Category for Tonfa Melee weapons.

Tonfa Stance Mods

GeminiCrossNew SovereignOutcastMod StarDivideMod
Gemini Cross Sovereign Outcast Star Divide
(Conclave only)

Tonfa Weapons

Boltonfa TennoTonfa CorpusTonfa AHBoltace
Boltace Kronen Ohma Telos Boltace

Weapon Comparison: Edit

Name Damage Slide Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Status Chance Mastery Rank Stance Disposition
Boltace85.05100.9175%1.5x25%2Madurai PolDisposition3
Kronen65.03901.085%1.5x20%3Madurai PolDisposition5
OhmaElectricity b 1006000.91715%2.0x30%8Naramon PolDisposition3
Telos Boltace85.05101.0810%2.0x25%8Madurai PolDisposition3

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