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  • Tealeaf1801

    Sortie Fix?

    April 11, 2017 by Tealeaf1801

    So, I've been reading up on people complaining about the Sorties recently.

    While I am glad that the sorties have now been changed so I don't permanently get Nezha gear, and I know that they are working on it, there is always that feeling in my heart whenever I get a lens or booster, the feeling of "why do I even bother?"

    Let me just quickly get my opinions on lenses and boosters out of the way first.

    I no longer have a need for lenses, and unless they are Naramon or Zenurik, they aren't worth anything at all.

    Secondly, I detest boosters illogically. While I agree that they are useful, it is the only Warframe reward that I have seen you require to actually play the game more to make use of it. I don't like the idea of starting down that road.


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  • Sunofthebeach25


    April 4, 2017 by Sunofthebeach25

    As the title of my blog said, this is a blog on Rivens, and statistics, everything you need to know on the numbers of riven, your luck in getting a riven that you want, and most importantly, this blog is made to make you feel extra good when you got a god-tier riven.

    Alrighty, first of all, Rivens are purple mods that costs alot of capacity points - 18 at max rank, that have randomized stats, ranging from extremely shitty stats like + 100% Zoom or extra Projectile Speed on a Hitscan weapon (That's just sad), to extremely godly stats such as extra raw damage, Multishot, etc... that people would give you a succ for. For more information, visit this page.

    Time to tackle the basic information: Okay, as we all know, Rivens have 24 positive stats …

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  • NudeWarrior83


    Welcome to Countermeasures!

    I have used the warframe wiki to find damage output information for my Tenno to use against enemies of all faction types.  There came a point that I wanted to know what types of damage my enemies were dealing to my Tenno, as a faction, and as higher class enemies.  I noticed very quickly that I needed to jump between multiple pages to find information on just one faction, from physical to elemental damage, to the rules governing alarm triggered enemies (Prosecutor, Bursa, Juggernaut Sentient) damage and armor types.  So I poured over those pages (Damage (and all subcategories for physical and elemental types), Factions (each individual Grineer, Corpus, Infested, and Corrupted enemy page) and gathered …

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  • Xylden

    So after the update i tried the Synoid simulor and Telos boltace with mirage and found 2 surprising interaction :

    Simulor's orbs don't stack but redcrit

    Telos boltace work as intended except with Hall of Mirrors were the cooldown is ignored and you can still trigger the vortex of the spin attack

    And how it translate in game :

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  • ReversePolishNotation

    I've been wanting to write an article for a while on my current Trinity builds, but I have been too lazy. I was finally jarred into action by this article on Reddit, which contained so many god-awful builds that I just had to jump in with my own (god-awful :)) builds.

    Like many, I was originally disconcerted by the changes made to Trinity last year, but I didn't join with many of the others who took up pitchforks to storm the DE offices. The usage of self-damaging Bless builds at the time was definitely unhealthy for the game as a whole and I agree that the changes needed to be made. However, since my main build at the time was Bless, I found myself a bit lost for a while, until I settled down on a new main build, which I'll discuss below.


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  • SuzukiSwift

    Hey everybody

    In light of Banshee Prime being released, as a Banshee main I thought I would write up a quick article on her various skills, augments and play-styles. I know that not everyone's play-style will correspond to Banshee, but if after reading this article anyone is tempted to give her a go, I will feel my mission is accomplished. 

    Banshee play-style:

    The best way to describe Banshee would be 'utility cc frame'. She provides crowd control and damage amplification to the team at the cost of being very squishy. Banshee is best suited for late game play, as her damage amplifcation is largely unnecessary before enemies hit level 100+, although it is of course always welcome to any squad. She shines best in constructed team comps as oppos…

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  • Darthmufin

    I havn't made a blog post in over two months and blogs have been pretty far between lately, so i thought i would shake up the blogs section a bit with some fun content i have made on my Youtube channel, as well as describing some of the videos.

    First up, i wanted to update anyone who doesn't subscribe to my Youtube with some of the Riven Mods videos i have produced to showcase some decent or great rolls i have gotten for some weapons.

