Ceramic Dagger
Weapon Slot Melee
Weapon Type Dagger
Disposition Disposition5Strong
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 3.5
Puncture wPuncture 31.5
Slam Attacks
Radius 1.0 meters
Slide Attacks
Wall Attacks
Stance Polarity Madurai Pol
Introduced Update 5.0
This short blade weapon was built using ceramic. It has limited range but comes out fast.

The Ceramic Dagger is a dagger with a very similar visual aesthetic to the Cronus. It has the fastest attack speed of all single daggers, but has a low critical chance.

The Ceramic Dagger can be sold for Credits64‍ 5,000.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A

The Ceramic Dagger blueprint can be acquired from alert missions.


This weapon deals primarily Puncture b Puncture damage.


  • High Puncture b Puncture damage – effective against armor.
  • Tied for fastest attack speed among single daggers with Rakta Dark Dagger.
  • Knockdown on jump attack.
  • Has one Madurai Pol polarity slot.
  • Stance slot has Madurai Pol polarity matching Pointed Wind stance, notable for its high damage multiplier.
  • Can use the dagger-exclusive Covert Lethality mod.


  • Low Impact b Impact and zero Slash b Slash damage.
  • Low critical chance.
  • Short range.
  • Very small jump attack radius, requiring the player to be practically on top of the target.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • Zero Slash b Slash damage and only hitting one enemy at a time makes this weapon ill-advised for use against the Infested.
  • The blueprint used to drop from Jupiter's boss J3-Golem, however this method of obtaining the blueprint is no longer available.
  • This weapon is the dagger version of the Cronus albeit with different advantages and disadvantages.
  • Ceramic Dagger seems to confer a much higher speed boost with slide attacks than most melee weapons.
  • When equipped, the Ceramic Dagger adds a 4th lunging stab to its normal attack combo, which propels the Warframe a good distance forward, which is useful in catching up to moving enemies. It also has a 100% chance of inflicting Slash b Slash bleed proc. This effect is lost if one uses the Pointed Wind stance, which replaces the lunge with a sweeping slash.
    • If the lunge lands behind an unalerted enemy, a stealth attack will be performed instead.


Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 18.6.3
  • Fixed an issue causing dagger weapons to endlessly loop its equip animation.

Update 18.5

  • Increased the damage of daggers and their Stances in Conclave.

Update 17.3

  • The Ceramic Dagger can now be used in Conclave.

Update 17.0

  • Fixed Radiation damage effects on daggers lingering after the proc has expired.

Update 15.13

  • Fixed Ceramic Dagger's weapon trail not quite lining up with the blade.

Hotfix 13.1.2

  • Tweaked a number of Dagger parry sound effects.

Hotfix 5.4.1

  • Fix elemental effects not showing on many crafted Daggers.

Update 5.2

  • Dagger attack animations have been improved.

See alsoEdit

  • Cronus, a similar weapon in terms of design.
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