Update 22.14
  • Fixed a script error when casting Chroma’s Spectral Scream ability.

Hotfix 22.12.5

  • Fixed Vex Armor HUD Buffs not being removed upon deactivation for Chromas playing as Clients.

Hotfix 22.12.4

  • Chroma's Vex Armor Damage Buff now works on Melee Damage.

Update 22.12

  • Spectral Scream
    • Removed walk speed and jump restrictions. You can now freely move while this is active!
    • Can now cast other abilities while using Spectral Scream.
    • Damage output is now also affected by the Vex Armor's Fury bonus!
  • Vex Armor
    • Fixed a longstanding issue with number calculation being multiplicative. Boosts now apply before upgrades instead of after, making the ability consistent with all other damage boosting abilities. Overshields are now considered for Vex Armor. Chroma's Vex Armor remains one of the top performing damage-multipliers in the game - and it's now an aura! Instead of just being focused on Chroma, it can now benefit allies in range.
    • Vex Armor can now be recast to preserve accumulated buffs.

Update: The Silver Grove

  • Conclave: Spectral Scream status chance now 100%.
  • Updated Chroma’s tail cloth physics.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 12

  • Chroma part crafting stages were replaced with cheaper to build Chroma beacons.
    • Chroma parts are obtained from Junction rewards later on.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 7

  • Swapped Nanospores for Salvage as a crafting requirement for Chroma Chassis.

Update: Specters of the Rail

  • Conclave: Effigy can now only be activated at 100 energy.
  • Fixed dual secondary holsters clipping through Chroma when equipped with his Agile stance.

Hotfix 18.13.2

  • Possible fix for Effigy being invisible and dealing no damage

Update 18.13

  • Fixed Effigy wings not showing up for Clients.

Update 18.11

Update 18.7

  • Fixed Effigy not taking the proper helmet customization.
  • Fixed badge placements on Chroma.

Update 18.5

  • Conclave: Increased the damage and decreased the health of Effigy in Conclave.
  • Fixed Elemental Ward not functioning when the Cold element is used.

Hotfix 18.4.1

  • Fixed Vex Armor not properly functioning against high level Infested Nanite clouds.

Update 18.1

  • Conclave: Chroma can no longer gain energy when Vex Armor or Effigy is active.

Hotfix 18.0.6

  • Fixed Ivara's Cloak Arrow causing permanent invisibility when used on Effigy.
  • Fixed improper player customizations appearing on Effigy when Chroma uses their Focus while Effigy is active.

Hotfix 18.0.4

  • Conclave: Fixed Effigy not correctly targeting enemy players correctly in Conclave's Annihilation game mode.

Update 18.0

  • Removed the Radial Scream from Effigy and reduced its channeling cost in PvP.

Update 17.12

  • Fixed incorrect pricing on the Drac Chroma Helmet.

Update 17.11

  • Augment: Fixed Afterburn leaving lingering damage if killed while in use.
  • Fixed Vex Armor giving players a 4.5x multiplier instead of a 3.5x multiplier

Hotfix 17.10.4

  • Fixed Chroma’s Vex Armor Ability actually reducing player armor rating.

Hotfix 17.10.2

  • Fixed a percentage error showing too many decimals in the HUD buff of Vex Armor.

Update 17.10

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when viewing Chroma in the Codex.

Hotfix 17.8.1

  • Conclave: Fixed Clients sometimes not showing the correct energy colors when using Chroma.
  • Conclave: Fixed Chroma not showing the proper energy element while in the Arsenal or in game.
  • Conclave: Fixed Chroma's elemental damage always being Heat regardless of colour.

Update 17.8

  • Conclave: Fixed Chroma not using the correct energy element in Conclave.

Hotfix 17.6.1

  • Fixed an error providing players with 0 energy drain when using Ember’s World on Fire or Chroma’s Effigy if they fell off the level into a pit, etc.

Update 17.5

  • Spectral Scream now drains 3 Energy.
  • Elemental Ward’s Electric elemental discharge effect is now affected by range Mods instead of strength Mods.
  • Elemental Ward Poison holster and reload speed are now affected by duration Mods instead of strength Mods.
  • Fixed Fire Elemental Ward allowing multiple heals each time they enter the aura.

Hotfix 17.0.5

  • Fixed Chroma casting Vex Armor then Elemental Ward causing redundant animations.

Hotfix 17.0.3

  • Fixed an issue caused by Effigy scream.

Hotfix 17.0.2

  • Fixed an ‘Ability in Use’ error message that would appear when two Chromas with different element types use Elemental Ward near each other.

Update 17.0

  • Chroma's green energy perk now gives a buff to holster and reload speed instead of affecting Stamina.
  • Conclave: Vex Armor duration increased in PvP.

Hotfix 16.11.5

  • Fixed the Cernos’ holster position impaling Chroma when Chroma uses Effigy.
  • Fixed an issue with Chroma’s Elemental Ward causing Grineer Scorch to reflect the AoE slow + Damage aura when augmented as Ice.

Update 16.10

  • Fixed duplicate Syandanas appearing for Clients on Effigy.

Update 16.7

  • Fixed Warframe armor not properly showing on Chroma when Effigy is cast followed by a cloaking ability.

Hotfix 16.5.1

  • Fixed Spectral Scream preventing players from being able to use quick melee.

Update 16.5

  • Conclave: Vex armor duration increased.

Update 16.4

Hotfix 16.3.5

  • Fixed secondary weapons floating away from Chroma.
  • Fixed kills from Effigy not counting towards player stats.

Hotfix 16.3.4

  • Fixed the Rakta Ballistica not sitting on Chroma when holstered.

Hotfix 16.3.2

  • Fixed Nullifier Crewmen not nullifying Effigy.

Update 16.3

  • Made small adjustments to Effigy to be less intrusive.
  • Fixed issue where using Chroma in a Mastery Test would

cause enemies to stop spawning.

Update 16.2

  • Fixed error that would prevent Chroma from using powers after deactivating Effigy.

Hotfix 16.1.5

  • Fixed Chroma playing idle animations when using Spectral Scream.


  • Fixed total end-of-mission credit reward being doubled if Effigy was active at the time of extraction.

Hotfix 16.1.3

  • Fixed Effigy being hostile to players if spawned while Chroma is under the effects of the Radiation proc.

Update 16.1

  • Fixed Vex Armor increasing for shield / health decreases caused by Elemental Ward ending.
  • Fixed Effigy giving players a stacking credit boost. One Effigy per Chroma.

Hotfix 16.0.4

  • Fixed Spectral Scream being affected by rift status.
  • Fixed Elemental Ward fire AoE being affected by rift status.
  • Fixed Noble animations displaying a strange hand positioning.

Hotfix 16.0.2

  • Chroma’s alt helmet will no longer appear in player inventories after completing The New Strange Quest.
  • Fixed Spectral Scream not equipping a weapon once deactivated if the ability was used while holding a scanner.
  • Fixed Elemental Ward buff showing as 1% off in the HUD in some instances.

Update 16.0

  • Added into game.
  • Conclave: Allowed to be used in Conclave.
  • Augment: Spectral Scream - Afterburn