    I've always like the Akzani pistols, despite them being low damage. They are decently accurate at medium range compared to similar bullet hose auto pistols, has okay damage, and has a really nice sound and reload animation.

    With this riven mod, it adds a good amount of multishot, increasing status chance, Heat d…

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  • VxrZeta

    Before you start reading the following wall of text below, I apologize in advance for any misinformation and information that I may have missed.

    With that said, stealth in Warframe has undergone several changes, for both good and bad. This however, will mostly point out my problems with the current mechanics of sneaking around the solar system. Here are those problems:

    • Freshly Spawned Stealth Penalty; Back when the AI was still quite oblivious to corpses and enemies dying right next to them and Focus was still new, there exists an alternative method to farm a large amount of affinity with little time spent other than Draco's Interception. That method was to run Exterminate missions with Invis-Frames (Ash, Ivara, Loki) and a killing weapon of…
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  • Aestersidhe

    Sorties not Sorted

    February 2, 2017 by Aestersidhe

    These damn sorties... Been running off and on for 2 weeks now since RL happens... stupid work and family... I am so tired of holding out both hands at the end of the run, waiting for a glistening purple riven and as RNGesus descends his 8 bit cloud in a beam of channelled light from the DEHeavens... he squats down and takes a giant steaming 24 hour credit booster in my outstretched hands...

    I am not one for ragequitting, much, but I was very tempted. If it werent for work today I probably wouldn't have quit at all and just kept going, maybe farming Kavat genetics again, think im at 7 of 10, Wasn't super invested since I didn't have enough slots, but then I was graced with a couple of Rivens I didn't need in the first week so I got enough pl…

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  • Boomfly


    February 1, 2017 by Boomfly

    Warframe is currently standing on some fascinating crossroads. A lot of people feel bored or furstrated about the game or annoyed at how others feel. I decided to make this post to bring back some hope as the game is approaching a very interesting changes even though it's currently dealing with a lot of issues as well.
    Due to the powercreep overtaking warframe the nature of the game shifted a lot and the multitude of new systems and workarounds brought us to a situation where after years of providing solid content warframe earned the need to posses a beta title, which is quite surprising and somewhat worrying, but I think it's just a cocoon we're waiting to spawn our wings out of. What we need is to make the choice of a clear design directi…

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  • Gabethetennotrump


    January 21, 2017 by Gabethetennotrump

    Now I understand a lot of people groaned just reading that name, and that's what I wanted to talk about. DE have made numerous attempts at "fixing archwing, but most people still find it boring, or just to hard to control. I am one of these people, that's why I think DE should overhaul archwing altogether, it's such an overlooked game mode, I mean the idea is there, just the execution is... Poor. Any ideas on what could be done to revive this lost game mode???

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  • Nyb2725

    A New Kind of Melee Build

    January 7, 2017 by Nyb2725

    Ever since the Shadow Debt event, there is no doubt that melee has jumped from being arguably the worst way of dealing damage with weapons to being one of the best. In the few months after that event, multiple new builds have sprung up for melee weapons that make them some of the highest scaling weapons in the game. Recently, one specific build that differs greatly from the norm (it uses no elemental mods) has sprung up that makes one very specific type of weapon extremely powerful.

    Here's the build on the Atterax. Disclaimer: the build is VERY expensive.

    Now, at face value, this build seems trash. There's essentially only one damage mod in it. However, all that means is that the upfront damage is very small. The genera…

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  • Ezioprez9709

    Active once again

    December 23, 2016 by Ezioprez9709

    After months of not playing Warframe, I've finally decided to start playing it again. This means that not only will I be active in Warframe (PS4 version btw), but I'll also be on the wiki frequently. I was desperate for a real challenge after blitzing through Destiny for days on end, so coming back to Warframe was on the horizon for a long time. Expect to see me on here regularly from now on.

    ADMIN EDIT: Welcome back!

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  • AleDeVe

    Build working in Update 19.5 PC (23/12/2016)

    Build working in Update (13/01/2017)

    Ember is mostly known for her WoF, which is annoying and not end-game viable.

    I started looking for a way to make her not only good against high-level enemies but, most importantly, fun to play.

