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Clans are groups of players associating themselves under a single name, like a team. A Fan Site Kit is available to help clans make their sites look legitimate with various renders, banners, images and more.

Joining and Creation

Joining a clan is done by being invited to a clan and accepting the invite. 

Clans can be created in the game with the contacts window by typing in a name of a clan that has not yet been created.


Clan Dojo

Main article: Clan Dojo

Clan members can construct a home base for their clan and access the unique features lies within.


Main article: Research

In the Clan Dojo, clan members can initiate researches to gain access to special weapons and equipment.


Main article: Trade System

Clans can setup a Trading Post to gain advantages with the Trade System.

Dark Sectors

Main article: Dark Sectors

Dark Sectors are areas in the Solar System that are ruled by a specific clan. In there clans can collect taxes from any incoming Tenno with a return for an abundance of more desirable resources.

Clan Tiers

Clans are divided by five (six) tiers to keep competitions and Dojo prices "fair." The rankings are determined by the highest level of Barracks in a Clan Dojo. Thus, if a 14 member clan builds a Mountain Barrack, they will have to compete against other Mountain Tier clans as well as pay the resource cost for rooms of a 100-300 member Mountain clan. There is currently no way to downgrade your Clan's Tier, including removing members, deleting the Barracks, and going to Warframe Support; upgrading is permanent as well as the resource costs for that particular tier.

Ghost Clan

Ghost Clans may have up to 10 members. Clans with fewer than 10 members can recruit until they have 10. To grow farther, they must first build a Shadow Barracks.

Shadow Clan

Shadow Clans may have up to 30 members. Clans with fewer than 30 members can recruit until they have 30. To grow farther, they must first build a Storm Barracks.

Storm Clan

Storm Clans may have up to 100 members. Clans with fewer than 100 members can recruit until they have 100. To grow farther, they must first build a Mountain Barracks.

Mountain Clan

Mountains Clan may have up to 300 members. Clans with fewer than 300 members can recruit until they have 300. To grow farther, they must first build a Moon Barracks.

Moon Clan

Moon Clans may have up to 1000 members. Clans with fewer than 1,000 members can recruit until they have 1,000. A 1,000 person clan cannot grow larger, but they may continue to create clan halls.


If you are in a clan with 1001+ members, please read the following carefully: On August 16, 2013 DE split clans and the first Alliances of Warframe were created. The Split was carried out in 3 Phases. Phase 1: DE froze clans and append a tag to the current clan name to preserve their current clan's stats. The Dojo will not be changeable at this time. DE anticipated this to last about an hour. Phase 2: DE deployed a Hotfix that carried out the split. Phase 3: New clans are created with the Warlords chosen by the original Warlord, with the emblem and Dojos copied over to each clan. When the Alliance is formed, players in those clans will have access to Alliance chat. This is Phase 1 of Alliances as a whole, with more progress coming at a later date for smaller clans.

Ranks and Roles

Clan rank and roles
There are 8 ranks and roles available in a clan. Ranks are not strictly seniority or levels of authority, but rather a set of "Roles" (privileges) for a player within the clan. Players are assigned ranks by anyone with the Promote role (up to their own rank by default) or Regulator Role (top 2 by default) by clicking on the member in the clan view of the contacts window in game. The clan Warlord is able to change the rank names as of Update 9. It can be anything, and can be change without your approval.

A clan creator will always start as a "Warlord" and have all roles available to him/her.

Default Assignments

The following is the default role assignments with the default rank names.
These may be named and assigned differently within different clans.

Roles Definitions

Clan Dojo

Main article: Clan Dojo

Clan Dojos are the meeting place for a clan as well as a location that Clans can group together to perform Research.

Clan Emblem

Main article: Clan Emblem

Clan Emblem is a purchasable equipment that displays a holographic image of your clan's logo on your warframe's right shoulder.
You can also add the Clan Emblem to the side of sentinels.

More about the Emblem:

  • Go to your Account Management tab to upload your clan's image.
  • Image must be a 128x128 .PNG file.
  • Upload fee is Platinumicon  150.
  • Optional change fee is Platinumicon  150.
  • Upon approval, the image will be implemented in the Clan Emblem in the nearest game hotfix or update.
  • Do not upload offensive and inappropriate images. If your image is rejected, you will receive an email from the developer regarding the rejection. Your platinum however, will not be refunded.

Clan Listing

Main Article: Clan List

There are hundreds of clans in Warframe. Many of them are listed right here on the wikia!

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