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Bosses are a unique enemy class outfitted with superior weapons, high health, rechargeable shields, special abilities, and other traits. They are far stronger than regular units as they will use varying strategies to deal damage and avoid taking it. More often than not, they require team coordination to defeat.

Bosses are found on Assassination missions. Each boss has a set of lines to "taunt" the Tenno sent to kill them. They often drop mods and resources upon death. Depending on which Boss the player is fighting, Blueprints of Warframes parts and special Weapons parts will often be rewarded upon mission completion.

On the other hand Assassins hunt players in random locations. Their appearance are triggered by various actions done by the player, such as killing a Boss or assisting an opposing Factions in Invasion missions.

All bosses and assassins have a chance to drop an Orokin Cell upon death.


Main article: Captain Vor

Captain Vor is the boss on Mercury, and the first boss that players will meet. He also makes an appearance on Phobos alongside Lieutenant Lech Kril as a dual boss battle.

On Tolstoj, Mercury, he will reward the Seer blueprint along with its components (save for the Orokin Cells). There is also a small chance to reward a Cronus blueprint. On Iliad, Phobos, he instead rewards blueprints and components for the Miter, Trinity and the Twin Gremlins.

Councilor Vay HekIcon
Main article: Councilor Vay Hek

Page is being reworked to fit the new Update 13 style of Vay Hek. He Currently drops Hydroid warframe. Oberon moved to drop from Eximus enemies.

Councilor Vay Hek is the hidden boss located on a secret base on Earth. He can be found by using a Vay Hek Frequency Triangulator, made from beacons found from Eximus Guardsmen, aka Prosecutors. After defeating him and finishing the mission, you receive a blueprint for either a Hydroid Helmet, Hydroid Chassis or Hydroid Systems. Upon death, Councilor Vay Hek has a chance of dropping Neurodes and Argon Crystals.

Main article: General Sargas Ruk

General Sargas Ruk is the final boss of the Saturn system. He can be found on the mission Tethys. After defeating him and finishing the mission, you receive either Ember Helmet, Ember Chassis or Ember Systems blueprint. Has an increased chance to drop an Orokin Cell upon death.

Kela De ThaymIcon
Main article: Kela De Thaym

Kela De Thaym is the final boss of Sedna. She can be found on the mission Merrow. After defeating her and finishing the mission, you receive either Saryn HelmetSaryn Chassis or Saryn Systems Blueprint.

Main article: Lieutenant Lech Kril

Lieutenant Lech Kril (is the final boss of Ceres), and also makes an appearance on Phobos alongside Captain Vor as a dual boss battle on the planet.  He can be found on the mission (Exta on Ceres and Iliad) on Phobos.

(On Ceres,) after defeating him and finishing the mission, you receive a Frost Helmet, Frost Chassis or Frost Systems blueprint. Upon death, Lietenant Lech Kril has a chance of dropping an Orokin Cell.

On Phobos, he rewards Miter parts and its blueprint, or the Twin Gremlins blueprint. He also drops blueprints for Trinity components. He has two phases, first being Ice and the second Fire, which he will enter after his cryo pack is destroyed four times.

Tyl RegorIcon
Main article: Tyl Regor

Tyl Regor is the final boss of the Uranus system. He can be found on the mission Titania. After defeating him and finishing the mission, you receive either Ash Helmet, Ash Chassis or Ash Systems blueprint. Upon death, Tyl Regor has a chance of dropping Gallium.


DEAlad V
Main article: Alad V

Alad V is a Corpus boss who resides on Jupiter (replacing J3-Golem). He is accompanied by a robotic pet/guardian, Zanuka, which he built from Warframe parts that he gathered.

Upon completion of his assassination mission, player will receive either the Valkyr Chassis, Valkyr Helmet, or Valkyr Systems.

Main article: Ambulas

Ambulas is the boss of the Pluto system. It can be found on the mission Hades. After defeating it and finishing the mission, you will receive Excalibur Chassis, Excalibur Helmet, or Excalibur Systems blueprint. Upon death, Ambulas has a chance of dropping Morphics.

Main article: Hyena Pack

The Hyena Pack are the final bosses of the Neptune system. They can be found on the mission Psamathe. After defeating them and finishing the mission, you receive either a Loki Helmet, Loki Chassis or Loki Systems blueprint. Upon death, all the Hyenas have a chance of dropping Orokin Cells.

Main article: Jackal

Jackal is the final boss of the Venus system. It can be found on the mission Fossa. After defeating it and finishing the mission, you have a chance to receive the Rhino Helmet, Rhino Chassis, or Rhino Systems blueprint.

Main article: Raptor

The Raptor is a Corpus Boss found in the Europa system in the mission Naamah. After defeating it and finishing the mission, players will receive either the Nova Chassis, Nova Helmet or Nova Systems blueprint. Upon death, Raptor has a chance of dropping Morphics or Control Modules.

Main article: Sgt. Nef Anyo

Sgt. Nef Anyo is the final boss of Mars system. He can be found on the mission War. After defeating him and completing the mission, you will receive Mag Helmet, Mag Chassis or Mag Systems blueprint. Sgt. Nef Anyo has a chance to drop Gallium and Morphics upon death.


Main article: Phorid

Phorid is an infested boss, found when an infested invasion manages to "Infest" the boss node. After defeating it and finishing the mission, you receive Nyx Helmet, Nyx Chassis or Nyx Systems Blueprint. Upon death, Phorid has a chance of dropping rare Resources of the planet he has appeared.

Main article: Lephantis

Lephantis (previously known as J-2000 Golem) is a massive Infested boss introduced in Update 10. It was originally going to replace (the now-retired) J3-Golem but was moved to the Orokin Derelict tileset instead. Unlike other bosses, Lephantis requires players to craft a special Derelict Assassination key, which requires five Golem Nav Coordinates; items only obtainable though Derelict missions; missions which require regular Nav Coordinates found in normal missions.


Assassins are boss-like NPC's that hunt players in random locations after doing certain things against their Factions. In the Stalker's case, he will target players who have defeated one of the regular enemy bosses in the game as "revenge". The Harvester and The Grustrag Three will target the player when they aid the opposing faction in an Invasion mission. They usually drop rare resources and exclusive weapons when defeated.

Main article: The Grustrag Three

The Grustrag Three is a group founded by Councilor Vay Hek, which comes after a Tenno who has completed at least one Invasion mission against the Grineer.

Main article: Harvester

The Harvester is a gray-colored Zanuka proxy controlled by Alad V. During missions, it will attack one targeted Tenno until either the Tenno or the Harvester dies. It appears rarely, in a manner similar to the Stalker.

Stalker d
Main article: Stalker

The Stalker is an ominous, vengeful figure that infrequently appears during missions. When encountered, his level is appropriate to the current mission. The Stalker will target and attack a single player within the current cell.

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