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Chargers are quadrupedal abominations resembling canines made from Grineer (possibly Lancers) that almost always hunt in packs. They will quickly and repeatedly claw at players once in range, and their attacks have a chance to stun their foes (but not players) on hit. If their target is out of range they will hold position and lob balls of mass at their target which do not ignore shields.

Visually, chargers are unique in appearance compared to other Infested, most notably the adaptation to using their previous hosts arms as additional legs, essentially turning them into canine-like abominations. The original host appears to have been a Lancer who was transformed facing upwards, as the spines protruding from the charger appears to be the lancers rib cage. The head of the lancer remains intact, but is pushed back and toward the ground where new infested mandibles grow out of the neck which forms the creatures new "face". Despite being mutated from a heavily armored lancer, the charger does not have any armor and is dealt full damage from any angle.

Being one of the most common Infested, on Defense missions they are the main source of damage to the objective and should be the main target. A single Charger can dish out higher damage per second than even a Toxic Ancient. In fact, multiple Ancients may be allowed to attack the objective with less risk as their attacks have more delay but multiple Chargers will quickly whittle it down with their quick swipes.  

Energy Drain Eximus Chargers are sent as a syndicate death squad by Red Veil.


  • In general, continuous movement away from the Charger is best while dealing with them, in order to refrain from taking tremendous damage by these standard units.
  • Though they are generally the most damaging units of the Infested, Chargers can easily be avoided as long as players remain a distance of 2 meters away from their attack, by horizontal or vertical distance.
    • Standing on places where they cannot or will not follow is not advised either, as the charger will then choose to spit globs of mass that deal as much damage as their melee attacks.
  • Chargers have a habit of "pouncing" to their targets, dealing moderate damage and chance of initial knockback. This is a setting where they can attack their targets with brute force.
    • They will return to their pounce state as a start of their next attack once their target has moved at least 15 meters away from them.
    • When their target has approached them, they will attack immediately, bypassing this state.
  • Unlike the Leapers, Chargers do not jump straight to their targets, instead they run after them directly.
  • Their somewhat large size, in comparison to other light Infested, makes them easier to deal with while using shotguns.
  • Chargers are deceptively quick and can catch Tenno off guard very easily. They also tend to come in groups and a large enough group can cause disaster if you are completely surrounded. Abilities with an area of effect, like Volt's Discharge and especially Ember's World On Fire are very effective.


Charger (Kavor) General Miscellaneous
Tileset The Pacifism Defect Codex Scans N/A
Weapon Claws Other Drops
Statistics Mod Drops (Same as regular version?)
Cloned Flesh  ?
Slash b+ Heat b+ Viral b+++ Impact b Gas b‐‐
Ferrite Armor  ?
Toxin b+ Puncture b++ Corrosive b+++ Slash b- Blast b-
Base Exp  ?
Base Level  ?


  • Hitbox seems to be missing in some parts, notably around the midsection, bullets and some weapons will shoot right through this area as if there is nothing there, this is a more recent problem and does not seem to have been addressed.


  • Charger Codex

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  • Phorid, the monstrous variant of the Charger and a boss of the Infested.

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