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Bosses are a unique enemy class outfitted with superior weapons, high health, rechargeable shields, special abilities, and other traits. They are far stronger than regular units as they will use varying strategies to deal damage and avoid taking it. More often than not, they require team coordination to defeat.

Bosses are found on Assassination missions. Each boss has a set of lines to "taunt" the Tenno sent to kill them. They drop mods and resources upon death. Depending on which Boss the player is fighting, Blueprints of Warframes parts and special Weapons parts will often be rewarded upon mission completion.

Another special enemy type, Assassins, hunt players in random locations. Like bosses, Assassins are very powerful and may require team coordination to defeat. Their appearance are triggered by various actions done by the player, such as killing a Boss or assisting an opposing Factions in Invasion missions.


Main article: Captain Vor
For his Corrupted version, see Corrupted Vor.

Captain Vor Is one of the few figures in the game that understands ancient Orokin technology, going as far as utilizing it and merging it with Grineer technology to create offensive weapons such as his trademark Seer pistol and his armor, which is powered by a Void Key and grants him a powerful ranged beam attack. Captain Vor can be encountered in three locations currently, making him the most recurring boss beside assassins. First appearing on Mercury and thus being the first boss that players must fight, he then appears again, somehow fully alive, on Phobos as a dual boss battle alongside Lieutenant Lech Kril, then appearing later yet again as a Corrupted version of himself within the Void.

Main article: Councilor Vay Hek

Councilor Vay Hek is the final boss of Earth. He is the most political Grineer figure players meet, marked by the Lotus for extermination for upsetting the balance in the system by killing several political opponents. Vay Hek is also heavily modified with Grineer alterations, with little flesh left noticeable while he rides in his giant Terra Frame.

Main article: General Sargas Ruk

General Sargas Ruk is the final boss of the Saturn system. The head of one of the Grineer Artifact extraction projects, Sargas Ruk was targeted by the Lotus for annexing Tenno-controlled dig sites. Ruk enjoys Grineer augmentation, even going as far as replacing the lower part of his arm with a flamethrower and replacing his normal vision with a single augmentation in the center of his helmet.

Main article: Kela De Thaym

Kela De Thaym is the boss of Sedna. According to the Lotus, all female Grineer undergo combat training. However, in Kela's case, she was the most battle hungry and extended her own term another decade before returning to the Grineer council. She has influence within the council, which is the main reason why the Lotus has targeted her for assassination as her death would cause a power vacuum in the system. The only female Grineer boss players encounter, she was specifically built for combat personally by the Sisters, with most of her body replaced with augmentations.

Main article: Lieutenant Lech Kril

Lieutenant Lech Kril is the final boss of Ceres, and makes an appearance on Phobos alongside Captain Vor as a dual boss battle on the planet. A revered war hero to the Grineer, Lotus has targeted Kril so that his death could create possible instability within the Grineer and intimidate them, although she also fears he may become a martyr with Grineer riled up to avenge his death as a result. His status as a "war hero" is rather strange considering his apparent low rank in the Grineer military, although his near impenetrable body suit and massive temper may prove that he is indeed as ruthless as Grineer say he is.

Main article: Tyl Regor

Tyl Regor is the final boss of the Uranus system and the head researcher focusing on Grineer gene repair in an attempt to reverse the negative effects from excessive cloning. He was targeted by the Lotus in order to slow down this progress, ensuring that the Grineer do not become more powerful. He apparently has an interest in fashion somewhat, as some of his remarks in the mission hint at, such as mocking the player's Warframe by comparing it to a Halloween costume.

Main article: Sprag

Sprag is a special Grineer mini-boss unit encountered during Orokin Sabotage missions where Grineer are the dominant enemy, who is one of the two units who hold the Void Key necessary to close the Void Portal. She possesses a jet pack identical to that used by Hellions that grants her excellent mobility, and can use her Manticore Axe and other special melee abilities to engage Tenno in close combat.

Sprag is always seen with her fellow mini-boss, Ven'kra Tel.