    The setup is similar to others that might have been suggested by others already, but the performance is on a whole other level thanks to the particular combination of equipment and abilities I focused on.

    The build revolves and is made viable by a melee weapon which has been buffed in a previous update, so let's start from there.

    Twin Basolk.

    After the buff and the new nightmare mods, they can reach 100% status with just 2 dual elementals + drifting contact.

    Base dam…

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  • The Splentforcer

    Origin of the post

    This blog comes from a post i wanted to make to answer to another blog, but i realized it was way too long be simply be a comment, so there it is 

    (the source of the blog : 

    note: i'm not blaming the bloger, this thread was just what started this reflexion the comments are more interesting than the blog itself, to be honest)

    Edit note :

    changed a bit how the text was organized remove some dumb things that made my opinion really unclear (thx for the comments pointing it)

    Aim and goals of the post

    The aim of this post is to point out the current release, considering the problems with the devs, general opinion of the community and explaining why this u…

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  • RavenCorus

    The Alt-Fight

    November 26, 2016 by RavenCorus

    In comparison to many of you, I am still a noob, a fledgling, a puppy among wolves. Still, I love talking with you. When I was introduced to this game, I quickly noticed that people often cling to their choice of frames and tools. At first, I thought that Frost Prime would be my "main". I was a bit stubborn in thinking that Frost, Dread, and Redeemer was the best combination in the game, and that nothing could be better. After realizing that I haven't even unlocked half of the frames, my dedication took a staggering impact.

    I hated Limbo, now I love it. I hated Loki, now I love it. I hated Trinity, now I love it. The way I play is drastically different to the way I used to, and it makes me want a new game within this game. According to the …

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  • Darthmufin

    Here i will be posting the riven mods that i have gotten so far (barring the first one which was a crap mod for the Vulklok) along with their videos i have made for them.

    (Note: As of December 17th, some of this may be outdated)

    First off, my opinions on Riven Mods in general. Initially, i hated the idea for the most part, mostly because of how much RNG was involved. Besides the first mod you get from the quest (which can be a mod for sentinel weapons, unfortunately) Riven mods are currently only awarded from Sortie missions as a possible reward. After doing 3 so far and not getting a single one, i think it's fair to add that to the first issue i have with the mods.

    Second, the weapon that the mod is for is randomized, meaning chances are if …

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  • Boomfly

    If you played the game for any longer period of time you probably noticed that the surface micro transaction model of warframe isn't great. Aside from cosmetics, there's no point to buy anything that affects the way you play the game, as most of what warframe has to offer is the carrot on a stick chase for the new shiny thing.

    When I saw the riven mods I was a bit baffled. I mean, DE reads feedback. I don't expect them to not be aware that people are just getting sick of constant rng. Many people sooner or later drop out because warframe is just too demanding of their time. So they know what Riven mods are and they know what type of response is going to come from them.

    When designing a weapon or a power for a game, you have to look at a few …

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  • Thatreallygrossguy

    So over the past few days we have been receiving multiple bits of information on the War Within. Recently a whole lot of information has gotten out on Twitter and other forms of soocial media. Obviously we can all see what some of the fan channels know and what they have been telling us but it is limited for obvious reasons. We've seen the new tileset, mission types, and a few new weapons and attatchments.

    However there is a lot of other content that we've seen through devstreams and other sources that we have not seen and may not see until a later update. I want to share what we know so far based on what bread crumbs have been fed to us so far.

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  • RavenCorus

    Pets of Prey

    November 7, 2016 by RavenCorus

    I like Kubrows and Kavats, but it seems like there is little diversity in companions, as opposed to the sentinals. The species are certainly different, but you still only have the choice between one or the other. There could be more kinds of companions to bring around, like birds, or like little aliens, and that got me thinking.

    Imagine being able to have an infested themed companion! It wouldn't just be putting infested armor on your already existing pets, it would be an entirely new pet. I already have a fun idea for what it could be and how to require it.

    You're in an invasion, when you hear the Phorid screaming in the distance. You dash into its lair and appear on the other side of the room with a dead Phorid lying on the ground, mangled…

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  • RavenCorus

    I've been enjoying trying to figure out the Grineer and Corpus bosses political affiliations since I began the game.

