 6 and combining it with streamline instead, otherwise use it with non-durational frames like Mag/Frost/Oberon.
  • Frames with lower energy pools may prefer to use lower ranks of this mod to cast more of their abilities. ( I.e : Excalibur, Nekros, Valkyr, etc.)


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