Main article: Ven'kra Tel

Ven'kra Tel is a special Grineer mini-boss unit encountered in Orokin Sabotage missions where Grineer are the dominant enemy, who is one of the two units who hold the Void Key necessary to close the Void Portal. She possesses a blue jet pack identical to that used by Hellions that grants her excellent mobility, and can use her Vulkar and other ranged special abilities to engage Tenno from afar.

Ven'kra Tel is always seen with her sister mini-boss, Sprag.


DEAlad V
Main article: Alad V

Alad V was the head of Grineer Relations and reported directly to the Board of Directors. In spite of his position, Alad V showed a particular contempt towards the Grineer (whom he refers to as 'dogs') and to a lesser extent, the Tenno. He is the most decorated Corpus boss in terms of his involvements with many Events. He eventually became obsessed with the promise of biological research on the Infested, with the hopes of creating very powerful bio-weaponry, going as far as using Technocyte on his own armor and sacrificing prototypes from his Zanuka Project.

Main article: Ambulas

Ambulas is the boss of the Pluto system, representing a black MOA but with more dangerous attributes. Besides having high health, alloy armor, and a proto shield, it has a high damage machine gun and two abilities that mirror Fire Blast and Pull, making it a dangerous opponent when also surrounded by other Corpus units. It was targeted for assassination by the Lotus to prevent further Ambulas models to be manufactured, although it is unknown if more models exist.

Main article: Hyena Pack

The Hyena Pack are the final bosses of the Neptune system, made up by 4 unique and deadly variants of the Hyena proxy. They work in packs of up to four with each of them possessing a unique set of abilities. Each Hyena possesses a plasma repeater, and they are far more agile than any other enemy(other than the Grineer Manic) in the game, including Zanuka and Zanuka Hunter. Alongside their agility, they can also jump on to and cling to walls, though they cannot wallrun. Lotus has marked them for assassination for obvious reasons, as they are a very dangerous proxy group and destroying the models may slow down further production.

Main article: Jackal

Jackal is the final boss of the Venus system, and represents the first Corpus boss that players encounter. Although a more bulky and old model compared to more recent Corpus robotics, the Jackal possesses invulnerable shields, a giant shockwave ability to knock players down, and one of the most powerful corpus weapons, the Plasma Grenade Cluster. Dissected models of the Jackal can be found in some Grineer tilesets, either showing that the Grineer have interest in utilizing Corpus technology, or that they have simply purchased merchandise.

Main article: Lynx

The Lynx is a miniboss that is encountered in certain Orokin Sabotage tiers that feature Corpus enemies, acting as the main miniboss from which the mission's Void Key drops. It resembles a smaller Jackal with blue armor, and has the ability to deploy Osprey drones and Turrets to assist it in combat.

Main article: Raptor

The Raptor is a Corpus Boss found in the Europa system, and the only flying Corpus boss in the game. It has very high stats and heavy hitting weapons, including launching high damage missiles that seek players, deploying mines and firing explosive laser bolts, making fighting in the open a difficult task. It was marked for assassination for being a high threat risk, as more models of this proxy could result in dangerous repercussions.

Main article: The Sergeant

The Sergeant, formerly known as Sgt. Nef Anyo before Update 16.4[1], is the final boss of Mars system, in charge of the Corpus solar rail systems, and has been using them to obtain Cryopods with dormant Warframes for resale to rogue scientists and splinter groups. When confronted by the player during the mission, he has a very aggressive tone towards the Tenno and warns the player that they are making a fatal mistake by attempting his assassination. He also may demand information regarding Orokin secrets, or like Tyl Regor, make fun of the player's Warframe or teammates.


Main article: Infested Chroma

The Infested Chroma is the Chroma Warframe which appears as a miniboss on two missions in The New Strange quest, controlled by an unknown force and sourced from an Arcane Machine. While never directly mentioned as Infested, Chroma was listed as an Infested in the Codex, which may be a result of both him and Arcane Boiler being summoned by the same type of Arcane Machine.

Main article: Infested Mesa

The Infested Mesa is the Mesa Warframe experimented on by Alad V, controlled by his mutalist Infestation. She appears as a miniboss only on the final mission in the quest Patient Zero, once the ship reactor is destroyed. She is the second Warframe-based weapon created by Alad V, the first being Zanuka.

