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An ancient Tenno tradition has reemerged; THE CONCLAVES have started appearing throughout the Solar Map. Here the Tenno meet in secret to challenge each another in honorable combat. 1v1 and 2v2 Conclaves have been added through the Solar Map. Are you ready to test your skills?

Conclave a.k.a Versus is a PvP game type in Warframe meant for 1v1 and 2v2 (1v2 & 2v1, are also possible) dueling much like Dueling in the Clan Dojo. Unlike dueling in dojo, Conclave is restricted to players with similar Conclave Score instead of their Clan affiliation. The Conclave Score is calculated based on equipped Warframes, Weapons, Mods, Sentinels, and so on. Conclave missions are found throughout the Solar system outside the Dojo.

Participating in Conclave does not impact experience and mastery points, however one can observe their personal kill to death ratio in their "Profile" screen.

Also note that Conclaves are still in a very early phase and you can experience bugs.

Accessing ConclaveEdit

To gain access to a conclave, the player must have a planet available with a conclave arena present. That conclave area will have a "conclave score" associated with it (described below). The player's current load out must be within the total given at this arena. Once in, the player will be able to choose which team he wishes to fight on. Once both teams have one or two people, the rounds will start.

Conclave ScoreEdit

Conclave score is calculated in individual gear and in the total of all individual gear. The Individual gear scores are affected by mods and ranks. The mods have a conclave amount next to its identifier. Ex: "Rifle C30"

Total Conclave = Base Weapon Conclave + Warframe Rank*(8/3) + Sentinel Conclave (if any) +Mod Conclave Amount.

The conclave for warframes seem to vary, it may depend on the mod capacity available instead of the rank itself, as seen from how adding an aura (which does not have any conclaves) into warframe increases it's conclave rating.

The default conclave rating of weapons are static and does not change despite of it ranking up and or upgraded with Forma and or Orokin Catalyst. Only weapon mods can increase the conclave score.


Conclave arenas have health, energy, and ammo pickups about them. The arenas are asymmetrical and resemble the various Tile Sets.

Warframe abilities also work and behave differently to the Tenno than other faction, click here to see their behaviors.

Matches are won best 2 out of 3, as opposed to simply one before update 10.3.

Conclave MissionsEdit

Planet Level (Conclave Rating) range Maptile
Venus 0 - 100 Corpus Ship
Jupiter 200 - 300 Grineer Galleon
Saturn 50 - 150 Grineer Galleon
Sedna 300 - 700 Grineer Asteroid
Europa 500 - 1000 Corpus Ship
Phobos 500 - 700 Grineer Settlement
Eris 350 - 500 Grineer Asteroid
Neptune 150 - 300 Corpus Outpost
Pluto 1000 - 1500 Corpus Outpost
There are a 9 total of Conclave missions.

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