Category for boomerang type melee weapons, named after the popular Glaive.

Glaive Stance Mods

GleamingTalonModU145 AstralTwilight CelestialNightfallMod
Gleaming Talon Astral Twilight Celestial Nightfall
(Conclave only)

Glaive Weapons

PunctureGlaive DEGlaive PrimeGlaive GrnBoomerang
Cerata Glaive Glaive Prime Halikar
Kestrel TeshinGlaive
Kestrel Orvius

Weapon Comparison: Edit

Name Damage Slide Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Status Chance Mastery Rank Stance Disposition
CerataToxin b 442201.0015%2.0x30%3Naramon PolDisposition5
Glaive35.02251.0010%2.0x10%1Naramon PolDisposition4
Glaive Prime50.02501.2515%2.0x30%10Naramon PolDisposition4
Halikar45.02251.1710%2.0x20%7Naramon PolDisposition5
Kestrel35.01751.0810%2.0x10%0Naramon PolDisposition5
Orvius70.03500.7515%2.0x15%6Naramon PolDisposition4

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