Main article: Mutalist Alad V

Controlled by the Infested and corrupted with its power, Mutalist Alad V is the boss of Eris introduced in Update 15.5. To fight him, players need to craft the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key with the blueprint awarded from completing the Patient Zero quest.

Completing the assassination mission will award a component - Helmet, Systems or Chassis - necessary to build the Mesa Warframe.

Mission AccessEdit

In order to gain mission access to Mutalist Alad V, players have to acquire Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinates as a battle pay reward from Infested Invasions, as well as a blueprint awarded from the Patient Zero quest in order to create the required key. Upon using the key, the cell will be taken to an Infested Ship on Eris where they can face Mutalist Alad V.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 1 hr
Rush: Platinum64 10
Market Price: Platinum64 N/A Blueprint Price: Credits64 N/A



Mutalist Alad V was once one of the Corpus board director, portrayed as a man with a deep interest with the power of the Tenno which led to his various conflicts with the opposing factions, such as capturing a warframe to complete his Zanuka Project. Ultimately, he was able to track the Infested as the source of the miraculous power of the Tenno. As a man with deep knowledge, he was able to evolve the Infested further and eventually became the first man unassociated with the Tenno to control a Warframe, albeit at the cost of his own sanity--Becoming the Infested himself.

Suspicious ShipmentsEdit

After the events of The Hunt For Alad V, The Lotus discovered several Corpus ships that were travelling well outside usual shipping routes. These ships were heavily armored, and used several measures to keep themselves hidden from prying eyes. Suspicious about their purpose, Lotus sent the Tenno to investigate these ships and their mysterious cargo.

The Tenno discovered that many of these ships contained samples of Infested tissue, heavily guarded by Corpus platoons, though some of these ships have suffered containment breaches and have been overrun with the Infested. Alad contacts the Tenno during their investigations, explaining that he disagrees with the Corpus ban on Infested Biotechology, and has decided to focus his resources on this forbidden line of research.

Operation Breeding GroundsEdit

The Lotus learns that Alad's experiments have allowed the Infestation Virus to evolve, allowing it to infect and corrupt inorganic beings. Lotus also discovered that Alad has also engineered Infested Hives as a means of directing the spread of the Infested, as these hives can quickly corrupt new ships or colonies almost immediately.

After hearing word of a massive Infestation outbreak near Eris, Lotus ordered the Tenno to intercept the Infested ships and destroy the hives in order to halt the outbreak, fearing that the newly evolved strain would quickly overrun the system if left unchecked.

Although the Tenno succeeded in stopping the outbreak, Alad sent out one last message that mocked the Tenno's efforts, claiming that their actions have left Alad with the hardiest, most vicious strains at his disposal.

Operation: Mutalist IncursionsEdit

With the evolved Technocyte virus at his disposal, Alad unveiled his plan to unleash a new "Mutalist Empire," infecting Tenno, Grineer, and Corpus alike in an attempt to unify and subordinate them. At this point The Lotus believes that the Infestation has corrupted Alad's mind, describing him as the Infested itself. From there, Mutalist Infestations would periodically surface across the Solar System, and the Tenno were tasked to purge them with the help of the Corpus and the Grineer. Through the valiant and combined effort of the three factions, the Mutalist Infestations were quickly pushed back into minimum, but ultimately failed to fully exterminate the new breeds and so remained a permanent threat to the system.

Patient ZeroEdit

The Lotus also directed the Tenno to locate Alad-who at this point has hybridized himself with Infested tissue-and destroy his research labs. During their searches, Alad contacts the Tenno and reveals that he has another Warframe in his possession, and plans to infuse it with Infested tissue. The search continues, and as they have located his research labs, they encounter the Infested Warframe-the epitome of Alad V's Mutalist Infestation.

Despite Alad V's laboratory being destroyed, he expresses no grudge towards the Tenno and instead announces his disappointment at them, remarking that this was a chance for them to redeem their past mistake.

