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Continuity increases the Power Duration of a Warframe's abilities.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +5% 4 C8
1 +10% 5 C8
2 +15% 6 C11
3 +20% 7 C14
4 +25% 8 C17
5 +30% 9 C20

Damaged Stats

Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +3% 2 C8
1 +6% 3 C8
2 +9% 4 C14
3 +12% 5 C20


  • Awarded as a defense reward from Tier 1 Rotation C at a 7.69% chance and Tier 3 Rotation C at a 2.26% chance.
  • Can be dropped by canisters in the Void.
  • Can be dropped by General Sargas Ruk.
  • Can be obtained as a random reward at the end of Spy 2.0 missions.
  • Rare chance to obtain damaged version on initial starting missions as a random mod reward.



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