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Capture Missions require a player to find either a Corpus Target or Grineer Target, incapacitate them, and capture said target before heading to extraction.

Upon the Lotus telling you that you discovered the target, the target will begin to flee the room and run towards a designated escape room. All enemies spawned from that point will be alerted, even when the player is invisible. The capture targets will shoot back at Tenno with their weapons and occasionally drop Smoke Screens to vanish from sight, though the mission marker still appears on their body. On rare occasions they will also use a Radial Blast attack to knock away players that get into melee range. If they are not caught promptly before they reach the escape room, the target will escape and the mission will fail. Capturing a target grants 250 affinity to the player's Warframe.

Unlike Rescue missions, there is no need to escort the quarry back to extraction. Instead, upon capture (default key x on a downed target) the target will let out an agonizing scream while slowly disappearing, after which Lotus will state that the target has already been escorted safely to extraction.

Capture Missions

Planet Mission Name Faction Level
Mercury Terminus Grineer 7 - 9
Venus Venera Corpus 5 - 7
Earth Mantle Grineer 2 - 4
Jupiter Ananke Corpus 16 - 18
Mars Ara Grineer 10 - 12
Saturn Cassini Grineer 21 - 23
Sedna Rusalka Grineer 36 - 40
Europa Abaddon Corpus 21 - 23
Phobos Skyresh Corpus 12 - 14
Uranus Desdemona Grineer 26 - 28
Eris Isos Infestation 39 - 41
Neptune Galatea Corpus 27 - 29
Ceres Lex Grineer 13 - 15
Pluto Hydra Corpus 34 - 38
Lua Copernicus Corpus 25 - 30
Void Hepit Orokin 10 - 15
Void Ukko Orokin 30 - 35
There are a total of 17 Capture missions.


  • The Capture Targets drop Credits when attacked.
  • Capture Targets are immune to Limbo's Banish, but can still enter the Rift Plane by walking into a Cataclysm.
  • Capture Targets cannot be Mind Controlled by Nyx.
  • Capture Targets will flee the moment the Lotus tells you that you have found them, regardless of if the capture target itself has actually seen you or you have seen it.
    • Due to this, it is impossible to to score stealth damage bonuses against the target.
  • Once the target is alerted, all enemies will become automatically alerted, making stealth kills impossible after this point. Enemies will also move to your position if you decloak from stealth, and there is no way to "reset" this alert status.
  • Capture targets may appear as Nullifier Crewmen. When capturing them, be aware that their nullifier shield will regenerate. If you are invisible or have a defensive ability on such as Iron Skin, it will be removed upon entering the shield, allowing enemies around to attack.
    • Due to some targets releasing non-allied units like Shield Ospreys due to a bug, enemies may focus their attack on that enemy instead of you while you capture the target.
  • Capture targets' stated levels are highly misleading, as they have significantly boosted stats. Some targets can possess thousands of health points and very high armor levels.
  • Some Grineer Targets posses shields as well as armor, being the only non-boss Grineer enemies to do so.
  • Similarly, all Corpus Targets have armor, being one of the few Corpus units to have such a commodity.
  • Targets cannot be knocked down, but can be ragdolled by slam attacks from the Jat Kittag and other weapons.


Players will get a random mod, blueprint or consumable as a mission reward on completion of a Capture mission.


  • There is a rare bug where when the Corpus capture target cloaks itself it will be cloaked permanently. This could possibly occur because of host or client lag.
  • Sometimes, when an assassin/death squad appears, the capture target may glitch if the person capturing him dies and the death squad leaves. Usually it will make the target appear outside the map.
  • Void capture targets will sometimes deploy units like Shield Ospreys to protect them, although these units are occasionally not allied with the caster or with the Corrupted faction, and therefore do not provide any benefit to the target.
  • Targets may fall out of the map after being ragdolled if flying out of bounds, in similar locations where the player is teleported to the previous location after falling out. This can result in the mission failure, more commonly the target will teleport back to the location before being ragdolled.



Capture as seen in the lobby (U9)


"You are ours now. Welcome to the Fold."

Nyx capture

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