Operation: Tubemen of Regor Edit

Alad V and Nef Anyo duel for the potential cure of the Technocyte virus, which is found within Tyl Regor's ocean labs. As Alad V describes, he wishes the Tenno to obtain Tyl Regor's research before sabotaging the lab to potentially find himself a cure of the plague, to purify his Infested self and to redeem himself of his mistake. Nef Anyo, however, sees his plead to the Lotus as a threat to his position in the Corpus board and immediately broadcasts his alternate proposition to pay the Tenno to destroy Tyl Regor's lab, wanting to prevent Alad V from obtaining the cure and regain power in the board. As both sides offers the locations of the underwater laboratoriums to do their willing, the Lotus refuses to sway the Tenno into a specific choice, and it is ultimately up to themselves to decide which of the two is the lesser evil.


Like the Mutalist Osprey, half of Alad is still his original self, but Infested mass has spread all over his other arm, leg, and body. No longer accompanied by his Zanuka, Alad V is forced to fend for himself with a Paracyst rifle.


Paracyst RifleEdit

Alad V often fires in short bursts that deal high Toxin b Toxin damage, bypassing shields. It is capable of applying a Toxin b Toxin proc, which will often deal high and fatal DoT to Tenno with low health not equipped with Antitoxin, and can also apply a Corrosive b Corrosive proc.

Nanite AuraEdit

Alad V is shrouded in a swarm of nanites, slightly damaging nearby Tenno if they are too close.

Infested BarrierEdit


Alad V removes his collar and deploys it on the ground as a temporary cover to hide and shoot behind. Weapons with Punch Through can penetrate the barrier and damage Alad. Once he has taken enough damage, he will re-equip his collar.

Biomass LauncherEdit

While the Infested Barrier is active, it will periodically shoot out multiple projectiles that can deal and proc Radiation b Radiation damage.

Flare BurstEdit

If any Tenno wander too close to Alad V when he deploys the Infested Barrier or when the Barrier is active, the Barrier will explode in a burst of flame, knocking back anyone who is too close.

Collar BeamEdit

Alad V removes his collar and releases a continuous electrical beam that deals very high damage at a rapid rate. If his target is out of range or behind cover or Alad has taken enough damage, he will stop the attack and reequip his collar.

Collar Throw/Mind ControlEdit

Alad V removes his collar and throws it similarly to a Glaive at the closest Tenno. However, the collar does not bounce across surfaces, and can track and follow fleeing Tenno. If the collar connects to a Tenno, it will be forced under Alad V's will, and will automatically attack allies. The controlled Tenno is marked by an orange link to Alad, and can be rescued by damaging Alad enough. If fighting Alad V alone, the collar will explode on impact, staggering the Tenno and depleting their shields. Shields will be depleted and the Tenno will be staggered even if Rhino's Iron Skin is active, although Iron Skin will remain untouched and will still protect Rhino's health.

This attack can be dodged by performing a side-roll at the last moment before the collar makes contact. For those who do not know, this can be performed by holding the button to aim down the sights, and pressing left or right and tapping the sprint/roll key. It can also be negated by a Nyx's first and third abilities. The collar will remain attached, however the affected Tenno will act as if it were an ordinary enemy under Nyx's influence.


  • Alad V is completely invulnerable to all types of damage while his collar is equipped. Alad V becomes vulnerable when he attempts to attack back with his collar. When another Tenno is controlled, the others should concentrate fire on Alad V while avoiding attacks from the mind-controlled Tenno. Slash b Slash and Toxin b Toxin attacks can still proc even when Alad is invulnerable, though the damage is only dealt when his collar is removed.
  • Throughout the battle, various Infested units will spawn in, increasing the danger level of the mission when Tar-Mutalist MOAs attempt to slow the Tenno down and Swarm-Mutalist MOAs apply nanite swarms across the area. A powerful melee weapon with Life Strike can help replenish the Toxin b Toxin damage dealt by Alad V.
  • Mag is a great choice if you plan on fighting Alad. Her Shield Polarize ability can render Alad's shields inoperable.
  • Try not to have weapons too powerful as you could wipe out your team very quickly if you become controlled by Alad.


