Warframe is a game based in part on Digital Extreme's earlier successful project: Dark Sector. These are the features in Warframe based on aspects of Dark Sector.

While these aspects are based on Dark Sector, they do not confirm a link in the lore and universes between the two games, only suggest one. Please keep that in mind when adding this category to pages and reading the linked pages information.

From the game:

  • Tenno: The name of Warframe's player faction comes from Hayden Tenno, the protagonist of Dark Sector.
  • Excalibur: Around mid-game of Dark Sector, Hayden stole a power suit/proto-Warframe that looks simliar to the Excalibur frame.
  • Black Market: During Vor's Prize Ordis uses the term "black market scumbags" when restoring the market segment, during Dark Sector weapons were available from the "black market".
  • Excalibur Proto: A skin that was introduced in Update 12.6 highly resembles Hayden Tenno's suit.
  • Nyx: Nadia Sudek/Nemesis, the one who infected Hayden Tenno in the first place, used a power suit/Warframe that has a Nyx looking helmet.
  • Nyx Nemesis Skin: A skin that was introduced in April 24, 2015, highly resembles Nadia Sudek's suit, Nyx Nemesis Skin.
  • Infested: The Technocyte Virus plays a big part of the game and is what Hayden is infected with. This is similar to the virus that created the Infested. Especially the Lephantis looks similar to Dark Sector's final Boss and has matching mechanics. 
  • Glaive: The Glaive is a weapon commonly used in Dark Sector alongside Hayden Tenno's sidearm. It is created with his infected arm and obtains upgrades regularly throughout the game.
  • Proto-Glaive: The Proto-Glaive skin is a limited-edition cosmetic skin for Throwing Melee weapons, which was released in commemoration of Warframe's Second Anniversary. This skin have the same look as the Glaive used in Dark Sector by Hayden Tenno.
  • Grineer: The Grineer are present in the 8 minute trailer of Dark Sector as an enemy. While not in the game, the Lasrian Troopers look similar to them.
  • Lotus: The Lotus symbol is seen throughout Dark Sector, including in the game's logo. It is also the game's icon and in game organization. Additionally, during the cutscene at the end of the first mission in Dark Sector, you are told that "You know of the Lotus? Prized as a rare beauty... and yet, it blooms amoongst filth and decay."
  • Dark Sectors: Dark Sectors are locations in the solar system which can be claimed by clans. They bear the same name as the game Dark Sector.
  • Clan Emblem: The default Clan Emblem is the logo of Dark Sector.

From the trailer:

  • Jackal: An armored quadruped vehicle in Dark Sector similar to the Jackal on Venus, but looks like a Grineer-like version.
  • Dex: The girl's name who was piloting the Liset, the same name of the Dex Furis and Dex Dakra weapons in Warframe.
  • End-Mission Animation: In the trailer, Hayden Tenno is seen stepping into the drop ship the exact same way a warframe would. The room is exactly the same and also features the hanging Corpus-like suits in the background.
  • Burston: The Grineer-like enemies used this rifle in the 2004 trailer, but as an automatic rifle. Grineer Elite Lancers used this weapon as a placeholder until replaced by the Hind.
  • Solar rails: Mentioned by Hayden.
  • Lotus Quote: Some things Hayden says are also said by the Lotus (e.g. "there are Grineer marines everywhere." and "For generations we slept..." as opposed to the Lotus saying "For generations, you slept...").
  • Escape pod: The same one used in missions in Warframe.
  • Aklato: Dual Latos are clearly seen when he shoots the Grineer.
  • Sounds: Grineer used to make the same voice lines as the lines used in Dark Sector. (before they were changed to speak Grineer).
  • Corpus-like Suits: Can be seen at 6:39.
  • Stalker: Begins with whispers almost identical to the Stalker.
  • Trinity: Can be seen at 2:05 in this trailer, albeit with a different glow pattern on the face plate.
  • Schip: The first corridor to be seen looks exactly like one of the Corpus' corridors.
  • Barrels: Same destructible Corpus containers. Seen multiple times.
  • Drop ship / Liset: the same ship that was exploded at the beginning of the campaign.
Dark Sector Xbox 360 Trailer - 8-Minute Trailer07:23

Dark Sector Xbox 360 Trailer - 8-Minute Trailer

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