• Additional Notes
    • The Daggers that are generally hard to obtain:
      • Rakta Dark Dagger is only obtainable from a Syndicate.
      • Sheev's blueprint and component parts can be obtained as rewards from Invasions.

Dagger Stance Mods

PointedWindModU145 HomingFangNew StingingThornMod PiercingFuryMod
Pointed Wind Homing Fang Stinging Thorn Piercing Fury
(Conclave only)

Dagger Weapons

Cronus DarkDagger HeatDagger KarystDagger
Ceramic Dagger Dark Dagger Heat Dagger Karyst
RVDarkDagger GrineerCombatKnife
Rakta Dark Dagger Sheev

Weapon Comparison: Edit

Name Type Normal Slide Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Status Chance Mastery Rank Stance Disposition
Ceramic DaggerDagger35.075.01.05%1.5x10%3Madurai PolDisposition5
Dark DaggerDaggerRadiation b 35Radiation b 75.00.9175%1.5x10%0Unairu PolDisposition1
Heat DaggerDagger45.096.00.755%1.5x5%0Madurai PolDisposition5
KarystDaggerToxin b 50Toxin b 107.00.7510%2.0x15%0Madurai PolDisposition4
Rakta Dark DaggerDaggerRadiation b 50107.01.05%1.5x10%8Naramon PolDisposition1
SheevDagger45.096.00.6675%2.0x25%0Madurai PolDisposition4