    So far, it seems to me that most of the games bosses lean toward the authoritarian areas, and libertarian characters seem to be characters allied or sympathetic to the Tenno (like Darvo or Teshin).

    I really can't wait for The War Within, because I am really expecting a bit more political development in the system. Could the Grineer and Corpus actually work together to fight for something in their mutual interest? Could someone like Sargas Ruk become a vigilante for the sake of fighting a more personal battle with Alad V? These are the things that come into mind when I imagine the possibilities of the characters in the future.


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  • RavenCorus

    A Stalker, A System

    October 21, 2016 by RavenCorus

    I haven't seen an assassin in a week, despite playing for hours daily.

    I have a Stalker, Zanuka, The Grustrag Three, and three syndicate Death Platoons who say they're gonna fight me, but none at all have shown up. I see the good in having their spawn rates low obviously; not everyone wants to fight a corpus machine made of mangled warframe or a trio of mutated and crazy grineer every five minutes. I think I know a semi-reasonable way that DE could make them a bit easier to come by which allows the player to have some amount of control.

    Obviously, when a tenno is hopping planet to planet, it would be hard for an assassin to hone in and get to us quickly.

    Currently, our vengeful little friends have a set spawning rate like stalkers 1.5%+ (0.5 …

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  • RavenCorus


    October 17, 2016 by RavenCorus

    I've only been playing this game for two months, and I am certainly pleased with the experience.

    I was trying to think of some things that be added to the game, and I thought of some things.

    Sometimes, I really need to use a specter while I'm doing excavation or devense missions, and I noticed that they never really go to a place that I want them to be. I figured it might be really helpful to be able to actually direct the specters to stand at a specific spot, instead of just leading them to a general area and have them stay. Also, especially in excavation, it could be supremely useful to have a specter pick up an item for us. Imagine going solo on an excavation and directing your specter to pick up power cores from the ground for you while …

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  • Azutsuki

    Using 1000 Forma

    October 11, 2016 by Azutsuki

    I never thought that I would hit 1k forma used, since I was just forma'ing items that were unique or that I liked. I came to realise how close I was when I made a notepad file a few months back with all my items in it, just because I was bored. I think I had 750-800'ish forma used at the time, so I thought I could aim for 1k forma since I was so close anyways.

    Here are the current stats:

    • Total Forma Used: 1010-ish
    • Warframes: 120
    • Primaries: 363
    • Secondaries: 243
    • Melee: 206
    • Companions: 34
    • Sentinel Weapons: 28
    • Archwings: 5
    • Archwing Primaries: 11
    • Arching Melee: 9
    • Here are my items.

    Now my next milestone is maxing out every item in my inventory, maybe I'll even max out many of the same "family" items that I skipped. (e.g. Gorgon, since I have Prisma/Wraith)


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  • Darthmufin

    I have been playing warframe since a week after they hit open beta, So almost 3 years at this point. I have 1,238,190 Mastery (Rank 22) with 2,764 Hours in game as of me writing this. Despite being high rank and pretty invested into the game, anyone who views my profile in game (superbot34) will notice that the "most used" gear is also the most mediocre or even average, and the stuff that tends to be called the "best" stuff is normally the stuff i use the least.

    So how in the world can i enjoy myself if i'm not going up against the same level 150 grineer while using the best weapons in the game? Simple! I find ways to make each mission a bit more fun, by several means that i will explain here, and hopefully prevent or extend the point to wh…

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  • Jamvaru

    Comment Clutter

    October 9, 2016 by Jamvaru

    There seems to be an inordinate amount of comments coming from 'A Lone Tenno'.

    I have even seen a comment from 'A Group of Lone Tennos'.  I'm not sure what that is, I forgot to click on it, but it was clickable.

    Do you agree that comment posting should require a login id?

    It is relatively simple to get a login ID with wikia.  I don't see how this should be a problem for anyone.  I don't have to log in again as it is persistent.

    Perhaps people would either not clutter up the threads/pages with irrelevant comments or they would think twice about what they do post.  It is hard enough to try to follow comments on pages without 'A Lone Tenno' cluttering things up.

