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Captain Vor
Faction IconGrineerBGrineer
Planet Mercury, Phobos
Mission Tolstoj, Iliad
Weapon Seer
Nervos Mines
Orokin Laser
Abilities Teleport
Shield Bubble
Cloned Flesh 1,300
Shield 1,400
Alloy Armor 250
Base Experience 1,100
Codex Scans 3
Mod Drops Quickdraw
Slip Magazine
Heated Charge
Captain Vor has lived under suspicion of possessing Orokin technology, that grants him powerful abilities. We cannot allow this, get to his location and eliminate him.


Captain Vor is the boss on Mercury, and the first boss that players will meet. He also makes an appearance on Phobos alongside Lieutenant Lech Kril as a dual boss battle.

On Tolstoj, Mercury, he will reward the Seer blueprint along with its components (save for the Orokin Cells). There is also a small chance to reward a Cronus blueprint. On Iliad, Phobos, he instead rewards blueprints and components for the Miter, Trinity and the Twin Gremlins.

Since Update 12.0.4 Captain Vor no longer drops mods or resources, as well as preforming no death animation. It is unknown if this is a bug or intended.


Captain Vor resembles an aged light Grineer in unique brown armor. It is assumed that he is aged as in "The Call" trailer, an assumed commander is hostile towards his age.

Captain Vor, like many bosses, has unique taunts. Here is a list of them:

  • "Your (Warframe) warframe makes you slow and clumsy."
  • "This is your final warning (Player name). Leave this system at once!"
  • "Your (Warframe) will look great hanging from my wall."
  • "I am waiting... you are no match for me!"
  • "I will reduce (Clan) to ashes!"
  • "Your (Primary weapon) isn't near as powerful enough to defeat me!"
  • "You hide behind that (Warframe). Face me like a true warrior!"
  • "You just signed your death warrant, (Player name)!"
  • "Your (Primary weapon) will make a nice trophy."
  • "Your (Warframe) is no match for my advanced Orokin weaponry!"
  • "Having trouble hitting me?"
  • "You call yourself a warrior? Show some honor!"


  • During the intro video, your sentinel can attack Vor if you are close enough to him. It is recommended to watch the intro so that your sentinel can damage as much shield and health as possible before the real fight starts.
  • While a rare occurrence due to his inaccuracy, it is possible for a Nervos Mine to latch on to the player in the case of a direct impact during deployment, resulting in heavy sustained damage until the mine expires.
  • You can ragdoll Vor with Vauban's Vortex.


  • Prior to Update 9 Captain Vor was essentially a Flameblade with a red suit and increased stats. The Pre-Update 9 Captain Vor is still used in assassination alerts.
    • After Update 7, Pre-Update 9 Vor's armor turned white, and he gained fire damage. Occasionally the original crimson would appear in the cut-scene before quickly changing back to white. Update 7.7.3 returned his armor to the original red.
  • Vor is the second boss to be revamped, after Lieutenant Lech Kril. He is also the second boss to have a unique voice after Kril. Additionally, Vor is the second boss to have a unique death animation; on death Vor will stumble and shout one last taunt before splitting in half from the waist, similar to his death in the trailer.
    • This death animation will still be used even if he was killed with a gun, blunt melee weapon or certain Warframe abilities.
  • Captain Vor was a major character in the PlayStation 4 Trailer, and will continue to play a major role in the Warframe story.
  • Prior to Update 9.1, Vor's algorithm for level scaling based on player level and number resulted in the possibility of getting level 100 Vors with teams of 4. The algorithm was changed in U9.1 to prevent such absurdity from occurring again.
  • Using Rhino Stomp right after he drops the golden shield may result in him being stuck in an invulnerability frame for the entire stasis duration. This problem can be overcome by waiting for him to start an attack animation before using the Stomp. Whether this effect occurs with other stasis abilities like Vauban's Bastille requires further testing.
  • If a party member is outside of his room when the fight begins, he could teleport out of his room to that person. This was fixed in Hotfix 10.1.3.
  • Captain Vor appears to be left handed, as he aims his Seer with his left hand.
  • There is an instance in "The Call" trailer where he is surprised after seeing an arrow pierce the head of and kill one of his guards. Although not subtitled, he can be heard saying "Lahk kle-?!" which translates into "What the-?!". These words and other translations can be seen here.


Sunken Vor.
  • In Solo, inside the default Grineer Asteroid tileset, when a player glances too quickly on the direction where Captain Vor is located where it was blocked by walls, the Cinematic scene will be triggered despite the player does not even see the location nor Captain Vor, himself, directly.
  • One can even set the Cinematic scene underneath the platform, which causes the camera to clip through while Captain Vor is seen sinking through the floor.
  • Occasionally when shielding, Vor has a small tendency to remain stuck in a pose, still able to move around and attack players as normal, making it impossible to complete the mission as his state remains him permanently invulnerable.
  • Killing Captain Vor when primed by Nova's fourth skill: Molecular Prime, causes Vor's corpse to duplicate at a very unusual number.
  • Switch teleporting with Captain Vor before the cinematic causes Captain Vor to be damageable, but not take any actions, including dying, causing the mission to be unwinnable.
    • This is useful for trying effects of mods on weapons.
Vor glitch
A lot of dead vors...