  • Mutalist Alad V has twice the armor and over twice the health of his previous non-Infested self.
  • Occasionally, Grineer troops will invade during the mission, gradually taking over the Infested presence and even assisting in fighting against Alad V, though they will still remain hostile to any Tenno.
  • Alad V can mind control Specters, which are arguably a less dangerous threat than fellow players.


  • After Alad V's mind control, players may fall through the map upon recovery.
  • Occasionally after spawning, he may stand still and become non-hostile, refusing to remove his collar, thus making him invincible until the mission is restarted.
  • When Alad V Spawns there is a chance your screen will go very dark, however, falling out of the map seems to fix it.
  • If you are mind controlled while reviving an ally, the ally will continue to be revived, regardless of you being there.
  • If you kill him while a player is mind controlled, it may be impossible for the player to move/shoot until the end of the mission (Logged as fixed in patch 15.10.1, pending testing).
  • Upon death, a mind control beam may be linked between players while no one is actually mind controlled.
  • When viewed outside of his own Codex entry (Ex. Boiler) Alad V will not have his headgear.


  • Alad V is the first boss to become Infested.
  • Despite his radically altered form, he still possesses the same mod drops as his original self.
  • Like the Specter, when Alad V controls a players Warframe, their energy color will be bright cyan for both their Warframe, Abilities and their Weapons.
  • Much like his uninfested self during the Gradivus Dilemma, Mutalist Alad V set up a forum account that he uses to argue with Nef Anyo as part of Operation: Tubemen of Regor.


  • Mutalist Alad V Codex

Main article: Lephantis

Lephantis (previously known as J-2000 Golem) is a massive Infested boss introduced in Update 10 . It was originally going to replace the now retired J3-Golem boss but was moved to the Orokin Derelict tileset instead. Lephantis requires players to craft a special Derelict Assassination key , which requires five Lephantis Nav Coordinates; items only obtainable though Derelict missions; missions which require regular Nav Coordinates found in normal missions.

Main article: Phorid

Phorid is an infested boss, found when an infested invasion manages to "Infest" the boss node. After defeating it and finishing the mission, you receive a Nyx Helmet, Chassis, or Systems Blueprint. Upon death, Phorid has a chance of dropping rare Resources of the planet he appears on.


Assassins are boss-like NPCs that hunt players in random locations after doing certain things against their Factions, earning their respective Death Marks in the process. In the Stalker's case, he will target players who have defeated one of the regular enemy bosses in the game as "revenge". The Zanuka Hunter and The Grustrag Three will target the player when they aid the opposing faction three times in an Invasion mission. They can drop rare resources and exclusive weapons when defeated.

Stalker d
Main article: Stalker

The Stalker is an ominous, vengeful figure that can infrequently appear during missions, armed with powerful weapons and abilities to hunt down the Tenno.

The Stalker wears Warframe armor and is able to use ability powers from various other Warframes, in addition to Dispel, which is his signature ability. His arsenal is similar to that of the Tenno, utilizing a primary, secondary, and melee weapon. The Stalker's signature weapons are the bow, Dread, the scythe, Hate, and the throwing knives, Despair.

Main article: The Grustrag Three

The Grustrag Three (commonly abbreviated as the G3) are a group of Assassins, founded by Councilor Vay Hek, who come after Tenno that have completed at least one Invasion mission against the Grineer.

Main article: Zanuka Hunter

Zanuka Hunter, or popularly dubbed as Harvester, is a gray-colored Zanuka proxy controlled by Alad V. During missions, it will attack one targeted Tenno until either the Tenno or the Zanuka Hunter dies. It appears rarely, in a manner similar to the Stalker. Triggering a Zanuka Hunter attack requires a player to have a death-mark. A death-mark is acquired by supporting the Grineer enough to earn battle pay for one Invasion (5 Missions).

Retired Bosses


  • All bosses and assassins have a rare chance to drop an Orokin Cell upon death. This chance is fully separate from the planet's resource drop rate.
    • As such, it is possible for General Sargas Ruk and Lieutenant Lech Kril to drop two instances of Orokin Cells, the first instance coming from the planet's rare drop and the second instance coming from the rare chance.

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