    Is there a way of doing a poll?  I don't see it.

    I suppose if you agree, then say so be…

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  • Sterma albatros

    The Vacuum Within

    October 6, 2016 by Sterma albatros

    So, it's finally here. The first update since I started Warframe where I genuinely feel as though DE made a mistake. The Vacuum Within is, in my view, an ill-thought bandaid to a genuine player issue.

    The problem arose because the majority of players used Carrier and its 12m Vacuum exclusively. Other than a few difficult missions (where I use DethCube with Sweeper) I have only ever used Carrier because Vacuum is so immensely useful and because otherwise I would have to choose between missing out on drops or slowing down my gameplay and staring at the floor. It's not a matter of 'git gud' or 'being a casual' as people on the forums seem to imply - I just don't like the pace of the game for me when I don't have carrier equipped.

    DE had several…

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  • RavenCorus

    Devs, Please.

    September 24, 2016 by RavenCorus

    I was introduced to this game about a month ago by user Iceburn250.

    In my time playing, I've had a lovely time trying, failing, winning, and discovering.

    There are a few things that I figured I might point out, in case this hasn't been brought to the dev teams attenition.

    1- During invasion missions, I've heard Grineer yelling "Tenno skoom!" when I was fighting on their side. It seems strange to have what is effectively a team mate calling me scum while I'm saving their life. It isn't really a problem, just something I thought was weird.

    2- After The Silver Grove update came out, I heard Ordis say "Did you fuse your mods, operator? Did they.. anger you in some way". Since the update added endo, we don't really "fuse" them now right? It seems l…

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  • Darthmufin

    For over a year, perhaps even 2 year at this point, i stopped caring about pushing guns and warframes to their limits and only going for the highest possible content, while using weapons i didn't really liked but i had to use as they were capable of clearing the enemies i was forcing myself to fight. I instead started going back to weapons i forgot about like the kraken, realizing that with just the right flick of the mouse i could get both shots to land on the head at decent ranges and the sound felt satisfying when i killed them with said headshot. I hear the "crunch" and i feel physically satisfied.

    That rarely happens with most weapons i use in warframe. Even how fast a weapon fires can affect if it feels satisfying for me to use. For e…

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  • TheGuyNamedTom

    Alright,I know you guys have made several points and perspectives on the Interception mode.

    In case you were wondering what gear I have,here they are:


    Primary weapons:Tigris,Hind,Paris Prime

    Secondary weapons:Azima,Aksomati,Seer(this one made the Earth Interception mission ridiculously easy)


    So,erm, the Seer must have been the key.

    Becuz that was how I managed to whack all 4 points.

    BUT, the point here is, can one solo Tenno complete an Interception mission, WHATEVER GEAR THEY HAVE?

    When it comes to maps,Grineer missions are the choice.

    But the Corpus? They may have the enviroment to their advantage.

    But what they DON'T have is their forces.

    See,most of their guys are robotics. And, those MOAS and Ospreys don't know how…

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  • Erlo68

    New relic grind?

    August 21, 2016 by Erlo68

    Ok, was just making some fissure runs and then it dawned on me! Don't know if it's already confirmed or not, but when they let us keep the relics containing vaulted parts (Mag Prime + Weapons) does that mean that they will make new relics for every new prime stuff they add?

    If that's the case, then we are going to have soooooo many different relics (provided you did not use all relics containing freshly vaulted parts) and we will end up having like 30 different relics for every aera... ascending trend.

    But my biggest "problem" with that would be the fact that i can't instantly start farming new prime parts they just introduced because the first step will be to go and grind those frigging relics. That will cost so much more time, even further…

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  • Yasutsuna

    So, I recently started Warframe back during the start of Saryn Prime Access. Due to the Nikana Prime looking cool as shit to me, I decided to buy it. After playing for 6 months and spending a dick load of time screaming for stuff in trading, I got my hands are a pretty good number of weapons. Then I notice something.

