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Auras are the remnants of lost Orokin technology. They are highly sought after by all three factions for their impressive potential to turn the tide of battle. They grant passive benefits to all team members such as health regeneration or extra ammo.

Name Description Polarity Rarity
Corrosive Projection Reduces enemy armor Naramon Pol Uncommon
Dead Eye Increases sniper rifle damage Madurai Pol Uncommon
Energy Siphon Provides constant energy regeneration Naramon Pol Uncommon
Enemy Radar Pinpoints enemy locations on mini-map Naramon Pol Uncommon
Infested Impedance Reduces speed of nearby IconInfestedBInfested units Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Loot Detector Displays location of containers and resources on minimap and makes modifications visible through walls Naramon Pol Uncommon
Physique Increases maximum health Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Pistol Scavenger Increases ammo recovery for pistols Naramon Pol Uncommon
Rejuvenation Provides constant health regeneration Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Rifle Amp Increases assault rifle damage Madurai Pol Uncommon
Rifle Scavenger Increases ammo recovery for assault rifles Naramon Pol Uncommon
Shield Disruption Reduces enemy shields Naramon Pol Uncommon
Shotgun Scavenger Increases ammo recovery for shotguns Naramon Pol Uncommon
Sniper Scavenger Increases ammo recovery for sniper rifles Naramon Pol Uncommon
Speed Holster Increases weapon switch speed Naramon Pol Uncommon
Sprint Boost Increases sprinting speed Naramon Pol Uncommon
Steel Charge Increases melee weapon damage Madurai Pol Uncommon

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