Blade and Whips Edit

Includes Mios, and Lacera.

  • Long Attack Range.
  • All Blade and Whip weapons have 80 Damage.
  • Attack Speed varies from 0.917 to 1.08.
  • Critical Chance varies from 2.5% to 15%.
  • All Blade and Whip weapons have a 2.0x Critical Damage Multiplier.
  • Status Chance varies from 25% to 45%.
  • Additional Notes
    • The Lacera has the highest Status Chance of all melee weapons and without Slash, Puncture, or Impact Damage it's Status procs are much more valuable because they will only be Elemental procs.
    • The Blade and Whip weapons that are generally hard to obtain:
      • Mios and Lacera is only obtainable from a Clan Dojo and the research must be completed.

Blade and Whip Stance Mods

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