Riddled with boils that erupt into spawn pods when hit

Boilers are large, corpulent Infested riddled with pulsating boils, which launch an Infested seed occasionally. When killed, it will burst and launch several Infested seeds that grow into spawn pods. Left unchecked, these spawn pods unleash a variety of smaller Infested to overwhelm their enemies.


  • Boilers waddle into moderate range of a player and create 3 to 5 spawn pods around themselves once they are killed.
  • Once grown on the ground, spawn pods gestate for several seconds before bursting, randomly spawning single or multiple Chargers, Volatile Runners, and Leapers.
    • Spawn pods can be destroyed before gestation is complete.
    • All the gestation products will be at level 10 no matter what, regardless of the rank of the Boiler.
  • Boilers, similarly to other Ancients, can extend one of their arms to reach their targets at longer ranges.


  • It is possible to farm a large amount by leaving hives in "Hive" missions and letting them spawn, only destroying the Hive once no more are spawning.
  • Boilers under Mind Control will release pods that spawn hostile infested units when damaged or upon death. It is unknown if this is intended.
  • Boilers are one of the few enemy types (along with the ChargerBrood Mother and Maggot) that cannot be cut in half by Slash b Slash damage.


A special variant of the Boiler can be found in the final mission of the Stolen Dreams quest. Apart from having more hitpoints and its pus being colored blue instead of orange, it is otherwise identical to the standard Boiler.

Arcane Boiler General Miscellaneous
Tileset Orokin Derelict Codex Scans 1
Weapon Infested Spawn Pod Other Drops None
Statistics Mod Drops Organ Shatter (0.46%)
Shredder (0.46%)
Slip Magazine (0.46%)
Warm Coat (0.46%)
15 Endo (0.46%)
Accelerated Deflection (0.22%)
Hornet Strike (0.22%)
50 Endo (0.22%)
Brutal Tide (0.03%)
Firestorm (0.03%)
Fossilized 2,200
Slash b+Blast b++Corrosive b+++Cold b-Toxin b‐‐Radiation b‐‐‐


  • Boilers have no ragdoll, and thus cannot be affected by NekrosDesecrate.
  • On previous versions, the Boiler Eximus Codex page displays the same codex as the regular Boiler, however all Eximus Boiler variants are stuck within each other to the right of the regular Boiler.
    • The "Next" and "Back" buttons are non functional within the Codex entry.
  • Boilers will often fly straight up into the air for no reason, often when hitting enemies or being pushed up by enemies.
  • Spawn pods launched by Boilers have a short delay in deactivating its spawning script upon death. If destroyed when near the end of its spawn duration, its constituent infested units still spawn regardless.



  • Example of the Boiler Eximus Codex bug
  • Boiler Arcane in Codex
  • Boiler Arcane Codex Icon
  • Boiler in Simulacrum
  • Arcane Boiler in Simulacrum

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