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Polarity Madurai Pol
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Orokin Void Containter
Corpus T3 Defense Reward
General Sargas Ruk
Spy 2.0 Reward

Continuity increases the Power Duration of Warframe abilities.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 5% 4 C8
1 10% 5 C8
2 15% 6 C11
3 20% 7 C14
4 25% 8 C17
5 30% 9 C20


  • Awarded as a defense reward from Tier 3 Corpus defense waves at a 2.25% chance.
  • Can be dropped by canisters in the Void.
  • Can be dropped by General Sargas Ruk.
  • Can be obtained as a random reward at the end of Spy 2.0 missions.



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