These mods are Archwing specific.

Name Description Polarity Rarity
Argon Plating Increases Armor Vazarin Pol Common
Auxiliary Power Increases Maximum Energy Madurai Pol Uncommon
Efficient Transferral Increases Power Duration Vazarin Pol Rare
Energy Amplifier Increases Power Range Naramon Pol Uncommon
Energy Inversion Increases Shield Capacity Vazarin Pol Common
Enhanced Durability Increases Health Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Hyperion Thrusters Increases Sprint Naramon Pol Rare
(Primed) Morphic Transformer Increases Power Strength Madurai Pol (Legendary) Rare
Superior Defenses Increases Shield Recharge Rate Vazarin Pol Uncommon
System Reroute Increases Power Efficiency Naramon Pol Rare

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