• Honeydrew

    {table from wiki

    Quality        Common        Uncommon    Rare
    Intact (default)    76% (25.33%)    22% (11%)    2%
    Exceptional    70% (23.33%)    26% (13%)    4%
    Flawless        60% (20%)    34% (17%)    6%
    Radiant        50% (16.67%)    40% (20%)    10%

    (tangent) chance of 1 rare with 4 players

    4 intact        7.76%
    3 intact 1 rad    15.29%
    2/2        22.21%
    3/1        28.56%
    4 rad        34.39%

    chance of multiple targeted rares with 4 rad

    0         0.9^4 = 65.61%
    1 or more        1 - (0.9^4) = 34.39%  
    2 or more        (1 - 0.9^4)(1 - 0.9^3) = 9.31969%
    3 or more        (1 - 0.9^4)(1 - 0.9^3)(1-0.9^2) = 1.7707411%
    4        (1 - 0.9^4)(1 - 0.9^3)(1-0.9^2)(1 - 0.9^1) = 0.17707411%

    chance of finding exact quantity of targeted rares with 4 rad

    0        65.61%

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  • Darthmufin

    Ever since the first wave of weapon changes came out, with rifles, secondary shotguns, bows, and even snipers came out, i've done a few videos showcasing the before and after of things, rather than just talking about how the weapons are like most YouTubers had been doing. I've done it again with Continuous weapons, and i will be leaving that video here along with my older rifle, secondary, and shotgun/launcher/bows one in case you want to actually see the changes.

    A word of warning i guess before watching, the weapon builds shown in these videos (before or after their buffs or changes) do not necessarily represent the best possible builds. Rather, the builds shown are either rushed together in some cases to prepare for the changes (with bea…

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  • Felicss

    Exalted Blade's arguably one of the best abilities you can use to quickly deal with anyone who is trying to ruin your day. So, to improve on your massacring experience, here are some builds and tips earned from maybe overly abusing Exalted Blade:

    Note:Ratentaisou's build is also in this blog, just a bit far below.

    So, for this build, your melee is nothing more than a vessel for mods, meaning you're free to use any weapon you prefer. I personally chose the Mire due to its innate +10% damage which merges with whatever element you build for, at the expense of being pretty handicapped should I run out of energy and ammo. But fear not, for there are Pizzas.

    Let's not get sidetracked though. For your Excalibur, this is the build I suggest:

      • You …

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  • Fegazeus

    I know a lot of people must think Zaws are too complicated. I know I did.

    Short answer : in fine they're not. (Say hello to my two little friends : Dunning and Kruger)

    Well, let's meet them halfway and say they made it so that words and numbers are not enough to explain how Zaws work.

    So rejoice, here are some cheat sheets that you can bookmark, print or copy at your leisure :

    Because spreadsheets with colors and symbols are so much better than monolithicc textual explanations. Yay!

    And here's an extended table for the complete list of links (note that Ekwana and Vargeet links do not exist solo) :

    Now that you have these, just follow the steps to create your favorite Zaws.

    e.g. if you want the heaviest impact two handed possible :

    Kronsh - Kroostr…

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  • Flaicher

    I'll keep this short as I'm not good with blog thingies.

    will be used to display tooltips for arcanes and it's meant to be used as a replacement for regular links to arcanes. You can preview the template in use here: User:Flaicher/SandboxArcane

    I'm looking for any suggestions and feedback you might have regarding the template and tooltip.

    Once the template "goes live" I'll edit all the pages in main, template and category namespace through my bot account to replace all arcane links that haven't been renamed to use the template. The renamed links will be have to edited manually as it's probable that automatically editing those could lead to breaking something.

    I'll just transclude the documentation of the template here in collapsible.

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  • Techhead7890

    So, I guess I've started collating some opinions on the game on my userpage for now. I think there needs to be more info out there for mid level players who are still going through the starchart and such, and exploring different modes. I personally run a lot of Dark Sector, Nightmare, and on occasion Archwing, dabbling in different things, so I think some introductions to these modes could be expanded or done better. Also, a lot more mechanics could be done tidier in a more personal, opinionated, preferentially-editorialised style, less prone to frequent changes. So even though the mainspace of wiki is a great resource I'll continue to contribute to and fix up, I will definitely bear in mind its limitations and be sure to put stuff that doe…

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  • Darthmufin

    Hello! Just wanted to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas, even though i don't really celebrate it myself. I made a fun little video on my channel that is part of my "TennoCop" parody series on my youtube, that is Christmas-themed! Just thought i would share this with you guys so you can possibly have a laugh.

    This one took the longest to make due to having to draw new scenes (about 7 hours!) but these are always a blast to make when they are finished. And yes, part of the humor/joke of the series is the backgrounds are really crappy, although i spent more time on these two new scenes.

    You won't understand some references if you don't watch the previous episodes, but it still should be funny even if you don't ^^ To the Admins and Moderators…

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  • TunaInABottle

    Hi wiki,

    After I've completed the centralized Maximization (something that probably most of you haven't noticed), I've realized that most of it isn't flexible for everyone. If you don't know, the actual Maximized Ability Strength doesn't use the highest multiplier possible, for example, it doesn't consider any or the corruption buff. For this reason, I wanted to create interactive, that can allows everyone to choose their favourite values for min-maxing.

    While the Wiki version is still WIP, I've just completed the "prototype" in Google Spreadsheets, you can find the link below:

    The interactive maximization

    While it shares similarities with Stoi84's Warframe Builder, this is just intended to be a prototype, and surely has more options related …

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  • TunaInABottle

    New Melee Combo icons

    November 8, 2017 by TunaInABottle

    I don't like long things so I'm going to cut it short:

    |move2 = Thunder Hydra |move2combo = Pause |move3 = Lightning Siren |move3combo = + |move4 = Leviathan Rain |move4combo = Pause |chargeattack = Rolling Wave |slideattack = Flowing River |slamattack = Sky Doom |wallattack = Weightless Steel |finisher = Crashing Wave }} Taken from .

    This thing is unreadable. Because of this, I've designed a new series of icons that hopefully will greatly improve the readibility of the bonuses of combos. Below you can find the exact same Stance with the new icons.

    |move1em = 2 |move2 = Thunder Hydra |move2combo = |move2em = 2 |move3 = Lightning Siren |move3combo = + |move3em = 2 |move4 = Leviathan Rain |move4combo = |move4em = 2 …

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  • Flaicher

    New template for Mod links

    November 5, 2017 by Flaicher

    In short, I've created a couple of templates to allow tooltips to be displayed when hovering mouse over a mod link.
    The tooltip includes only the mod card.

    For this to work, from now on when you'd like to link a mod:

    • Syntax

    For example: for example)

    Update, November 17th
    When new mods are released, their data need to be entered into Module:Mods/data before the template will even give a link for the mod. It is advised that one doesn't edit modules unless absolutely certain about how that particular module works.
    A good example of this would be Primed Fever Strike, which was released as a mod sold by Baro Ki'Teer's earlier today, or the Hunter set released in Operation: Plague Star as a drop from Hemocyte. Their data isn't in the module instantly …

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