• TunaInABottle

    New Melee Combo icons

    November 8, 2017 by TunaInABottle

    I don't like long things so I'm going to cut it short:

    |move2 = Thunder Hydra |move2combo = Pause |move3 = Lightning Siren |move3combo = + |move4 = Leviathan Rain |move4combo = Pause |chargeattack = Rolling Wave |slideattack = Flowing River |slamattack = Sky Doom |wallattack = Weightless Steel |finisher = Crashing Wave }} Taken from .

    This thing is unreadable. Because of this, I've designed a new series of icons that hopefully will greatly improve the readibility of the bonuses of combos. Below you can find the exact same Stance with the new icons.

    |move1em = 2 |move2 = Thunder Hydra |move2combo = |move2em = 2 |move3 = Lightning Siren |move3combo = + |move3em = 2 |move4 = Leviathan Rain |move4combo = |move4em = 2 …

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  • Flaicher

    New template for Mod links

    November 5, 2017 by Flaicher

    In short, I've created a couple of templates to allow tooltips to be displayed when hovering mouse over a mod link.
    The tooltip includes only the mod card.

    For this to work, from now on when you'd like to link a mod:

    • Syntax

    For example: for example)

    Update, November 17th
    When new mods are released, their data need to be entered into Module:Mods/data before the template will even give a link for the mod. It is advised that one doesn't edit modules unless absolutely certain about how that particular module works.
    A good example of this would be Primed Fever Strike, which was released as a mod sold by Baro Ki'Teer's earlier today, or the Hunter set released in Operation: Plague Star as a drop from Hemocyte. Their data isn't in the module instantly …

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  • DealerC

    After some recent fishing and luckily before certain "baitfishes" were bugged for a time, should be fixed by now(as of Oct. 30, 2017), I was able to make my choice Amp, the Makankōsappō(and darn proud of it), I stumbled across a bit of a fast way to level up my Amp while I was farming resources with a squishy operator(no arcanes on him, 250HP, Zenurik tree).

    I was, and still am constantly, in need of polymer bundles, and I just got my assembled amp crafted right after maxing my Mote Amp. As usual, before hitting the alarms, I cast my Nekros's Despoil. Some time later, I hopped out into Operator Mode to see how beefy my Amp is on anything besides an Eidolon Teralyst, and OH MY *CLEM* GOODNESS I was jaw dropped, then I was noticing after a fe…

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  • EXN0V4

    Eidolon Equipment Guide 2.0

    October 17, 2017 by EXN0V4

    I want to preface this entire guide by saying that this is all very much tentative; the contents of this blog represent my experiences with the content, and your mileage may vary. There's a massive amount of additional content that's being examined and patched (RIP shield disruption, 2017-2017, you will be missed), and this guide could well be obsolete within weeks if not days. That said, I think the initial buzz of activity is starting to wear off as the PoE and Eidolon metas stabilize, so I'm comfortable enough writing this guide.

    This guide is also equipment specific, which means it's not going to tell you how to fight Eidolons themselves; there are plenty of guides for that, so if you're here I'm going to assume you're at least moderatel…

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  • DealerC


    Been a hefty while since I made a blog, due to new work, so if mistakes and edits inbound in the process.

    When Hydroid's rework came through, I was really surprised of myself that I was "maining" a Hydroid Prime more often. More smooth and dynamic approaches in my playstle was offered, one being his Undertow puddle/water trap. It was a funny haha and funy intriguing move that gave me ideas (hey easy on the lennyfaces now) of material farming with a hydroid.

    "There is Pilfering Swarm, y'know."

    Yes, I am aware of this augment but I don't feel like it would scale as easily if I wanted to farm forextended periods of time.

    "Why go for so long a time these days? Twenty minutes tops."

    Pretty much for a larger haul…

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  • Darthmufin

    Hello! If you are like me, Captura is an essential tool for editing together parody videos for Warframe, as well as simply getting cool shots of weapons and enemies for thumbnails. I recently discovered a way to bug out the Captura camera and force it to spawn inside of the boundary Warframes normally have, that prevents the camera from getting too close. Not only does this allow you to place the camera through your Warframe to get shots at almost any angle, but this allows you to position the camera in such a way to allow "Pov" shots with weapons. This will be a short guide on how to do this, as well a video tutorial on how to do so, and sample videos that i made with pre-made green screen ready clips for you to use right now.

    To start, y…

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  • Pendrive4

    Hirudo, the healing claws

    September 20, 2017 by Pendrive4

    Greetings! Here is another beast of a weapon, that not only i like to use and keep using constantly, but a real unique one.

    Clarify: Hirudo has realtively low damage (on paper anyways), however most of it is in puncture with the life-after-crit seemingly as it's mediocre passive. This was my first thought with it too...then started using it.

    Now i feel unsafe any time i go with anything else :D

    Everything maxed, of course:

    1. Primed pressure point
    2. Primed fury
    3. Berserker
    4. Organ shatter
    5. Body count
    6. Blood rush
    7. Fever strike
    8. North wind

    Stance whichever you like, however i recommend using the matching polarity for more mod capacity.

    Why viral next to the obvious? I just found it useful for most fights, since even though your status chance is relatively low, you se…

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  • 1manApocalypse

    Ember: I Burn

    September 14, 2017 by 1manApocalypse

    So, after reading many a blog here since i started playing, i decided to finally do one of my own. Today, we're going to be talking about Ember, because in general, and as of late for me, people seem to be discounting her viability in high level content. 

    So, here's my build. A bit resource intensive for newer players, but thats to be expected of an optimized build.

    I use Ember Prime, but the prime version isn't necessary. The polarities should also be fine, since normal Ember start with 2 dashes.

    First of all, you want max efficiency, you're going to be using her 2 a lot and want keep the energy drain of her 4 to a minimum. (Edit: You can use a R4 Fleeting instead to increase your duration at only a minimal loss of energy drain on WoF) To bu…

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  • ClassCollector

    Have you ever wondered, what the heck is EV? Why they demand that 'EV' frequently? I write this Blog as a GUide on how to build the said 'EV' which is also known as Energy Vampire Trinity. Besides that, I'll also include other builds for her for a wider use for her. If you are inclined to Supporting Class, you'll most probably love Trinity!

    When this is casted on an enemy, he will be lifted airborne, glowing in green, and his Health is temporarily restored and multiplied by 10 temporarily. Any damage inflicted on that poor soul will heal you for a certain percentage, depending on your Strength.

    While not too popular, this is a fine ability.

    When this is casted on an enemy, a pulse of Energy will be emitted from the enemy which will restore En…

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  • Pendrive4

    Greetings! This is my second blog made since my electric chroma one. I'd like to share a build with you that not only brings me hours of fun, but is generally a half-hidden build, since excal is a pure starter frame, so nobody expects it to be endgame viable to this point.

    Let me prove you wrong.

    Ok, this is a different beast to crack, but you'll understand.

    1. Corrosive projection aura
    2. handspring exilus
    3. vitality
    4. redirecton
    5. primed flow
    6. primed continuity
    7. intensify
    8. fleeting expertise (5/6, we only need 50%)
    9. streamline (5/6, we are at cap)
    10. chromatic blade

    • Arcane strike
    • Arcane grace

    To be fair, both arcanes are quality of life additions.

    Electric Chromatic Blade, ninkondi with viral/radiation/berserker/condition overload, Naramon.

    I think you see the trick here.


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