    I found out that the new weapons are getting way too powerful in contrast to the older weapons, especially in raw numbers. Also, with the upcoming release of the Gelatine Prime (might have spelt wrong) and the Tigris Prime, they are hinted to have really bizzarely high numbers, if what is shown in all these videos are true. My question is this, if the trent of releasing stronger and stronger weapons continues, will it reach a p…

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  • TheGuyNamedTom

    They're virtually impossible to solo, and nobody likes them anyway.

    Come on, hardly anyone can manage 4 control points all by themselves.

    And if they TRY to match up with a squad,they usually get no result.

    'Cause like I said, no-one likes them.

    Now,apparantly someone said the best way to defeat enemies and save your control points is to NOT kill them,but instead inflict rapid debuffs on them, like Disarm, Confusion, Slow, blah blah.

    Unfortunately,I find no point in that.

    For starters, they'll reach the Control Point ANYWAY.

    Disarm? They still have a weapon, so they can still make beelines for the points.

    Confusion? Works, but not forever. Plus, it makes enemies KILL each other, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    Slow? I think it goes without sayin…

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  • Darthmufin

    Note: there is no Tl;DR because pessimistic views cannot be summed up so easily.

    If anyone knows me personally, or has ever bothered to follow me in the past few years on this game and this wiki, they know that i am pretty pessimistic about the game, but i also know a decent amount about it and that i have also been on both 'sides' of players; I started the game casually, i started to want the best things in the game and when i got them (at the time) i realized how empty it felt to use weapons i didn't enjoy using simply because i had to - to be able to kill the enemies to progress. Eventually, i regressed back into being more casual; i can still pick up the best gear and slog through a sortie but i have never played LOR, nor have i played …

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  • Lvrg360x

    There are NO hate in that post, but MY pain.

    I spend a lot of my own time to understand the reason for my butthurt.

    Src Google Drive

    There are results of my analysis with some numbers:

    • Eye's Comfort Zone: > 24 Hz (< 42 ms)
    • Eye's Most Comfort Zone: >48 Hz (< 21 ms)
    • Mouse+USB Freq: 500 Hz (2 ms)
    • Display Freq: 60 Hz (17* ms)
    • Win 10 w/o Pointer Acc: 1000 Hz (1 ms)
    • Video Card: 1000 Hz (1 ms)
    • Warframe FPS: 30 Hz (33* ms)

    * - max

    Sum it up to calculate a time that signal from your hand needs to reach your eye (HAND - Mouse+USB - Win 10 - Warframe - GPU - Display - EYE)

    Highest Value:

    2 ms + 1 ms + 33 ms + 1 ms + 17 ms = 54 ms

    Lowest Value:

    2 ms + 1 ms + 5 ms + 1 ms + 5 ms = 14 ms


    (54 ms + 14 ms) / 2 = 34 ms

    This is nice result for our eye to not be distrac…

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  • Boomfly

    You might have not noticed this if you play warframe every day for the past few months or years, but whilst way more pretty the new map is not only a bit more confusing but also far less ergonomic. Finding a mission I want to do or putting out extractors requires lots and lots of scrolling out and in, waving around the galaxy and overall being lost in a sea of lines, which come in three colors (white, blue and black) that don't tell me anything at the moment.

    First of all, where are my tool-tips? When I'm zoomed out and point at a planet, why don't I get a text-box with the level range, factions present, resources dropped and maybe mission types listed as well? This would make navigating the galaxy be at least three times as fast. Instead I…

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  • Darthmufin

    First off, i want to list the most major changes and provide links as necessary, as the Information box on the front page can only hold so much information.

    • Kavats and Kavat Cosmetics
    • Okina dual dagger melee
      • Okina Master Pack can be purchased in market that includes weapon and Spinning Needle stance
    • Selected pictures that can be displayed around your ship
    • Archwing slots and weapon slots (purchased from market)
    • New Amesha archwing
    • New Cyngas burst arch gun
    • New Agkuza arch melee
    • Forma available in packs of 3 from market for 35 platinum (you save 25 platinum)
    • New Void Traces resource that drops from eximus enemies in new Void Fissure mission types. These mission types are the new way to obtain Prime technology.

    • Void Keys have been turned into Void Relic…

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  • TheBlueRogue
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  • Vethalon

    I already wrote this in the Forums, but I'd like to write it here aswell.