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Captain Vor has a non-regenerating personal shield, at every one third increment of his health, he will teleport a squad of Grineers and protects himself with Sphere Shield, which will regenerate his shield.

Occasionally in the fight (and all phases), he will teleport towards, around, or away  depending on your distance towards him.


Phase 1Edit

Vor will mainly shoots you with his Seer, its projectile is avoidable, though it deals high damage. He also melee and staggers with his Cronus if a player gets too close.

Phase 2Edit

Vor still uses the Seer as his primary weapon, but he will occasionally throw yellow Nervos Mines, which will shock players in range with continuously low damage.

Phase 3Edit

Vor stops using the Seer and will instead use his Orokin Laser, which beams a sustained high-damage lasers similar to Fusion MOAs', while deploying more Nervos Mines. The Orokin Laser is also seen in the warframe trailer and the end of the tutorial.


Teleport Teleport ZippyVor
Vor teleports towards, around or away from the target, bringing them into Seer's effective range.
Power Strength:
Power Range:
Power Duration:
Captain Vor

  • Vor teleports towards the far target to bring them into point blank, and will then strafe-teleport around target. If said target gets too close, he will teleport away from the target.
  • There is a little delay in the teleport during which Vor is invulnerable.
  • It is believed that Vor uses this ability to teleport the squads of Grineers he summoned when he casts his Sphere Shield.

  • Limited teleport range.
  • His teleport can be exploited on corners or behind cover such as the two boxes, since this will merely warp himself into the same place. Making him an easier target.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Vor does not teleport -- Rather, he actually enters a physics defying hyperspeed as seen here.

VaubanZap Nervos Mine VorNervos
After deployed, Nervos Mine will shock targets within its range continuously.
Power Strength:
Low (Continuous)
Power Range:
8 Meters
Power Duration:
8 Seconds
Captain Vor

  • User will deploy Nervos Mine at target, which will then continuously shock target within 8 meters radius in-game for 8 seconds long.
    • Damage scales with level.
    • Rarely, it is possible for a Nervos Mine to latch on target in the case of a direct impact during deployment, resulting in heavy sustained damage until the mine expires.
  • Originally, Nervos were small devices deployed by Seekers that latch onto players and stun them, dealing strong damage to shields.
    • This has since been removed in early beta, and was re-added in Update 10.0.

  • Nervos Mine is unable to detect cloaked warframes. Using cloaking abilities such as Shade's Ghost will render the Nervos Mine idle.
  • Shocks cannot penetrate Frost's Snow Globe or Volt's Electric Shield.

  • Tesla, a Tenno version of Nervos Mine.

ElectricShield Sphere Shield VorBubbleCoward
Deploys a golden sphere of energy, providing cover while charging shields in any situation.
Power Strength:
Power Range:
Power Duration:
5 Secs (Vor)
Instant (Zanuka)
Captain Vor

  • Users encases himself in an invincible golden sphere, which is also capable of recharging shield, Vor's recharges in 5 seconds while Zanuka charges half the shield instantly (on Alad V).
  • Captain Vor will always teleport a squad of Grineers when he recovers to distract players.
  • Using Rhino Stomp right after Captain Vor drops the golden shield may result in him being stuck in an invulnerability frame for the entire stasis duration. This problem can be overcome by waiting for him to start an attack animation before using the Stomp. Whether this effect occurs with other stasis abilities like Vauban's Bastille requires further testing.
  • Using Molecular Prime will also increase Vor's invulnerability time, as the regeneration rate of Vor's shields will be halved in the process, forcing the Sphere Shield to last longer.

  • It is possible to trap yourself inside the Shield with Vor if you're close enough. Vor will still be invulnerable until the Sphere disperses, but it will keep the summoned Grineer from shooting you.

  • This ability was also used as a quickshield by Vor in Warframe's "The Call" trailer.

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In GeneralEdit

Captain Vor's shield is nowhere near ordinary, it takes a full clip or two of MK1-Braton to deprive his shield to damage him. It's best to move on to another weapon with higher DPS like Braton, you should have enough credits to purchase it by this point.

At every change of phase, he will shield himself with his Sphere Shield and summon a squad of Grineers to his aid, use your melee to exterminate them to save ammo.

In Phase 1, be sure to strafe around him to avoid his Seer projectile while sustaining your fire. Avoid resorting to melee as his Cronus deals higher damage than your melee.

Once Phase 2 begins, he'll start to deploy the Nervos Mines. At this phase, backpedal to long distance when he deploys the mines and try to snipe him with an accurate secondary such as Lato. By the time he throws Mines again, the first ones should have expired, move back to short-medium distance and take him out with your stronger primary such as Braton. Rinse and repeat.

