Depending on the chosen elemental damage type, Chroma can be effective against all Factions.

Using Toxin b Toxin damage in tandem with weapons modded for Corrosive b Corrosive damage, makes Chroma effective against the Grineer.

Using Electricity b Electricity damage and activating Elemental Ward, is a good way to thin a group of Corpus using weapons with high damage output, as it reflects a percentage of damage back to the attacker in the form of an electrical arc.

Heat b Heat damage is good for crowd control, as it causes hostiles to panic and flail about for a few seconds, exposing them from cover and preventing them from attacking.

Using Cold b Cold damage, activating Vex Armor and Elemental Ward at the same time will greatly increase armor as Vex Armor boosts armor whenever shields are hit. When Cold b Cold is selected, Elemental Ward provides a marginal armor bonus.