Post-Update 9Edit

  • Captain Vor as seen on the lobby (U9)
  • Vor in Settlement.
  • Captain Vor
  • The Captain and his Seer
  • Teleportation
  • Deploying Shocker Mines
  • Close-up of Shocker Mines
  • The Orokin Laser
  • The Shield Bubble
  • "This isn't over, Tenno! You have not heard the last of me!"
  • Captain Vor when addressing the Tenno.
  • Captain Vor's U9 model, as shown in Livestreams.
  • Vor's Seer pistol
  • Vor photo shoot
  • Vor and his Cronus
  • Vor teleported out of his room during a nightmare mission
  • Vor's face 1
  • Vor's face 2
  • Captain Vor Standing In Front Of Loki
  • Group photo with vor ♪
  • Just having a nice day with vor ♪
  • Please don't move a sec, i shoot you. By Xodhas
  • Captain Vor Codex
  • Vor picture

Pre-Update 9Edit

  • Vor during the cinematic
  • Captain Vor teleporting
  • Captain Vor renamed as Grineer Electroprod during an Alert mission
  • Captain Vor during the cinematic
  • Vor's old white armor
  • Hell Vor!


Post Update 16.7.4Edit

--Warframe Boss Guide-- - Captain Vor (Detailed) Guide07:13

--Warframe Boss Guide-- - Captain Vor (Detailed) Guide

Post Update 14Edit

Post-Update 9Edit

Pre-Update 9Edit

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