    A couple of things I noticed from my time with Lunaro:

    - Attacking the Goalkeeper

    If you attack the Goalkeeper while your teammate is shooting, good work.

    If you spend the entire match around the Goalkeeper attacking him, you're not only annoying, but also a detriment to your team, you could do so much more.

    - Offense spamming

    If you are playing against a bad to midclass team, chances are you get an unfair advantage by attacking right after a goal (meaning grabbing the ball as soon as it spawns in their zone) if your up against a good team, you might enable them to rush you. S…

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  • WhiteFlames

    Lunaro epic moments

    June 20, 2016 by WhiteFlames

    So this is an idea mainly to encourage people to at least not hate the new PvP mode as we show them some of the great moments we had in our games. Because lunaro is ball game after all and it has that type of enthusiasm like other popular sports such as Football, Soccer and Basketball which even if you don't try to play it because of the bugs and matchmaking you're still going to be entertained by just watching it.

    Now I know that all of us end up with unbalanced matches which either result in massive score for any side, thus I'm not considering any of these moments if the match is unbalanced. However, if you that the match fair enough or you're doing great job even against 3 or 4 people then it's cool to show off your epic moments.

    Also I'm…

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  • Aurentus

    Welcome to Update: Lunaro!

    This post will be flushed out in the coming nights and days.

    Getting Started

    (How do I join a game?)

    • Lunaro is accessed from the conclave menu in your orbiter or one of the Tenno Relays.
    • There is a small bar at the bottom of the "Lunaro" rectangle button that says "Practice". Click it. Seriously.
    • The game is for any number of players between 2 (1v1) and 6 (3v3).
    • When you try joining a match, make sure your matchmaking settings (Public, Invite, Friends, Solo) are set to how you want them, as Lunaro games will obey those choices. (With the exception of Solo, which will refuse to launch.)

    (Which Team Am I?)

    • It is a Team game. You will be assigned to either Moon (blue) or Sun (orange).
    • On your warframe's left arm, there will b…

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  • Navarobirsk

    Void Strategies

    June 16, 2016 by Navarobirsk

    Written at Update: Lunaro

    Currently Updated to Update: Lunaro 7.1

    This guide is for reaching Rotation C once of maybe twice on endless T3-T4 Void missions (Defense and Interception).

    • Carrying Gear items just in case like Specters (both Tenno and Syndicates) and Restores. It is recommended to not use the Corrupted Lancer Specter to avoid confusion.
    • A safe way to deal with Corrupted Nullifiers is to use automatic or continuous firing weapons to destroy its bubble quickly.
    • Nyx's Chaos, Oberon's Reckoning and Loki's Radial Disarm with the Warframe Augment Mod Irradiating Disarm both neutralizes the Damage Reduction aura from Corrupted Ancients and the Shield Projections from Orokin Drones, thus greatly reducing Corrupted defensive capacity.
    • With Obero…

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    As you could read from the title, this blog post focuses on Volt's recent rework from and how the Warframe community has reacted towards it. I'm making this blog now because I wanted the rework to have time to settle in with the majority of Volt fans, while also giving DE time to make any last minute adjustments so any info here wasn't sorely out of date. First, let's compare and contrast 'post-rework' Volt and 'pre-rework' Volt.

    So how has this rework affected the player's ability to mod Volt? Well, Electric Shield's rework poses a bit of a problem - Efficiency. If Volt players ever hope to use the Current Shield then they'll need to get rid of that pesky Distance Per Energy thing by building for Efficiency. The Energy Drain Rate can easi…

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  • Darthmufin

    Welcome! As a follow up to my last polling blog about some community behaviors or likes/dislikes, i will now be doing a poll list that contains every weapon in warframe. I have broken this up by category (Rifles, shotguns, etc) to make one option from each weapon class an option. Melee has a ton of different categories and i was wresting with the idea of breaking them up by class (fist, dagger, sword, heavy) but decide to be consistent and go with one of each category. That said, some only have one or two options, but it's better than grouping them up like i was going to.

