Sword is a type of one-handed Melee weapon in Warframe.

Sword Stance Mods

IronPhoenixMod CrimsonDervishMod VengefulRevenantMod RisingSteelMod
Iron Phoenix Crimson Dervish Vengeful Revenant Rising Steel
(Conclave only)

Sword Weapons

StalkerTwoSword Cronus SwordPrime DarkSword
Broken War Cronus Dakra Prime Dark Sword
Ether-Sword Heat Jaw MireInfestedSword
Ether Sword Heat Sword Jaw Sword Mire
Pangolin Plasma PrismaSkana DESkana
Pangolin Sword Plasma Sword Prisma Skana Skana
Skana Prime

Weapon Comparison: Edit

Name Damage Slide Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Status Chance Mastery Rank Stance Disposition
Broken War90.01931.0015%1.5x10%10Madurai PolDisposition2
Cronus35.0750.9175%1.5x10%0Madurai PolDisposition5
Dakra Prime60.01291.0015%1.5x10%6Madurai PolDisposition4
Dark SwordRadiation b 37790.8335%1.5x10%0Unairu PolDisposition5
Ether Sword37.0791.005%1.5x10%0Unairu PolDisposition5
Heat Sword44.0940.9175%1.5x20%0Madurai PolDisposition5
Jaw Sword44.0940.9175%1.5x10%1Unairu PolDisposition5
Mire35.0751.085%1.5x10%0Madurai PolDisposition4
Pangolin Sword37.0790.9175%1.5x12%2Madurai PolDisposition5
Plasma SwordElectricity b 35750.66715%2.0x15%0Unairu PolDisposition5
Prisma Skana35.0751.0020%2.0x10%0Madurai PolDisposition4
Skana35.0750.8335%1.5x10%0Madurai PolDisposition4
Skana Prime42.0901.0010%1.5x10%0Madurai PolDisposition4

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