Finally, at Phase 3, he will stop using the Seer and Cronus, using the Orokin Laser instead. At this phase, stay close to cover as you might not have the stamina to outrun the laser long enough for it to expire. Exploit your shoulder sight to hide behind a cover while being able to shoot at him. Keep an eye on his mines, sprint to the next cover when he deploys them.

Utilizing Warframe AbitiliesEdit

Mag's Shield Polarize will do a good deed to help yourself ease his high amount of shields, observation shows that Captain Vor has a shield as much as at least 1,500 points. At its maximum level, a Mag only requires two uses to strip Captain Vor's shield clean.

Excalibur's Super Jump can take advantage on the large pipeline to take cover and sniper down Captain Vor with decent protection against him. His Slash Dash is one of the first attempts you could use against Vor.

Mag's Bullet Attractor and Excalibur's Radial Javelin combination is not recommended as it deals too much damage, although this can remove one third of Captain Vor's health he will immediately became invincible, wasting the excess damages.

Nova's Molecular Prime is not advisable, as Captain Vor's invulnerability is dependent on his animations. Though his shielded state causes him to recharge his shields very slowly, this usually gives enough time to dispatch his reinforcements before attacking him. A Primed Vor will have noticeable teleportations (he is slower than normal), though as mentioned, not advised as this process also makes him invulnerable.


  • Due to Update 11's Damage 2.0, Captain Vor's health can be damaged through Status effects, specifically Slashing. This can save both time and ammunition, as the weapon provided with this effect can simply rip his health instead of his shields.
    • This effect can also speed up Captain Vor's recovery time between summons, if he retains his shields before being downed.

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Post-Update 9Edit

  • Captain Vor as seen on the lobby (U9)
  • Vor in Settlement.
  • Captain Vor
  • The Captain and his Seer
  • Teleportation
  • Deploying Shocker Mines
  • Close-up of Shocker Mines
  • The Orokin Laser
  • The Shield Bubble
  • "This isn't over, Tenno! You have not heard the last of me!"
  • Captain Vor's U9 model, as shown in Livestreams.
  • Vor's Seer pistol
  • Vor photo shoot
  • Vor and his Cronus
  • Vor teleported out of his room during a nightmare mission
  • Vor's face 1
  • Vor's face 2
  • Captain Vor Standing In Front Of Loki
  • Group photo with vor ♪
  • Just having a nice day with vor ♪
  • Please don't move a sec , i shoot you. By Xodhas
  • Captain Vor Codex

Pre-Update 9Edit

  • Vor during the cinematic
  • Captain Vor teleporting
  • Captain Vor renamed as Grineer Electroprod during an Alert mission
  • Captain Vor during the cinematic
  • Vor's old white armor
  • Hell Vor!


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Unlike some other bosses, all of Captain Vor's quotes are spoken in Grineer. A rough translation to English has been provided with each quote. Note that not all quotes may have been transcribed/translated correctly.

In-Game Lore QuoteEdit

You were right, the Tenno threat is real. We found one drifting near Pluto but the Lotus knew we were coming. She purged the Cryo moments before we had them and sent a squad of Tenno to break our assault.

They escaped. We are working on tracing them. Separate this Tenno from the flock and it should be easy to kill. We shattered its Warframe and expect such an abrupt Cryo purge will have damaged its memories.

We anxiously await punishment for failing this task.


During the TutorialEdit

  • "Hlesk gkk." - "Let's go."
  • "Hmm...Tenno...Gar ahgre moh'ne." "Hmm... Tenno... You are mine."

During an Assassination MissionEdit


  • Hu see gar! - "I see you!"
  • Garrg maakhuug klos tkk eaasy! - "You're making this too easy!"
  • Aankler reaar Tenno! - "Another dead Tenno!"
  • Fkr tuh Kwueens! - "For two Queens!" ("For (the) two Queens")
  • Hahah! Streigkl tk kle Grineer! - "Hahah! Strength to the Grineer!"
  • Gar klees rus ser vise res! - "Your skills are like the rest!"
  • Gar rus chu'nas...kle'ahn krikun.- Your will weakens...petty duelist.

During BattleEdit


  • Dos'err Tenno. Gar gle'aun gar Lotus; reaar sek kt'ayhr tekh rhu.... - "Foolish Tenno. You cling to your Lotus; death soon takes hold here...."

When Using AbilitiesEdit

Summoning in Troops/Shielding HimselfEdit
  • Shu deglam, distrak klem! - "Shock troopers, distract them!"
  • Grineer, attaf! - "Grineer, attack!"
  • Feer me! - "Help me!"
Deploying Nervos Mines/Using the Orokin LaserEdit
  • Fre'arun kon klos! - "Recover from this!"
  • Klos rus rurt! - "This will hurt!"
  • Klos kn'i reaar g'rounah kalhut! - "This...dead...(???)"

Upon DefeatEdit

  • Urgh... Klos os ni'sk varr... - "Urgh... This is not over..."

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