The Cat's Eye mod allows the Adarza Kavat to temporarily increase the Critical Hit chance of nearby allies.


Rank Critical Chance Duration Range Cooldown Cost
0 +15% 4s 15m 50s 0
1 +30% 6s 20m 40s 1
2 +45% 8s 22m 30s 2
3 +60% 10s 25m 20s 3


  • The bonus is additively applied to the critical chance of your weapons, after the effects of Point Strike and True Steel — but before the effects of Blood Rush.
    • When multiplying critical chance, Blood Rush also multiplies the increase from Cat's Eye. This synergy can lead to staggeringly high critical strike damage.
  • Emplaced turrets (i.e. the Grineer Rampart) gain the ability to critically strike while under the effect of Cat's Eye.
    • While this also applies to weapons that cannot critically strike (such as Seer), these weapons often have a critical multiplier of one which yields no change in damage dealt.
  • Multiple instances of Cat's Eye do not stack.
  • The ability seems to trigger when an enemy is within at least 25 meters. (Clarification needed, requires further testing / source).
  • Cat's Eye shares its above critical hit behaviors with ArcaneAvenger64x Arcane Avenger and Maiming Strike. With the bonus being additive instead of multiplicative.
  • Useful for Warframe powers that can crit, e.g. Exalted weapons like Artemis Bow.

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