Not to be confused with a weapon with the same name, Nikana.

Nikana (commonly known as Katana) is one of the nineteen types of melee weapons available in Melee 2.0. Although essentially identical to swords, all Nikanas possess their own sheathes for their blades.


  • Currently, this is one of four melee weapon styles with three stance mods, the others being the heavy blade, claws, and fists weapon classes.

Nikana Stance Mods

TranquilCleaveMod DecisiveJudgementMod BlindJusticeMod FatefulTruthMod
Tranquil Cleave Decisive Judgement Blind Justice Fateful Truth
(Conclave only)

Nikana Weapons

DragonKatana Katana PrimeNikana
Dragon Nikana Nikana Nikana Prime

Weapon Comparison: Edit

Name Damage Slide Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Status Chance Mastery Rank Stance Disposition
Dragon Nikana85.01821.0015%2.0x15%8Madurai PolDisposition5
Nikana45.0960.91710%2.0x10%4Madurai PolDisposition1
Nikana Prime95.02041.0820%2.0x20%0Madurai PolDisposition1

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