    Please note that this still is a very long list, so make sure you have the time to actually scroll through it all and i don't recommend viewing this on mobile, so don't say…

    Read more >
  • Dragon489902

    Ever wondered how the shields in Warframe worked? Ever though to yourself, Why is Penetration so easy to block with a shield? That makes no sense!

    Well I have an answer for you.

    This is something that I did a worrying amount of research on. I am a Smith, and an Engineer, and I am weird. So, To fulfill all of your questions (Hopefully) I have made & tested this theory.

    Looking at how the shields function, with a good resistance towards puncture and slash damage, and a very bad resistance against impact damage, there is really only one way that they can possibly function. They can't be a stereotypical "Shield", like a large flat sheet, as that would be better against impact damage, therefore they must function by coalescing energy around an obj…

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  • Darthmufin

    After doing some testing with that i have on hand i have personally found that the update is a mixed bag. Some people don't really mind, some people are really offended by some of the changes, and others really enjoy it as a whole. To find out how this community thinks, i will include a poll below, feel free to vote.

    In my opinion, there were more positive things to come out of this update than negatives. Including passives.

    The biggest thing to remember about passives is they are exactly that, passive. They add something with little or no effort on your part.

    Here is a video showing some of the passives that interested me the most:

    • Ash: Bleed Procs dealt by Ash from any source are 25% deadlier and last 50% longer.

    This one is very straight for…

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  • Lasadius

    WARNING: None of this has been confirmed by DE. This blog post will contain references to Warframe codex entries, my ideas and speculation on Umbra, and will contain spoilers from the Second Dream. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    We don't know much about Umbra, except that they are supposedly darker variants of the Warframes, the Shadow Stalker uses one, and that Excalibur Umbra will be coming to the Global build first. Recently, I reread the Excalibur Prime codex entry and found a couple interesting lines that could be related to Umbra. This quote has interested from long before the Second Dream came: "We took the twisted few that had returned from that place. We built a frame around them." I believe that this is referencing Umbra in that they were …

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  • Sandy Stark

    Game Mechanic

    May 6, 2016 by Sandy Stark

    Just gonna say yo, for the fellow space ninjas everywhere.

    Just gonna post something about the game that I love to play "Warframe" the Space Ninja.

    Well just want go to the main event.

    Here's what I'm thinking about playing warframe so far :

    • Basically I love the playing style, hack and slash, but feel bit dissapointed with the game mechanical so far, like when you stealth kill enemy that close to their teammate, their teammate feel like '  dead deaf ' (except when you killing enemies too close to their teammate).
    • Falling from the height not damaging your warframe. Is ok since warframe is like robot that you control or whatever, but even the machine if falling from the height still damaged and broken, so why when we falling from the height is li…

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  • Brizingr5

    Patch History

    May 5, 2016 by Brizingr5

    More big projects!

    This time we're working on making a "patch history" for each item in the game. So far you can see what we mean here. We would like to add a section like this for all items (frames, weapons, resources, etc.).

    We are using as a container; see the League of Legends item, Deathfire Grasp, as an example of the end goal.

    For Warframes it made sense to make a whole page, but on other items it doesn't make sense. Instead:

    1. Edit the Patch History section of the page (should be just above the See Also section; if not, feel free to add one if you have a history to add)
    2. Remove the template from within the .
    3. Find any occurrence of the item within the recorded patch history (Google Doc of the patch history from here on the wiki)
      • Using ctrl+f…

    Read more >
  • Elvis276

    Alright, so, I'm going to try and summarize all the things that I feel about the recent hotfix that did some major negative impacts on the Rathuum's Executioners.

    READ EVERYTHING IF YOU'RE UP FOR IT! Trust me, it looks long, but it's not too significant.

    I am very much disappointed.

    Yes, disappointed, you heard me, and I will tell you why!

    So, Rathuum, it's currently a pretty controversial event, some say that it's just another one of them grindfests, terrible.... Some say that it's terribly fun, awesome, amazing!

    I was one of the latter ones....well, up until the latest hotfixes which NERFED THE SHIT OUT OF THE EXECUTIONERS.

    You have got to agree with me here, eventhough some aspects of the executioners used to be terribly broken and well, leth…

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