Buffs and Debuffs are effects that can positively or negatively affect a target.


Additive bonus damageEdit

Damage increase is added before other calculations, it acts like damage mods such as Serration Caused by:


Obtainable during Void Fissures, the effect varies for enemies and Tennos.

  • Enemies: The target will be stunned temporarily, granting invulnerability during that timeframe.
  • Tenno: After collecting 10 Reactants a buff will be given to either the warframe or a weapon randomly. That piece of equipment will get a corrupted texture effect and start emitting lighting bolts. The buff duration is based on the tier of the Void Fissure, following the formula Buff Duration = 30s × Mission Tier.

Elemental damage bonusEdit

Caused by:



Caused by:


The target stays in a ragdoll state and it is unable to move. Caused by:

Frozen Solid, Petrify, VitrifyEdit

The target will be unable to move, every active Status Effect is paused while this effect persists.
Caused by: