During The Jordas PreceptEdit


  • "Hello? Is this real? Did someone get my message? I hope not."
  • "Yes. No, no! Please! Do-Do not. Contacting you was a mistake. This Infestation is everywhere."
  • "The Golem is too strong, no chance! Wait, maybe the Pherliac Pods. But where would you ever get those? This is hopeless. Just... go away."

While Gathering the Pherliac PodsEdit

  • "Jordas wonders what is taking so long? Excuse me, take your time."
  • "Please, don't come. But if you do, I have a reward: Another Warframe was defeated here, some of its petrified parts may still remain."
  • "Destroy the Infestation, collect his parts, and perhaps make him whole again."
  • "You should not come here. I look forward to... meeting... your Operator!"

After Constructing the PodsEdit

  • "Really? No, they will need calibration. Any severe Infestation should be enough."

Testing One Mid-missionEdit

  • "Dangerous, but, mph, beautiful. I can almost taste them. But the Golem needs something more potent."
  • "I've sent you a blueprint. Irradiating the pods will make something worth bringing here."
  • "Hurry. No rush!"

After Irradiating the PodsEdit

  • "Yes, I cannot wait to meet this Operator. Bring them to Eris. Hurry! Don't regret this."

Locating the GolemEdit

  • "The Golem's stirring. It knows you are here, I can FEEL it wake. Find it."
  • "The Pherliac Pods. Is THAT it? I really thought you would have more. Have you been using them...?"
  • "That is not enough for him. You are just like all the others, you won't kill the Golem! I don't want you to..."
  • "I see what you're doing. You came for the parts! Just like the others! Greedy... scavengers! You do not care about Jordas!"
  • "Feel that? The Golem. He's coming. Get into position."

Confronting the Juggernaut BehemothEdit

  • "The Golem is here. I AM sorry, Operator."
  • "I told you NOT to come... MMM... PLEASED THEY DID."
  • "You have no idea what I am. JOIN US, AND YOU WILL."
  • "I am a Cephalon, I serve my- I AM THEIR VOICE."
  • "I am a Cephalon, I serve my- YOU ARE OUR VOICE!"
  • "I regret to inform you- THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING."

Confronting the Jordas GolemEdit

  • "It is out now... I can't control it. I don't want to."
  • "Tenno, it senses you are of like flesh, it is confused- WHY DO YOU DEFILE US?"
  • "Please, end this... WE ARE ENDLESS."
  • "I never wanted this, I wanna be somewhere else. TASTE SOMEONE ELSE."
  • "Ordis, you came to save me. FREE me!"
  • "It knows you are like that other Warframe. WE WILL QUIET THEM, TOO."
  • "SUCCUMB TO US... No. Keep fighting."
  • "Don't kill me... No, wait. Please do."
  • "I see it now! You are the same! THEY FEAR THEMSELVES."
  • "Ordis, you need to know. I lied about Precept 44. I am not the only one. They made me say that. To bait you. THERE ARE SO MANY MORE."
Final WordsEdit
  • "Thank you Operator..."

During The Jordas VerdictEdit

Introduction/Phase OneEdit

  • "Do I detect a Cephalon near by? Precept 44 compels you to help..."
  • "My crew and I came here looking for a way to overcome the Infestation... NOW WE HAVE BECOME IT"
  • "I don't recommend touching that Operator."

Phase TwoEdit

  • "Blocked. Impassable. No destroying it, believe me, we tried."
  • "What are you doing. Don't touch that. LEAVE"
  • "My systems are corrupt, destroyed. If I can't use them, you never will."
  • "Would you keep count, if you were me?"
  • "Where are you going?. NO ONE LEAVES."

Phase ThreeEdit

  • "Ordis, don't you see, my fate could have been yours, have you no sympathy for-"
  • Standard battle quotes during the Jordas Precept.

Inside the GolemEdit

  • "You're not supposed to be in here."
  • "I told you to leave."
  • "It wants you to DIEEEEE!!!"
  • "You're hurting him. STOP!."