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Cephalon Jordas is a Corpus Cephalon introduced in The Jordas Precept.

The Jordas Precept Edit

Originally installed aboard a Class-3 Corpus frigate, Jordas' ship was involved in a mission that involved the Infestation, possibly research into methods of defeating it. The ship was eventually Infested itself, with Jordas trapped within.

Eventually, Jordas was able to broadcast a message detailing Precept 44; a distress call to other Cephalons that required them to render aid. This message was picked up by Cephalon Ordis aboard the Orbiter and he implores his Operator- the Tenno- to aid him in assisting Jordas.

Coming into contact with Jordas, the troubled Cephalon- who appears to be confused and indecisive- tells them that the communication was a mistake and that they should leave. He mentions that there are parts of a petrified Warframe at his location, and speaks of a Golem and its attraction to Pherliac Pods. Ordis asks his Operator to gather some Pods. After they are gathered, Jordas- trying to disguise a strange craving for them- asks that they be 'calibrated' via irradiating them.

Once the Pherliac Pods are ready, Jordas tells the Tenno to bring them to Eris, where Jordas is waiting inside his thoroughly Infested ship. As the Tenno explore the vessel, Jordas expresses displeasure that there are less Pherliac Pods than he expected and accuses the Tenno of using them, coveting the Warframe parts and not caring about him. As he becomes increasingly erratic, Ordis begins to have doubts about the mission and Jordas.

Eventually, the Tenno come across a Juggernaut Behemoth. As they fight the beast, Jordas begins to show his true colors; he has been corrupted by the Infestation covering the ship, and under its influence, used Precept 44 to lure unwitting Cephalons (and their crew) to be devoured by the Infested. As the Juggernaut is killed, the bulkhead inside the room breaches and the Tenno are forced to evacuate into space using their Archwing.

Outside, Jordas' true form is revealed as the Jordas Golem; an Infested monstrosity, a fusion of Corpus ship and Infested flesh. With the Infested using him as a mouthpiece, he simultaneously begs for death and taunts the Tenno whilst attacking them with heavy weaponry and Infested reinforcements. He states that he is not the only one; there are more of his warped kind, and he admits to using Precept 44 to lure other Cephalons there.

Eventually the Tenno succeed in destroying the Jordas Golem by targeting its engines. As he ceases to function, Jordas thanks the Operator for ending his tortured existence.

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