Confusion is a status debuff that redirects enemies' priority to attack any units, depriving their firepower elsewhere.

When an enemy is confused, they will indiscriminately attack any units nearby until the debuff expires; and when this debuff is inflicted on an unalerted mission, the enemies inflicted will become alerted, as well as other enemies in the area, and may activate the level alarm shortly. If a player is afflicted by the Confusion debuff (in the form of Radiation b Radiation Proc), it is possible to damage other players and Defense objectives with their weapons and abilities. Likewise, any unirradiated players can damage the irradiated player inadvertently. Players with this debuff also cannot revive any downed ally, even if they were already in the process of doing so.

While enemies are affected by a radiation proc, they are susceptible to friendly fire. Proccing radiation on a heavy unit like a Napalm who is surrounded by other lighter units can easily confuse and scatter the enemies, or redirect abilities like Seismic Shockwave to knock down nearby enemies.

List of items that inflicts ConfusionEdit