Crit Chance = [Weapon Crit Chance × (1 + Mod Crit Chance + Deadly Intent) + Static Critical Chance Modifiers] × (1 + Blood Rush Multiplier × Combo Multiplier)

  • Mod Crit Chance: This is the total of all equipped mod bonuses added together. If you have a Rank 5 True Steel giving +60% (0.60) and a Rank 3 True Punishment giving +40% (0.40) equipped, your Mod Crit Chance totals to 1.00.
  • Deadly Intent: This is the bonus from the Naramon Focus passive which gives +30% (0.30) at max rank.
  • Static Critical Chance Modifiers: This is the flat bonus provided by mods like Maiming Strike +90% (0.9), Cat's Eye +60% (0.60), Charm +200% (2.0) or special abilities like Arcane Avenger +30% (0.30) which does not scale based on a weapons base critical chance. These bonus effects stack additively.
  • Blood Rush Multiplier: This is the multiplier Blood Rush uses based on its rank, at rank 10 it is 165% (1.65).
  • Combo Multiplier: This is the multiplier from your melee hit counter, starting at 1.5x with 5 hits and improving by +0.5x each combo level.

Crit Chance can easily exceed 200% of normal red crits with certain combinations and the critical damage multiplier continues to scale.

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